November 30, 2012

exploding closet

i have an exploding closet because i like clothes. a lot. i have WAY more than i need. i'm telling you this because i'm looking for a better way to organize & store all of my stuff. i'm sick of fighting with my closet trying to get things in and out. let me just share with you my clothing situation in pictures:
under our bed:
long storage totes- on the left: high heels, on the right: purses & bags
at the foot of our bed- on the left: dress pants, on the right: skirts
in my closet
(the one in our room, the mr uses the front coat closet and a storage closet for his clothes):
jeans in a closet organizer that hangs from the rod that i bought at target- totally intended for use in the dorms. not a grown up closet.
 scarves: the up & down hanger has my infinity scarves & the other hangers with shower curtain hooks house all of regular scarves. yes, each hook has AT LEAST one scarf.
 side 1: shirts & tops organized by color
side 2: still organized by color. please note how far back the hangers go. dresses go after shirts.
on the floor of my closet:
my shoe rack- some are inside the front or back door because we don't wear shoes in our house.
my shoe tote- for sandals & flip flops
also in our bedroom:
piles of shirts i've gotten from work/youth events & tshirts that are not hanger worthy and a pile of pj bottoms/shorts
my makeshift dresser for tank tops, unmentionables, socks, swimsuits, leggings, & white tshirts
in the other room we have a shelf for sweatshirts & sweater- i forgot to take a pic of that. but it's about 3 feet wide with 4 shelves. i have the top 2 & the mr has the bottom 2.
isn't this insane!
how do you organize your clothes/closet?
any suggestions on how to organize mine?
love, mrs. k

ps- everything with my echo went well yesterday. the doctor will read the results today and call me within a week to let me know how it looks. thanks for your thoughts & prayers!

November 29, 2012

i'm nervous

back in august i told you about a loved one of mine that was having a pretty serious surgery. at the time he didn't want to tell lots of people. he seems to be more ok with it now. so i'm going to share a little of our story with you.

i have written and rewritten this post because i have no idea how to share it with you...

the loved one is my dad. he had/has (not sure if or when it ever switches to past tense) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, more commonly called HCM. wikipedia has all sorts of great information about it if you're looking for a medical explanation. basically HCM causes the center wall of your heart to grow to be too thick. when you hear of highschool athlets that have heart attcks during games or races, they typically have this as well.

in my dad's case the center wall grew into the right side of his heart. so every time his heart pumped blood it pumped less than it should. in turn, making the heart work harder.
here's an idea of what it looked like:
i think it kinda looks like fat but the tan-ish color is representing the muscle that it too large.

before the surgery my dad could not walk & talk at the same time, he could not walk a block without stopping to catch is breath & rest.

dad had open heart surgery to correct this. what they do is go in and shave away at the heart muscle to take the extra out. the doctor took out about as much muscle as the size of my thumb. crazy to think about when your heart is only as big as your fist.

dad is recovering well. he's back to work, he can walk a mile and a half without stopping. things are good. he's still sore sometimes and it still hurts to cough, but life is good.

but, hcm is genetic. all of my dad's sibling have been tested and my sister has been tested, none of them have it. i'm getting tested today. that's why i'm nervous. no one has ever told me this but, in my mind, if i have hcm any plans for a baby are out the window until we figure it out. i mean, if my heart has to work extra hard just to support me, how would it support me and a baby? like i said, i'm not a medical professional and no one has told me that hcm will hinder my baby dreams- that's just my mind working over time.

so, my appointment is at 10:30 this morning (cst), wish me luck. i'll be back with an update later.

love, mrs. k

November 28, 2012

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
it's that time of the week again!!
linking up with shannon for a little 'so what'.
here's what i'm saying to so what to this week:
*if i bought elf on a shelf and we don't have kids? i know full well that it will be years before we can use it. i just love him. and i can't resist pinterest. don't judge.
*if i watched magic mike by myself while i was hunting widow?
*if almost everything on my christmas wish list is over $50 if not $100?
*if i was the 5th wheel turkey day weekend? the mr had to work and i know it makes me a terrible wife but i was not missing out on that family time.
*if the only black friday shopping i did was a JoAnn Fabric?
*if i'm nervous for tomorrow? come back then to see why.
*if i jump when the phone at work rings?
*if it took the mr calling me a hoarder to clean my craft room? well, that and the fact that i wanted to put the tree & decorations up.
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to link up &
see what everyone else is saying so what to!
love, mrs. k

