May 4, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

Welcome to the second edition of Wedding Wednesdays!!
220 days until our big day!

Today I'm going to talk about ring shopping.
The future Mr and I had talked about looking at rings and finding out what size my finger is for quite a while. For our 3rd anniversary we went to Red Lobster in Fargo and then to do some Christmas shopping at West Acres (the mall in Fargo). While we were walking through the mall we stopped to look at Santa's village which is right in the middle of the mall- where all of the jewlery stores happen to be also. So the future Mr said, "Let's just go see what size ring you'd need." So we went into Helzberg's and the lady sized me. Then she asked if we wanted to look at e rings. How can you say no to diamonds?
So we looked.
For a long time.
I probably tried on 40 rings that day.
The future Mr. was bored!
We left without a ring that day.
The future Mr. made some phone calls and realized that Helzberg only sells semi-sets, so you don't actually buy the diamond already in the ring. You have to buy the setting and the diamond seperate. He wasn't so keen on that. And he found out that it would take a minimum of 7 days to get a diamond set in a setting.
So then right after Christmas we went to visit my grandparents in Southern MN (I probably should have told you our anniversary is Dec. 15th, so that's when we shopped the first time). After visiting G & G we went to the Mall of America in the Twin Cities and we went to Helzberg's there too. This time we got to look at a few diamonds under the microscope and we found out what size diamond we would need for the settings that I liked.
He was still really uncomfortable with having to buy the setting and the diamond seperate. And I don't blame him. It can get crazy expensive!!
A few weeks later we had gone over to Grand Forks to return some Christmas gifts and we went to look at rings at Zales. I fell in love with a beautiful ring. It had a bigger stone in the middle with a halo of smaller diamonds, the center stone sits up off of my finger, there are diamonds down the side, and it had a matching wedding band.
And it was less then the rings I liked at Helzberg's.
We still walked out of the store without a ring.
We talked about price and what he was comfortable spending. I told him that I wasn't going to say no because of the ring and that I didn't want to pressure him into something that he couldn't afford.

If you didn't guess yet, the ring from Zales is my ring. It's the one that my future Mr. propsed to me with, and it is the ring that I will wear forever.
And I love it, almost as much as I love him :)
1-3/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Framed Bridal Set in 14K White Gold - Zales
This is a picture of my ring from the Zales website. I still can't seem to get a good picture of my hand. As soon as I can get one, I'll share it with you.
Obviously, I'm only wearing the top ring right now. The bottom row of diamonds is the wedding band.
I can't wait to wear both of them all the time :)

Next week: the proposal!!
Love, a future Mrs.


  1. Popping over from SWW. Love your ring, it is almost IDENTICAL to mine! Except I wear the band now :) Is the center stone a round? Mine is, but the pave diamonds around yours look more like a rounded square, whereas mine is set round.

    Anyway, I LOVE pave, great choice!

  2. I'm doing a Wedding Wednesday too! How fun! Your details sound great!