May 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

206 days to go!!

This week's topic: picking the date!

We got engaged on Feb. 11th and we knew that we didn't want to be engaged for a whole year or more so that meant that it would be happening in 2011. We figured that summer was to soon and we already had 5 weddings to go to this summer! So then we talked a little bit about Sept. but it felt like it was to soon. Plus Sept. is busy for me at work.

So then we talked about Oct. and I was so excited. How beautiful would a fall wedding be in Northern MN with the leaves all turning colors, we could have a bbq and bonfire for our rehearsal dinner. But then the Mr. remineded me that Oct is beet season and he, along with most of the boys that he would ask to be in the wedding haul beets. And to haul beets they need dry weather within a certain range of temp. So it usually takes a long time. Last year it was like 3 1/2 weeks on and off. So that meant that all of Oct. was out.

Then we were into Nov. Well the first two weekends are deer hunting in Northern MN so they were both out. Then the third weekend is always the synod Jr. Hi gathering which I have to work at so that was out. The 4th weekend in Nov. is Thanksgiving and neither of us were to keen on a holiday wedding.

So onto Dec. we decided that we were fine with either the 3rd or the 10th. I didn't want to be pick just one Saturday and get my heart set on it just to find out that the church or the Holiday Inn was booked. So we decided that we would be happy getting married either day. The church was open both days. And so was the Holiday Inn. The decideing factor was that the Holiday Inn had something in the morning on the 3rd so we wouldn't be able to decorate until later. That was what sealed the deal for me. Dec. 10th it was and is :)


In other wedding news I checked some things off my "to do" list:
-I ordered the other 3 b-maid dresses
-I got the paper part of my favors
-I made 11 wine bottle/candle center pieces
-I got to show off my ring and tell the future Mr's family all about our wedding plans

Love, a future Mrs.

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