March 29, 2013

i wish...

every wednesday i link up with shannon for so what wednesday.
it's really fun. we get to talk about all the things that we do or think that we just want to say so what to. these are the things that we don't care what the world thinks about.
but there are the things that i think about and i care about.
so this is going to be my answer to so what wednesdays.
this is my 'i wish' post. this is a list of things that i wish i was, did, or had.
and not i wish i was skinnier, or richer. but real things.
i wish...
i was a morning person
i made healthier choices
i didn't care what other people thought about me
i was more extroverted
(this is an interesting combo with my youth ministry profession)
i wasn't scared of the dentist
i wasn't an 'emotional cutter'
this is a term that i might have made up. i don't actually cut myself. but i keep replaying emotional situations in my head and i dwell on them. or i go back and read blog spots and cry again about an event that was over a long time ago. i just can't let things go and walk away, i feel the need to relive the pain over and over.
i was as good of a friend as some of my friends are to me
i was one of those people that always thinks about others first/i wasn't so selfish
i had more confidence when addressing a large group of people
that's a pretty good list for now.
maybe i'll come back to this again someday.
let me know if you write an 'i wish' list, i'd love to check it out.
love, mrs. k

March 28, 2013

ombre update

hey friends,
you can read all about my jump onto the ombre trend train in this post.
and i'm here with an update for you.
i really thought this was going to be an easy look to keep up.
i promised the mr after that first visit to the salon put an $80 dent in our checkbook (then $25 for the new curling iron), that would be it.
then i went in for a hair cut and root touch up 2 months after i took the plunge.
and i decided that the ends needed a blonde touch up as well.
then i said goodbye to another $80.
and the mr doesn't even like it.
well, i shouldn't say that. he just likes it better all brown. and straight. no waves.
so what do i do? curl it all the time. wife of the year, right?
but i haven't taken my cone curling iron out in a long time- i've been using my med. barrel normal curling iron.
same idea as with the cone- wrap the hair around the iron instead of clamping it and you'll get a totally different look. my curls are much looser and beach-ier. see:
when i look at this picture i think i need bangs.
not blunt ones, sweepy side ones.
so, long story short-
when my roots are in need of a touch up we'll be saying goodbye to the ombre look.
but we'll be keeping the waves from time to time now that i have them figured out.
marriage is all about compromise, right?
love, mrs. k

March 27, 2013


So What Wednesday
linking up with shannon for so what wednesday.
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i use "!" far to often?
*if i'd like a new blog design, layout, picture, the whole works, but i'm cheap and i don't know who to have do it? suggestions?
*if i' clueless about this whole 'google reader shutdown' business? again- suggestions/help?
*if i can't decide how i feel about blissdom? i'm kind of wishing that i would've gone (not that we could really afford it) but at the same time i feel like i'm not 'big name' enough to have gotten anything out of it. and i wanted to go because it was in dallas, it's warm in dallas. it's cold here.

*if my mom asked me to host easter in our new apartment but then plans chagned so we're having easter at my parent's house instead and i'm bummed? it's not that i don't like my parents house, it's that i wanted to host my first holiday in our new place.

*if i failed at my closet challenge this week?

*if i went to the gym for the first time in more than 2 years on monday night?

*if the mr and i went out for dinner on saturday night then for a drink on sunday afternoon and spent a total of $25? hello gift cards, coupons, & hapy hours!! nice to see you all in the same place at the same time :)

*if i bring my lunch to work in a minnie mouse bag?

*if i feel like i'm trying to hard if i wear a statement necklace or something other than my everyday, go to jewlery?

what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to see what everyone else is so what-ing
and to link up!

