May 20, 2013

overthinking it...

i'm an overthinker.
to the max.
that's why there aren't many things hanging up at my house. i can't decide where to hang them. will it look better here? or here? or maybe it's too big? too small?
it's why i take forever to get dressed. will i be warm? cold?
it's probably why i struggle with migranes. and why i have tense muscles in my neck and back.
i'm sure my overthing has protected me from some harm, but it's also probably caused me to miss out on some really get things too. it's pretty hard to be in the moment, enjoying things when you're thinking of what's coming next.
it causes knots in my stomach.
it keeps me awake at night.
and wakes me up in the middle of the night.
please pray for me (if you're the praying type).
i've got a few big things on my mind right now that are eating away at me.
love, mrs. k

May 15, 2013

so what wednesday!

So What Wednesday
linking up with shannon for so what wednesday!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week...
*if i'm 26 and i still call my dad 'daddy'? i'm a daddy's girl through and through, i love my momma a lot. but i'm for sure a daddy's girl.
*if it's 4:30 on wednesday and i'm just now sitting down to write this post?
*if i had a list in my head for today and i'm drawing a blank now?
*if i wish i had a fountain diet coke iv today?
*if i haven't really cooked anything to eat at home since friday night? ok, most days...
*if the mr and i only see each other for 30 mins each day? that's what happens when he works on a farm and they got a late start in the field this year... srsly- they didn't start turning dirt til last monday, may 6th, how crazy is that?
*if i have invites to 4 grad parties and i don't know what to give them? is it super tacky to just give money? how much money is appropriate?
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to link up and
see what everyone else is so what-ing this week!
love, mrs. k

May 13, 2013

hey! that's pintastic!

ok, so it's no secret that i'm a little behind on blogging. oops!
so today you're getting a few pinterest projects because i did them so long ago that i need to share them before i forget about them :)
first- super hero shirts
my friend kristina and i ordered super hero shirts to wear at our synod's high school youth gathering. she got a robin shirt and i got wonder woman.
but when the shirts came there was a bit of an issue.
the white shirt is a (men's) large, like the kind you can buy in a 3 or 5 pack.
the wonder woman shirt is a women't XL. umm... i looked like a stuffed sausage in that thing.

seriously- it was probably the most uncomfortable thing i've ever worn. i could hardly breath.
and my friend kristina is bigger than i am so i knew these shirts weren't going to work.
but, i didn't have time to send them back and they didn't come in bigger sizes.
pinterest/crafty mcgee to the rescue.
i went to joann fabric and got some red jersey knit fabric to match the shirts.
i cut up the side seam on both sides of both shirts.
i guessed on how much fabric to add, then i cut strips of fabric out of the big piece i got at the store.
 i started adding the fabric at the top of the seam (the armpit). i sewed across the armpit then down each side. so now, the sides of my shirt had 2 seams instead of one.
then i hemmed the bottom to make it look as similar as possible to the exisiting seam.
then i did the other shirt.
i'm sorry those are terrible directions, if you want to make a shirt bigger and you're needing me to clarify just email me and i will break it down a little better for you.
out come?
a shirt that fits!!
kristina and i in our super hero shirts. didn't realize this picture was blurry until just now. oops.
ps- these shirts have capes! how cool is that!!
project numero dos- my kitchen pantry
which is working out very well btw
this is our pantry before.
what a mess. things were all over the place, you couldn't find anything. ugh.
off to the dollar store in search of baskets i went.
 and this is the outcome:
i promise you almost everyting is still in there. i threw out the burger buns that were moldy. and two bags of chips that were stale.
but other than that, it's all the same stuff.
isn't it beautiful??
the yellow baskets are snacky things and the blue baskets are 'real' food.
the mr doens't really understand/isn't a fan of the basket system. but i think it's great.
and it's working so far.
number three- administrative professionals day
we decided that we were going to have brunch here at church for our secretary to celebreate her and thank her for all that she does for us.
i was in charge of bringing fruit.
now being the crafty/blogger that i am, i couldn't just bring fruit and put it in a bowl right?
 so instead i made fruit kabobs!
i started by putting little washi tape flags on my mini bamboo skewers
(skewers from the grocery store, washi tape from target)
then i cut up my fruit choices
one of our pastors thought that these were cubes of cheese!!
i love this picture
and apples
then i skewed them all
and served them!
everyone loved them.

alright, i think we're pretty well caught up on pinterest projects for the time being. whew!!
if you're still reading-thanks for sticking with this long post!
love, mrs. k

May 10, 2013


pretty sure the iPhone was created to suck all of our money :(
on tues the mr took a picture with his phone & then it went black and won't turn back on.
i've been to verizon 4 times in the past 3 days and best buy once trying to get it to come back to life. tried to restore it, reset it, recover it, everything.
nothing work.
so today, at around noon, the mr became the proud owner of an iPhone 5.
well, not really. i have it still. he's working in the field so he won't get it til he gets home tonight.
either way, we spent $300 at verzion today.
the guy at verzion had the balls to ask if we both wanted to get the 5 today.
umm, i'd like to be able to buy groceries and put gas in my car.
but thanks.
oh, and we've been computer shopping.
goodbye money :(
love, mrs. k

May 8, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
linking up with the lovely shannon for another go round :)
so what...
*if i'm a little late to this sww party? better late than never?
*if i've sucked at blogging lately? i'm sorry.
*if my non-bloggy (ie- irl) bestie called me out on not blogging? hi lacey!!
*if i was super bummed when the mr was gone?
but i kinda liked having my space, and doing what i wanted when i wanted...
*if i redid my office at work for less than $200? be jealous. we're talking a new (to me) couch, fabric for a slip cover, two shelves, new curtains, scentsy & new scent, and a big (2 foot by 4 foot) chalkboard with frame!! oh- and i finally hung up the artwork my last congregation gave me as a gift :)
*if i hate the taylor swift is in a diet coke commerical? i love diet coke, and i don't love taylor...
*if i still haven't done an apartment 'tour' post? i just want things to look nice and i never feel like they do. and i forget to take pictures a lot.
*if my dad called and asked if he could take me out for lunch and it toally made my day? it was a suprise- i didn't know he had to come over for work today and he just called out of the blue. i love him. total daddies girl right here.
love, mrs. k


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