January 30, 2013

newlywed blog hop

linking up with my girl kelly from today was a fairytale for her newlywed blog hop. sounds like fun!
today's topic is: how did you meet your mr?
cute (short) version:
we met in high school. back then he was my friend lindsay's older brother. we never really paid much attention to each other but both knew who the other one was. a few years after high school we ran into each other and hit it off.
real (long) version:
my mom manages a bar and resturant. it just happens to be the place that mr. k and his buddies like to hang out. i worked for my mom one summer while in college, and served the mr and his buddies drinks all summer. i developed a little crush on him.
then on my 21st bday (nov. 2007, since kelly added all of her dates!) the boys came out to meet my friends (and parents) and i for a drink. we tried to talk them all into bar hopping with us. they were not interested in the least. you see, my birthday happens to be the first week of november which is deer opener here in northern mn (for rifle season, bow season opens earlier).
so, my crew headed out the door and i gave the mr a high five. he kind of grabbed my hand/the high five lasted longer than normal.
two nights later i went out for a drink with my mom and her best friend. i made the owner of the bar that my mom works for give me the mr's phone number and i texted him telling him to come meet us. i know, i'm pretty take charge. he did :)
we hung out a few times in nov/dec. i came home for thanksgiving, we went out for dinner. my college does an awesome christmas concert, he went with me.
then on dec. 15th we were at my mom's bar and we ran into someone that the mr is related to. i don't know how they're related (srsly- he is related to so many people!). and she asked if i was his girlfriend. we both looked at each other kind of weird. and she said, 'uh-oh. you haven't had that conversation yet have you?' so that night when he dropped me off at my parents house he said, 'so, when people ask if you're my girlfriend is it ok if i say yes?' he's cute.
we did break up for part of the following semester (spring of my junior year) but we got back together, obvi.
come back next week to hear about what he did two years later :)
love, mrs. k

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
hi friends! i'm linking up with shannon again for another round of so what wednesday!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i haven't been around for the past 2 weeks? i feel like this happens to me every so often, i just run out of stuff to talk about, or i get to busy to blog.
*if you're only getting a few bullet points this week becasue i just got back into my office and i'm trying to get back on track? more on that tomorrow :)
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to link up and
see what everyone else is so what-ing!
love, mrs. k

January 9, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday

linking up with shannon for another go round of SWW!
here's what i'm saying so shat to this week:
*if i don't like dark chocolate? i know that it's better for me blah, blah, blah. i'll take milk chocolate thank you very much.
*if i swtiched to my messanger/cross body coach bag because it's easier to wear/carry with my winter jacket on?
*if my new hangers were my fav christmas gift? i'm old. whatever.
*if i had champagne in a wine glass on sunday night?
*if some mornings when my alarm goes off my first thought is 'when can i take a nap'?
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and
see what everyone else is what-ing this week!
love, mrs. k

January 8, 2013

TV Tuesday!

hi friends! i decided to start a new weekly link up where we can talk about our favorite tv shows. after watch twitter blowup during the bachelor, teen mom and catfish last night i thought blogging about it might be fun too.