love, mrs. k

March 26, 2013


hi friends, i have a confession to make. i failed at the not buying any new stuff plan this week.
i blame my sister. she texted me a dangerous phrase:
i need to go shopping. i want a new outfit to wear for my birthday. want to come with?
umm... yes!!
first stop was ulta beauty supply so she could get some makeup.
i buy mine at target, so whatever, not an issue for my checkbook to stop there.
then it was across the parking lot to old navy.
that's where the trouble started.
i go in and i love everything. i swear. every.thing.
i left with new denim skinnies that fit in my boots- in my defense i didn't have any that were normal denim color or that fit in my boots. i also got a new phone case for the mr because it was on sale for $2 and it looks like a mug of beer :)
then it was next door to dsw. normally not a problem. things are normally too expensive or not the right size. not on saturday.
fell in love with these:
coach tennis shoes (a little like chucks) in navy blue and my size. for only $48?!
a quick text and phone call to the mr and they came home with me.
yes, i asked the mr before i bought these.
but really, what's not to love about these shoes?
then today i failed again and ordered this shirt and these socks for the youth gathering next weekend (the weekend after easter)
yes, the gathering has a super hero theme.
yes, the shirt AND the socks have capes.
yes, i'm super excited to wear these.
my friend kris who is another adult that's on the board with me in charge of putting on this event is wearing a matching outfit but she'll be robin instead of wonder woman.
but, here are the outfits that i actually wore this week:
shell necklace: gift
disney charm: disneyland
gem & ribbon: patina white
plaid tunic: taget
leggins: wal*mart
sweater: burlington coat factory
dress: JCP- in the night gown section!
leggings: wal*mart
boots: payless
i feel like carrie from sex & the city when i wear my hair like this with a big scarf
scarf: made by me
cardi: target
tee: old navy
cradi: target
white tee: vanity
striped skirt: garage sale (it's actually a dress with the arms folded in!!)
date night!!
cardi: target
tee: old navy
skinnies: NEW old navy
shoes: NEW coach a la dsw
sweater: target
purple long sleeve tee: old navy
skinnies: NEW old navy
boots: payless
i feel like one of the cool kids now that i have skinnies that fit in my boots :)
cardi: target
necklace: maurice (a long time ago!)
mint skinnies: JCP
flats: k*mart

sweater: my sister's closet. literally. i barrowed it when i visited one time and never gave it back. oops.
watch; premier designs
skinnies: old navy
boots: payless
quick poll: do y'all care to see all of my outfits (like you saw this week?) or would you prefer to see 3 or 4? and do you care if i source everything? srsly- almost all of my cardis are from target and everything else is from old navy or JCP...

don't forget to head on over to the pleated poppy to see what everyone else wore this week!
love, mrs. k

finish the sentence part deux

linking up with jake and holly for another go round of finish the sentence since the first one was so fun!!
if calories didn't count, i'd eat...
tacos until my heart was content. or thanksgiving dinner every day. or cheese cake. lots and lots of cheesecake. cheese in general is good. who am i kidding? i'd eat everything!
and i'd drink wine and margaritas (not together obvi).
on my prom night...
my date fell asleep on my parent's kitchen floor with my dog. no joke.
when i go to the store i always buy...
fountain diet coke- you need to have fuel to shop right?
family functions typically...
involve lots of alcohol. sorry to out you family, but it's true.
lots of 'morning after-s' we sit at the kitchen table and say that we had too much 'fun' or that we fell in with a bad crowd last night.
i think my blog readers...
are awesome
i'd much rather be...
at the lake. srsly- so over winter right now.
i have an obession with...
smelling nice. i have an irrational fear that people can smell me all the time and i don't want them to judge me if i smell bad.
my work friends...
aren't as great as the show friends.
if only i could work with rachel at ralph lauren. or monica at the resturant. i take that back, i don't want to work with monica, i'd probably kill her.
when i created my facebook account...
i was a college freshman and facebook was just a college thing. never imagined that my mom (and grandma!) would have facebook too!!
my least favorite word...
is any of them that i can't spell or my iphone auto correct can't fix for me
i really don't remember...
my first college party.
i was a freshman and i threw up in a kitchen sink.
that's about the extent of my knowledge on the subject.
justin bieber...
is on a downward slide now that justin timberlake is back in action.
guess there's only room for one justin on the scene :)

love, mrs. k

March 25, 2013

hey! that's pin-tastic!

lately miss AP has been taking a break from hosting 'hey! that's pin-tastic!'. which is totally fine cuz she's a super busy mama. but it means that my pinterest projects have been backing up waiting to be shared with you! so, here are some of my pinterest projects from the new apartment! (maybe later this week i'll actually be able to give you a 'tour' of the new place!!)

