May 25, 2011


Yay! The Bachelorette is back!

I'm such a dork that I took notes during the show that I would remember what I wanted to talk about in this blog post. (Ps- sorry it's a day late, yesterday just got away from me!)

For starters I had two questions- 1.) why do people keep going on the bachelor and the bachelorette if the success rate of the 'relationships' is so low? Don't get me wrong- I enjoy watching it but I can't understand why people want to be on it. And 2.) where does ABC find these people? ALL 25 guys were hot and successful! What is that?

Now onto the guys :)

I LOVE Ryan P (1st to steal her away and talk to her and he got the first impression rose), Ben F.- the wine maker from Sonoma, and Ben C. who had the paper in the window a la "Love Actually" SO cute (sad that she sent him home)! I also liked that West gave her a compass that's broken and stuck pointing West so she can always find her way to him.

A little ackward? Matt calling his mom and her giving them fantasy suite advice. Jeff with the mask. I understand why but I'm a little concerned as to how long he's going to wear the thing. Tim, too much to drink, Ashley made the right decision by sending him home.

Needs to go home? Bentley. Someone called Ashley and warned her before the show even started! That should be a big red flag about this guy! I didn't like him during his bio/intro at the begining of the show. I didn't like him when he got out of the limo, I didn't like him during the previews of whats to come this summer. He needs to go.

I think that Bentley will end up being like Wes from Allie's season. It just frustrates me that she's giving him the benefit of the doubt. But that's her choice. I'll just watch and see what happens.


Last night I was channel surfing and VH1 was having some sort of count down on. It was celeb's that have packed on the pounds and then shed them again.

One of the celeb's was Marie Osmund. My jaw hit the floor when they said that at her heaviest she was a robust 165. I'm sorry, that's not robust. It might be a little above the healthy recommended weight for a woman her size but robust was pushing it.

What does that say to young girls in our society? I'm all for making healthy choices (something that I'm not always good at) but there's a line. I'm nervous for my children. What will their world be like? What will the ideal body image be?


Today is Oprah's last show. Are you going to watch? I am. And I'm excited. It's another one of those things that I just feel like I should watch (like the royal wedding, live). I've heard that it's just her and a trip down memory lane. No celeb's to interview, no big stories, just her. So we'll see.

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