May 14, 2011


In the past two days I have been thinking a lot about friendship.

On Friday morning I got to see my friend Brianne, and catch up on life a bit. Which was fun. I hadn't seen her since just after Christmas when the future Mr. and I went to stay with her.

Then we went to my sister's college graduation and it was so cool to see her graduate and accomplish something so big. It was also very cool to see her interact with people as Katie. Not as my sister, not as Sue's daughter, just as Katie. Everyone in our home town knows each of us as a part of our family not neccessarily as an individual so it was very cool to see her get to just be her.

After graduation it was off to Fargo for a celebratory dinner at the Mexican Village. The future Mr. and I stopped and picked up one of my besties, Tasha before dinner. I love being able to spent time with people that have been so important to my life for such a long time. It makes my soul happy.

Now today I'm at the Synod Assembly. I'm learning all about how things work within in the synod and it's kind of boring. But it has provided me with some time to visit with some friends. Two of my really good friends in ministry are here and all of my kiddos from the LYO board are here too. It's been fun to catch up on their lifes and to just relax together.

Tomorrow will be filled with family time. The future Mr's cousin is getting confirmed so her parents are having a party. I'm excited to see his family. I haven't seen most of them since we got engaged.

I hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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