May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

199 days to go!

Location, location, location!

Like I mentioned last week, we are getting married at my parents church which is also the church I grew up in. I love it. It is a beautiful building and it has so many great memories in it for me.

Like during my freshman year of college I was really questioning my faith and I went home for Christmas. My family went to the candle lit service and the Pastor was greeting people and he looked at me and said "Welcome home." He didn't know that I was questioning who I was or who God was to me. He was simply welcoming me back from college. But it was so much more then that for me.

It also holds some sad memories, like being denied a job there, but those memories make me who I am just as much as the good memories do.

I can't find a good picture of it online but you can check out this link if you're interested. They've got a neat slideslow of pictures of the church and the people on their home page.

Then our reception is going to be at the Holiday Inn. Yay! I'm so excited that we are able to have our reception and dance at the HI and then people can just stay there too. So convienent. You can check out the HI here.

I am so excited for this day to come. I can't wait to be Mrs. K :) I get giddy when the future Mr. calls me fiance or when he makes a comment about me being his wife. Love it! (Almost as much as I love him!!)


With going down to Missouri last weekend I didn't really get a whole lot of wedding stuff done this past week. But this weekend and I the future Mr. are (fingers crossed) turning the guest room into my craft room so then I'll have space to work on things. Hopefully that craft room will give me lots of motivation to get lots of crafty things done :)

Love, a future Mrs.

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