first up: guest bathroom
Pinned Image
see all of my bathroom ideas here
my creation
got the jar at target for $7.50 and filled it with all of my travel size goodies from various hotel stays. yes, i'm the girl that always takes the small shampoo & conditioner, and i may also grab some off the cleaning lady's cart. i can't stop myself. this isn't even my whole collection. i feel a little like monica from friends when her boyfriend brings her hotel toiletries from japan. i would die- that would be so cool to have international toiletries!!
now onto the kitchen
Pinned Image
you can check out all of my kitchen pins here
my creation
i love this. so much that i'm going to need another one for sandwich baggies.
the magazine thing (does it have a real name?) is from ikea. pack of 5 for $3 (i think).
so great. do this. you'll thank me.
Pinned Image
ok, so i didn't take a picture of these. oops. but i did do this. and i love it. keeps them all in one place. the only thing is, the big ones are kind of hard to get out, you have to kind of fold them in half to get them to come out. but it's better than just having them float around you baking cabinet.
speaking of that baking cabinet- what a pain in the behind to keep organized.
for a type a girl like me organization is key.
this is what my pan cabinet looked like when we unpacked
such a mess!
and the pans that i use the most often are my biggest cookie sheets, but they're big so they had to go on the bottom. ugh!! i really wanted to stand them up on their side but with the pesky shelf there, they were too tall.
and my cabinet full of baking supplies wasn't much better.
exhibit a
seriously- how are you suppose to find anything in there and then get it out?
ps- you can totally see my mason jars at work holding thier cupcake liners!!
enter this pin
Pinned Image
i just love those baskets from the dollar tree. the dollar tree in our northern town did not have them but now that we live in the booming metropolis that is the fm area we have a bigger dollar tree with more items. including these baskets.
i went to the dollar tree with the intention of getting these baskets for my baking cabinet. i thought i'd use one for everyday baking items and one for more seldom used items. in all actuality i ended up with two of the baskets from the pin and two smaller ones. for a dollar each how can you go wrong?
my cabinet of baking sheets was not on my mind.
until i got home.
i started pulling things out of my baking cabinet and putting them in baskets. i thought 'man, it sure would be nice to have a shelf in this cabinet to put these smaller baskets on.'
then it hit me. why not switch the baking cabinet and the cabinet with pans around?
end result?

more space AND it's organized!

thank you pinterest for making my life more organized and pretty :)
love, mrs. k

March 20, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
it's my favorite blog day of the week!
so what wednesday!!
linking up with shannon to vent about my week :)
so what...
*if this is what my closet looks like a few times a week?
i just throw my clothes there when i'm done with them...
i promise i clean it up and that i do laundry...
*if i've moved my work computer around a few time? i just can't decide which part of the desk it should be on or where i really want it.
*if i prefer golden oreos to chocolate ones?
*if this is where we've kept the excersize ball since moving in?
doesn't roll around this way
*if i've baked 3 times in the last week?
*if i only get my nails done once a month? they grow slow enough and i just get white tips so it isn't like you can see a color difference.
*if i prefer taco john's over t bell?
*if jim carrey is making me rethink my ombre?
srsly- so gross.
*if all of my #ootd pics are me & my mirror? i wish i was like lindsay and had someone to take my pictures
*if i use baskets to hide my mess?
*if i shut the door to pee even when i'm home alone?
*if i have to do things when i think about them or i forget about it?
*if i talk in 'so what's' all the time in my head now?
*if this was the longest so what post ever?
what are you so what-ing this week?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and
see what everyone else said so what to today.
love, mrs. k

March 19, 2013


back again to share my fashion choices with y'all (somedays i wish i was from the south so that would actually work!)
last wednesday- they had an ice cream social at church for me to meet all of the kids & some parents. so i wanted to be comfy but i also wanted to look stylish so kids would think i'm cool.
necklace- vintage wanna bee love this necklace- srsly, i get so many compliments on it
chambray- old navy
white skinnies- JCP
knock off TOMS- k*mart
jacket- target
mint tunic- vanity
leggings- wal*mart: double layered because it's cold here
boots: payless
i like this outfit but i found myself pulling at the tunic all day trying to make sure it covered my bottom. can  you wear a tunic with jeans? or do i just need to get over it?
cardi- wal*mart
pink chambray- old navy: this is another piece that i get lots of compliments on
jeans- american eagle
knock off chucks- wal*mart
i wore this last friday when i got together with some high school girl friends for lunch. i LOVE that i can do that now :)
BONUS!! the mr makes an apperance!
st. patty's day pub crawl his and hers #ootd
hat- amerian eagle
plaid button up- h & m
jeans- american eagle but second hand
headband- made by me
scarf- target
cardi- target
green tee- old navy
jeans- american eagle
st. patty's day!
headband- made by me
cardi- target
lucky lut'erns shirt- Old Lutheran
white skinnies- JCP
sparkly tennis- american eagle
monday was a snow day!
hello sweatpants & slouchy t-shirt!
peace tee day!
go here and tell shannon you'd be interested in ordering your own. you won't regret it, i promise!
cardi- target
jeans- vanity
head on over to the pleated poppy to see what everyone else wore this week!
love, mrs. k

March 14, 2013

happy pi day!

