May 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

Yay! Another Wedding Wednesday!
Only 213 days to go!

This week's topic: the future Mr's proposal.

You can find the whole story of his proposal here and here but I'll give you the short and sweet version of WW this week.

So for Valentine's day 2010 the future Mr and I decided that we weren't going to give each other gifts. He sent me flowers at work. I felt like a terrible girlfriend because I hadn't gotten him anything. Then when he got to my house that Friday night he asked me if I wanted my gift now or later.
I said, "I thought we weren't doing gifts".
Him: "Well I got you a little something anyway. Do you want it now or later?"
Me: "Fine, I'll have it now."
He started to get down on one knee, I started to cry, his knee got almost all the way to my living room floor and he stood back up and said...
"Just Kidding!!"
Fast forward a whole year, it's Valentine's weekend again. He got to my house as I was making dinner. He asked me to come into the living room for a minute so he could give me my present. So I turned the things on the stove down so they wouldn't burn and followed him to the living room. And this is the converation that followed:
Him: "I love you"
Me: "I love you too"
Him: "Forever"
Me: "Oh, that's nice"
Then he started to get down on one knee
Me: "Are you serious this time? Because I will not think that this is funny if you are joking"
Him: "No. I'm for real this time!"
Him: "And you're the only woman that I'll ever love."
He took the ring box out of his pocket, opened it, and said
"Will you marry me?"
Me: "Yes!"
This story makes me happy.

In other WW news. We have gotten invites to 3 of the 5 weddings that we have this summer. Why does everyone else have to get married at the same time as us?? This is going to be an expensive summer!
2 of the invites have postcard RSVP cards and the postcard stamps are old, meaning I have to put 1 cent stamps on both of them. Stupid post office! Don't they know that brides send out RSVP postcards? That wasn't very nice of them to change it!
The other invite has an RSVP letter & envelope. It's fancy. Well fancier then ours will be.

Love, a future Mrs.

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