November 27, 2012

thanksgiving 2012 in numbers

'normal' recap posts bore me so this year this is what you get, our thanksgiving in numbers:

thanksgiving dinners i consumed: 3 *not counting left overs
miles driven by me & the mr: 860
nights in a hotel: 3
times i went down the waterslide: 1
times i got to hold my cousin's baby: 2
dollars spent on fabric on black friday: $95 *now taking orders for infinity scarves & coffee cozies!
rounds of shit on your neighbor played: 10
pies baked on thanksgiving: 6 (+1 cheesecake)
pies left over: 5 1/2 (+ 1/2 cheesecake)
people at mr's family thanksgiving on wed: 21- we were only missing 10!!
people at my family thanksgiving on thur: 21+ the baby in anna's belly- we were only missing 1
times my sister and i fought: 0!
hugs i got: 100's probably :)
weird dreams i had: 5
brueggers bagels consumed: 1
brueggers bagles bought to bring home: 6
trips to target: 1 :( not enough
christmas presents bought: 1
tickets i won at dave & busters: 668
temperature range: 60* above to 0*
trips to starbucks: 1- my tastebuds are sad but my waist line & checkbook are happy
so that was our thanksgiving.
hope you remembered all that you're thankful for this year!
love, mrs. k

November 26, 2012

hey, that's pin-tastic!

i can't believe i took 2 weeks off of linking up with AP!
but i'm back with another pinterest project to share!
this week's project was inspired by this pin:
Pinned Image
which lead to this website/tutorial:
and my finished project:
if you follow crafty staci's tutorial i would suggest cutting your fabric bigger than the template she gives you. i found my first attempt to be really small- i added at least 1/2 and inch all the way around on the second (& third) attempts and it was much better. i will be making lots of these :) also- be sure that you cut in really close on the corners corners before you flip it right-side out and sew again. i had issues in the corners with my fabric being to thick.
love, mrs. k

November 21, 2012

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
linking up with shannon for another round of sww!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i took an unexpected (& unplanned) week & 1/2 break from blogging? aside from easter, last weekend was the busiest weekend of the year for me at work. we had the synod middle school youth gatheirng (oh hey 800 middle schoolers! what's up?). AND the annual turkey dinner at church that the youth prep & serve. dinner for 125 anyone?
*if i really want to do elf on a shelf even tho it's just the mr and i?
*if i have baby fever hard core? we've been married for almost a year, it's ok... right?
*if i feel really accomplished because i had our christmas card pictures taken, edited, and ordered in card form before turkey day?
*if i spent almost an entire hour cleaning out the church van yesterday? things i found: 35 cents, countless pop bottles, a doggie treat, & a tooth. yes, a tooth. gag.
*if i'm still celebrating my birthday even tho it was 2 weeks ago? the staff at church took me out for lunch yesterday and i'm still getting cards & gifts.
*if we're leaving for turkey day tonight and i haven't packed anything yet?
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and see what
everyone else is so what-ing this week.
love, mrs. k

November 8, 2012

so, i married an introvert

somedays i think i was born in the wrong decade. don't get me wrong- i love life here in 2012. but all i've ever wanted to do is be a wife and a mommy. seriously- ask my mom. well, except for that time in fourth grade when we had to draw pictures of what we wanted to be when we grew up for the year book and i drew a picture of a bartender (better than this kid, who wants to 'shovel' when they grow up). my mom was and still is a bartenter and i wanted to be like here. whatever, don't judge me.

getting back on topic. all i've ever wanted to be is a wife and mommy. preferably in the 1940's or 50's. i know i'm glamourizing it in my mind and that every decade has it's problems. but part of me loves the idea of the husband/father being the head of the household and making decisions. the same part loves the idea of cooking and baking for my family, having dinner on the table when the mr gets home, wearing dresses and aprons. love it.