**if anyone would like to make a button to fit here that would be great! i still can't figure it out :(
on sun night the mr and i watched "here comes honey boo boo" (against the mr's will). i laugh the whole time. seriously.  when they dyed mama june's hair blonde? hahah!!
she is so funny!! and i can not believe how different she looks. just sayin...
but, whats up with the aversion to mayo? really? what babysitter feeds the kids mayo samiches? and why are the older girls calling is maraneise?
last night monday nights became tv night in my house. the bachelor, teen mom 2, catfish. 4 solid hours of tv. good god- what's wrong with me?! in my defense i watched in my craft room and worked on projects while i watched so i didn't just sit on my big be-hind the whole time!
up first: the bachelor
sean lowe is one good looking man! sorry hunny!! i may or may not have started following him on twitter last night :)
highlights- ackward advice from Arie. what was that? do you think they're really friends or did abc set that up?
50 shades of gray girl. i don't think i would have let abc film me reading that book in my bed. and i about died when she pulled a tie out of her dress!!
wedding dress girl- are you for real? i can not believe he didn't send you packing right away!
tierra- so cute that he gave you a rose right away :) and then that he apologized on twitter for throwing you to the wolves with that move.
speaking of roses- what was up with handing them out all night and not just at the ceremony? and the girls were so serious about the first impresson rose- why does it matter? you either got a rose or you didn't.
then- teen mom 2
train wreck every. single. week. yet, i watch anyway.
really chelsey- you asked your dad if he expects you to have a job while you're in beauty school? probs not because you don't have one now! for real- how does that girl pay for everything? or anything for that matter? thank god adam didn't show up in this episode.
leah- girlfriend just needs to keep it in her pants and be a single mom for a while. like when she told jeremy about corey wanting her back- why coulnd't they have been sitting on the couch or at the table? why did they have to lay in bed? i wish that she and corey could work it out (i know they won't) because i hate when families break up.
jenelle- good for you that you're trying to spend more time with jace. bad for you that you moved in with a boy to fast. seems like we have a speedy theme around here ladies. and why must you yell at your mom everytime you talk to her? i get it she's abbrasive. but couldn't you just say, 'sorry mom, i really don't feel good, i know it isn't fair to jace but i can't go to the zoo today, i need to stay close to the toilet.' nope, instead it's an all out yelling match.
and caitlyn- this episode was pretty quiet for you. we didn't get to see any ugly cries, we didn't have a heart wrenching choice between joe and jordan (yet again). you went to austin and had fun with your family. good for you.
then, to finish off the night. catfish.

i don't know what it is about this show that hooked me. but every week, i watch.
this week we got to meet joe, who thought he was in love with miss teen usa 2003.
all along max thought the girl was to good to be true, but nev was pulling for 'average joe'. i'll admit, i was fooled too- after they talked to the friend, the agent, and the way she reacted to them on the phone. i thought she was for real.
turned out to be a friend from high school that is 'addicted' to having fake facebook profiles and starting ficitional relationships with people. woah!! how do people do that? i just don't understand.
and later this week i'm looking forward to nbc's new show 1600 Penn
this show looks so funny! i love the commercial where the daughter is talking to the boyfriend and she says 'member that time we played one on one without a goalie and we bowled a strike?' hahah!! so funny! i'm also excited that it's on tv on thur nights. abc has tons of great shows that are on tv on wed nights- that doesn't work for me when i'm at church til 9:30-10 o'clock. so i'm pumped about a good show on thur!! check back next week to see if 1600 Penn lives up to my expectataions!!
link up and dish about your favorite shows this week!!

love, mrs. k

pinspired style

trying my hand at pinspired style with the vintage modern wife and the luckiest in love today.
i have to be honest with you. my whole outift is not pinspired... just my scarf is and i picked the outfit around the scarf.
please ignore the church bathroom backround :)
i pinned this scarf a while ago on my craft ideas board but alas the pin leads no where :( that's not totally true. it leads to a website that appears to be selling the scarf but it's in a different lanuage.
Pinned Image
isn't it beautiful?
so then i went in search of a pin that had instructions to make a scarf like this one and found this pin
Pinned Image
takes you to this website- really good insturctions.
but i used jersey knit fabric and a table cloth, not linen and lace.
so i did a little adjusting.
go check out the other links and see what those beautiful ladies are wearing this week!
love, mrs. k

January 7, 2013

hey! that's pin-tastic! homemade christmas edition

i love you more than carrots
this christmas i was on a homemade gift kick.
i totally blame pinterest.
for my family (mom, dad, husby, sister, sister's boyfriend) i've always wanted to have matching pj's for christmas morning. i just think it's the cutest thing. so when i found this pin for pj pants i was beside myself excited. who knew it would be so easy to make pants?!
but then i couldn't find the 'right' flannel fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. i found some that i liked but i wanted a boy print and a girl print the coordinated but weren't the same. fail.
then i found this fabric:
except in blue. it's beer glasses, mugs, and bottles.
perfect for the boys in our family- beer is by far the drink of choice.
so then the girls got this:
light blue with snowflakes.
i had everyone open this present first. and no one put their pants on. so much for cute matching pj's on christmas morning. probs doesn't help that we didn't open gifts until 1 in the afternoon on christmas day. sucks to grow up. but you just wait until the mr and i have babies- i'll get my matching christmas jammies someday!!
then i made my sister a giraff print infinty scarf. girl is obsessed with giraff print. not leopard. or cheeta. has to be giraff.
and i made two of these
Pinned Image
one for my mom and one for my mother in law.
but i painted mine on canvas instead of making it on the computer.
for my mother in law
for my mom
the sides of the tree trunk are the grandparents
the branches on the tree are the parents
the leaves are the spouses, children, and great grand children (there's only 1 great grandchild, #2 will be here in march tho!!)
the hearts are between people that are married.
i'm in love.
these may be my favorite gifts that i've ever given.
i also got a pretty great homemade/pinterest inspired advent gift as a part of the advent calendar swap that i co hosted:
it came in a big fedex box- so fun to see this sitting on my doorstep :)
then i opened it to see this from kelly:
and a sweet note
i hung it up right away and waited for cards to come fill it up:
and my friends and family did not disappoint
if you want to see how kelly made it you can check out her post, here.
i love it!! so fun.
love, mrs. k