hi friends! happy pi day!
today is march 14 (3/14) and pi in math is 3.14.
pie in the real world is delish.
last night after church, i got home around 9. and decided that was a good time to try my hand at pie pops for the first time ever. well i actually decided that it was a good idea earlier in the day but i work at a church and therefore don't get home til almost 9 on wed.s
and i decided it was a good idea to make apple pie pops.
with homemade applie pie filling.
i'm awesome, i know.
brought them to work this morning and the staff loved them!
i made 20 and i have 7 left.
there are only 5 of us working here today :)
happy pi day!
love, mrs k

March 13, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
linking up with shannon for another go round of so what wednesday!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if monday was the first time i cooked anything in our new apartment? yes it took me more than a week to cook something. unless you count the microwave, then i cooked within hours :)
*if yesterday was the first time i ate lunch and dinner at home since we moved?
*if i love looking back at old pins? and old pictures on instagram?
*if i left my scentsy on all night?
*if i put on yoga pants & a t shirt almost as soon as i get home from work? at least i'm getting dressed everyday! need proof? check out this post, or this one, or this one
*if i keep forgetting to put my watch on in the am?
*if i use a huge coffee mug at work? and i just put hot chocolate in it?
see- it even says it's for hot cocoa. what am i suppose to put in it?
*if my stupid ihome alaram clock isn't working right?
actually- this isn't a so what. it kinda makes me mad.
*if the mr and i aren't 'living together' right now?
well, we technically do. but last week he was in our northern town cuz he wasn't done with his job yet and this week he's in hometown, mn to work for his dad since his job here in FM isn't ready for him yet. again, this isn't really a so what, i'd like it better if he was here.
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to link up and
see what everyone else is so what-ing this week!
love, mrs, k

March 12, 2013

closet challenge/what i wore

ok, so there is one super great thing about moving- no one here has seen all my clothes before so it's like everything in my closet is brand new! whoop-whoop!!
made it thro another week with out buying anything that i didn't 'need'. this was a bigger deal this week because we now live in a town with more than one target, an old navy, kohls, and lots of other options. so i think i'm winning this week for holding out and not shopping.
and here is what i created out of my closet this week:
scarf: target
cardi: nordstrom rack
white tee: old navy
jeans: JCP
knock off toms: k*mart
jacket: old navy
dress: wal*mart
belt: vanity
leggings: wal*mart
scarf: target
plaid top: target
jeans: JCP
cardi: target
plaid top: old navy
jeans: american eagle
i did get dressed on thursday and saturday too but i forgot to take pictures!! oops!
go check out the pleated poppy to see what everyone else is wearing this week.
love, mrs. k

March 11, 2013

first weekend in fargo

our first weekend in fargo sure was busy!!
the mr didn't get to town til about 10 pm (he stayed in our last northern town to work all last week)and we went right to the hopsital to visit his grandma.
the doctors aren't really sure what's wrong with her, please pray for my mr's family.
then we went home and got to spend our first night together in our new apartment!!
saturday morning i went to meet my sister in law to go look for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding in october. here are our top 3 picks:
this is the color that whatever dress we get will be in. david's bridal calls it plum.
the boys (the mr included!) will wear brown with plum and moss green accents. it's going to be pretty.
i personally prefer the third dress, the y neck.
i think it would look the best on all of us and it has the best reviews on the website.
i would be happy in any of these dresses but i'd prefer a short one. i just think that they're easier to wear again and easier to dance in. my girl friends will tell you that i prefer short ones because i have the best legs... and that might be part of the reason ;)
amd! all three dresses will work for a preggo gal! another bridesmaid is having a baby in sept so she's worried about post baby body (the wedding is the 2nd weekend in oct). thank goodness she brought it up so i didn't have to spill the beans that we're going to be trying to get preggo soon. and, as much as i love my sister in law, i'm not planning babies around anyone's weddings. well, except ours, we planned around that one.
after dress shopping the mr and i went to lunch with my sister then back to the hospital for a while.
sunday was my first sunday at my new church. this is going to take some getting used to. it's so different than my first church.
finished the weekend by hanging out with my bestie (hi lacey!!), working on a craft project, and having a late dinner at jl beers (yum-O!).
happy monday!
hope you had a great weekend!
love, mrs. k

March 8, 2013

finish the sentence...

