May 3, 2011


Original titles. I know. My brain is kind of mush right now.

I've made it through most of the big things this spring, just 3 things left for church (and 1 of those I don't have to do anything to prep for- yay!!) and a couple big family things. Then...  SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

I went to GF today to JoAnn fabric and I got 6 different colors of jersey knit fabric (1/2 yard of each) to make those bracelets I told you about last week (on Wednesday). Now I just have to figure out how to make the breacelets so I can teach my youth group kids tomorrow. I think I'll also give them the option of braiding the fabric or loading it up with beads (which we already have at the church). But I want to figure out that finger weaving thing!!

The weather is beautiful here again today!! Blue sky and no clouds, and I spent most of the afternoon in my car :( and I paid $3.99 for gas :( The most I've ever paid is $4.12 and I have a feeling that I'll pay more then that in the near future. Gross. It makes me walk places when I can.

It's rummage sale week here at the church. We have a huge rummage sale as a fundraiser every spring and I hate it. It is so much work to put on. And it's hard to get help at a church. We get some and I'm very thankful for the ladies and families that do come help but it makes for 3 pretty late nights and then one early morning which makes for a tired youth director. So, sorry in advance if I'm space-y later in the week. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just rummage sale stuff. But I also have to find/write a children's sermon for Sunday, work on baccalaureate, and work on Senior recognition for church (which is the 15th!! That's so soon!!). And just before that my sister graduates college (the 13th), then on the 15th the future Mr's cousin gets confirmed, and the week after that my cousin graduates high school (his party is the 22nd). And none of those events are less then 100 miles from my house. And gas is almost $4 a gallon. Gross.

Sorry for the pity party today. I'm just running on fumes and ready for a break from work.

I hope you're having a great day! And enjoying the spring weather!!
Love, a future Mrs.

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