January 3, 2013

word of the year?

so there has been all kids of word of the year posts floating about in blog-land. i can't say that this is a trend i've jumped on or even heard of before. but i had guess i had plans for a word of the year before i even saw any of those posts.

it all started with this pin
Pinned Image
it's a journal where you can write something that you're thankful or grateful for each day in 2013. and it's super cute to boot. but i don't have $45 to spend on a cute journal that i may or may not write in all year (i'm terrible at journals!). so i set out to the local wal*mart to see if i could find a subsitute journal that would be easier on my wallet.
hello gorgeous!

i opted for the smash book with the pink binding and the flower pattern pressed into the cover. cost? a whopping $12. much more my style. all of the pages are different, it's not just a regular notebook.


the book comes with a black pen/glue stick (pen on one end, glue stick on the other). i bought a pink pen/glue stick because there are some pages that are darker and who doesn't like a pink pen? i also got the calendar inserts to glue in:
that way i can look back at what we were doing if i want
and i got a stretchy thing to go around my book to keep it closed and hold onto my extra pens:

the first two days of 2013 have been good. i've had something to write each night (i even made the mr throw his 2 cents in on Jan. 1!). hopefully i will stick with this and look for the good things in my life. it's so easy to focus on the bad things and to only look at the things that are going wrong in our lives. so this year my word is grateful. i'm going to focus on being more grateful for things i have, and not focus on what i don't have or what goes wrong.
love, mrs. k

i did not get compensated for this post- all thougths & ideas are my own

January 2, 2013

So What Wednesday
it's the first wednesday of 2013!
and that means it's time for sww with shannon!
here's what i'm saying so what to:
*if'i'm super picky about things under my nails?
*if i'm particular about wrapping gifts? i like them to look a certain way.
*if we didn't open gifts until 1 pm on christmas day? actually, i'm a little peeved about this...
*if i use way to many !! ?
*if i went on a facebook/twitter/blog unfriend/clean up spree?
*if i'm afraid to wear new clothes because i don't want to get them dirty?
*if i'm still listening to christmas music?
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to link up &
see what everyone else is so what-ing!
love, mrs. k

happy new year!!

Happy New Year!!
i'm spending the day at home with the mr.
i'm happily crafting :) and taking christmas down :(
i've never been much of a resolutions girl. i'm terrible at keeping them.
but this year feels different.
i've decided that in 2013 i want to think more about what we actually need verses what we think we need and try to tackle some of the clutter in our lives. my closet made me think about this. i asked for new hangers for christmas. then i counted a realised that i would need 125 hangers. why on earth do i have so many clothes? i got 25 hangers from the mr, 25 from a gift card, and i get to buy 15-20 from each pay check until i have enough. i decided that 100 will be enough. so my closet will have 100 hangers, if i get a new shirt, an old one has to go. and i don't mean go to a dresser drawer, i mean go, gone forever.
the mr and i would also like to start a family this year. no, we have nothing to announce.
but that got me thinking too.
thinking about the choices that we make regarding what (and how much) we eat and drink. now, i'm not going to make some redic resolution to lose weight, and some lofty goal, or to say that i'll never enjoy a glass of wine (or beer for the mr) again. but i am saying that the mr and i both need to make healthier choices and i think 2013 is the year to do that.
hope you had a great new years!
love, mrs. k