then reality rears her ugly head. well, reality and the presidental elections. you see, the mr and i are on opposite sides of the political fence. it doesn't matter who is on which side or why we are there (that's not what this blog is about) but suffice to say, we're on different sides. my ideal little housewife world wouldn't be so great in this situation. i don't want to have to vote the way that he does. i'm very greatful that we can have different views.

and then i think about that pin-tastic dinner party we hosted a few weeks ago. if we lived in my ideal little housewife world that never would have happened!! you see, the mr is an interovert. big time. when everyone left we were both exhausted, but in different ways. he was stressed out exhausted and worried about all the dishes. i had a full heart and was exhausted from all of the great conversations we had. make sense? if it was just up to him we wouldn't have people over. thankfully, my introvert hubby and i don't live in the 40's or 50's and we both get a say in how things go (and we both have household responsibilities!).

love, mrs. k

ps- you only have one more day to enter my advent calendar blog swap!!

November 7, 2012

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
linking up with shannon for another round of so what wednesday!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i fell off the bloggy bus last thur & fri? i'm back now :)
*if i put things on my sww list and then i rethink them? some things would be an over share.
*if i can't stand our upstairs neighbors?
*if i'm super excited about using a new website to send texts out to kids? i don't have to send 55 individual texts every tues night about wed now?! hallelujah!!
*if i have pin-tastic posts for weeks?
*if i have to store my shoes like this now because i have to many?
*if this is what happens to our house when the mr goes hunting?
yup- craft stuff everywhere! looks like a happy room to me!!
*if I'm going to keep plugging my advent calendar blog swap? have you entered yet?!
now head on over to life after i dew to see what everyone else is
so what-ing this week and to link up!
love, mrs. k

November 6, 2012

#ootd/what i wore

hey friends! linking up with lindsey from the pleated poppy for another round of what i wore!
nov. 1
still not so sure about this whole leggins as pants thing...
i find myself 'adjusting' a lot through out the day when i wear leggings as pants.
none the less, here's the run down:
scarf- american eagle
chambray top- old navy
flower pin- made by me
striped top- gap outlet
leggings- taget
ballet flats- crocs outlet
watch- premier desings. happy birthday to me!!
pink bracelets- made by me
nov. 3
color block infinity scarf- made by me. inspired by lindsey at the pleated poppy
cardi- target
jeans- american eagle
shoes- wal*mart
i'm wearing this again today!! don't judge! i only wore it for like 5 hours on sat night to a volleyball game and i don't think i'll see any of the same people today... it's ok? right?
nov. 5
mustache infinity scarf- made by me
pink chambray top- old navy
white skinnie- JCP
shoes- k*mart
purse- coach. happy birthday to me! thanks mom!

did you enter my advent calendar blog swap yet?? only 3 days left to enter!!
love, mrs. k

November 5, 2012

hey that's pin-tastic! halloween edition

linking up with AP for 'hey, that's pin-tastic' again!!
this week i'm sharing my very pin-tastic halloween.
way back in Aug. when my loved one was in the hospital i saw this pin
Pinned Image
*the pin does not take you to a link, just a picutre :(
and i thought it would be a great halloween costume as well as an easy project to work on while we were waiting around the hospital.
so my sister & i bought the supplies, i made a tutu, she didn't. and we didn't spend halloween together anyways so it's ok.
and here's how my cosutme turned out:
tiara- check
paci- check
tutu- ckeck (ps- the mr always gets confused and calls this a tiara)
tights- check
folded over white socks- check
i think i rocked it.
but we just stayed home so it kind of went to waste. i handed out candy and sat on the couch watching hocus pocus. then halloween, against my will.
i had also pinned this thinking it would be super fun to do on halloween night:
Pinned Image
*this pin also takes you no where. ugh! i hate that!
this pin-tastic project did not go as well. with our street light and our porch light it was no where near dark enough for the glow-y stuff to show up :( and that glow-y stuff is super hard to get out of the necklace or whatever you start with!!
i think i ended up with more on my hands than on the front steps!
that's my hand- you can kind of see all of the glow-y stuff on it. that stuff stinks like nothing else!!
that was all that i was able to get out of them. maybe it would've worked better if i would have actually cut them instead of just trying to break them.
head on over to ilymtc to see everyone else's projects!
love mrs. k
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