linking up with some new friends today for a fun game (and because i have nothing else to talk about today!!).
holly and jake are hosting a fun link-up called finish the sentence- you should play along too!
people always tell me...
you're so creative
in the movie based on my life...
i would end up marrying blake shelton, or eric church, or jason aldean, or dierks bently. basically any hot young-er male country star that can sing and play guitar.
sorry mr. k
typically, i end up regretting...
margaritas 4 and 5
i always ask to leave off the...
mayo, yuck!!
kim and kanye really need to...
come up with a creative k name for their child, why break with tradition?
my parents always remind me...
that they can't take their money with them when they die so they're going to spend it now
every single day...
i hit the snooze button on my alarm
you'd think i'd learn to just set it for later but i have really good intentions of getting up early and doing stuff. the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
this one time in college...
i told my mom all about jello shots after my first college party and my roommate freaked out. she could not believe that i told my mom about the party that i went to.
my grossest habit is...
popping pimples. i get some sort of sick pleasure out of it.
i even pop the mr's sometimes.
sharing it with you makes it seem more gross. i'm sorry.
my latest white lie was...
yea, unpacking is going great
i know all the words to...
the intro to law & order SVU dun dun dun
when i grow up i want to be...
famous, i wanna be in movies
not really. but i would like to be remembered for something cool.
sexy time...
didn't happen at all this week. sorry mr. (and mom. and grandma.)
that's what happens when you live in different towns for a period of time.
i will never, ever...
understand hardcore rap or screaming music. what's the appeal?
i think it's hilarious...
when people take themselves to seriously
love, mrs. k

March 6, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
it's my favorite blogging day of the week again!!
time for so what wednesday with shannon!!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if my craft room isn't unpacked yet? the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, & the closet all are
*if we're still 'missing' things in our move? i know that the remote for the bedroom tv got packed somewhere! i just can't find it now.
*if i had a mini meltdown after my first day at my new job? that's ok... right?
*if my office hasn't been unpacked yet either?
*if i'm super pumped to have a target, hobby lobby, & joann fabrics in the same town i live in?
*if i'm also super pumped that i drive past two holiday gas stations on my way to work & there's a third just past my new church? hello fountain diet coke everyday!!
side note- how redic is that there are 3 holiday stations, actually 4 cuz there's one just on the other side of our apartment too- within a 3 mile radius. for dumb.
*if i've used almost all of my phone battery the past two days?
*if i've found myself wondering if & hoping that this move was the right thing for us?
*if i really feel the need/itch to make something? my craft room has been packed up for more than two weeks and i'm missing it!
*if i'm pumped that we have laundry IN our apartment?!! no more going down to a creepy basement to do it :)
*if i haven't had dinner before 7:30 pm the last 3 nights? and if i had popcorn for dinner last night?
*if all of my 'so what's?' today have been about our move?
what are you saying so what to?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and
see what everyone else is so whating!
love, mrs. k

closet challenge/what i wore

oh man! did i pick a bad time to start my closet challenge again!!
first the ski trip and now moving- i feel like i haven't worn 'real' clothes in weeks :)
and now, i live less than 3 miles from a target AND an old navy, this not buying new things is going to be tough.
just a few outfits to share again this week:
last thur- wore this while packing up my old office. super comfy.
plaid shirt- JCP
black shirt- maurices
jeans- american eagle
yesterday- my first day at my new job.
i wanted to look grown up but not old.
and i wasn't sure how 'formal' my new coworkers would be so i didn't want to be over or under dressed. nailed it!
cardi- target
chambray- old navy
scarf- ameican eagle
jeans- JCP
shoes- k*mart
and today's outfit. first wednesday at my new church.
again- wasn't sure how formal people would be since there's worship tonight and wednesday's are kind of big in churches.
i did not nail it today- i feel a little over dressed.
the associate pastor and the ed director both have jeans on.
oh well, i'm comfy :)
cardi- target
scarf- wal*mart
maxi dress- JCP
shoes-burlington coat factory
don't forget to head over to the pleated poppy to see what lindsay and her friends are wearing this week!
love, mrs. k

March 4, 2013

i'm alive!

... and so is my family- that might be more impressive!! my parents brought the trailer up from hometown, mn on friday. we loaded up the stuff from my office first. then it was over to the house to finish packing. i hate packing. it's so overwhelming.

we made the move. everything we own was packed up in boxes, loaded in a huge cargo trailer (srsly- 8 feet wide, 12 high, and 30 long!), and moved 2 hours down the road. then unloaded, carried up a flight of stairs, and ploped on the floor of our cute, new, 2 bed 2 bath apartment. ugh. and, it's very fitting the the liquor cabinet and the master bedroom closet were the first things unpacked. shows where our priorities are :)

i'm here unpacking by myself this week- the mr stayed up north to work for another week because he won't start his job down here until the end of the month. so now i have all day today and nights for the rest of the week to get all of my stuff and common areas unpacked. he can be in charge of his own stuff when he gets here.

i'll be back to regular blogging soon. just trying to get life back in order now :)

love, mrs. k