January 31, 2011

Manic Monday!

Oh my goodness! It's 3:30 in the afternoon already! This day has been crazy!!!! But Mondays usually are.

Before I get into that, here is a recap of my weekend:

Fridays are suppose to be my day off but I always seem to end up at work somehow. So I was here from 11:30 til 4 then I went home (not to the store like I said I was!) and cleaned a little. Then I went to meet Jenny and Michelle at a bar/resturant in town. Just a reminder- I am a youth director that lives in a town of less then 8,000 in Northern MN. So we're out having a few drinks and Jenny's husby come to have a bite to eat... with their 16 year old son who got confirmed at our church last spring. Now, mind you, I am two drinks in and plowing through my third. Ackward! Then Jenny said that she wanted to go to a house party at her friend Ashley's house. Ashley is the older sister of one of my 9th graders who I'm almost certain parties A LOT. There was no way I was going to that house party and taking the risk of running into my 9th grader. Thankfully we just went to another bar and not to Ashley's house. But we only went to the other bar after having 4 shots in Michelle's car. It's like being 21 again.

Saturday was pretty lazy. Mr. Boyfriend and I just hung out at home for a while. We did run over to Blaine and Molly's in the afternoon to see the new paint in their living room. Then we ran to Wal*Mart to get some groceries, hair dye :), and speakers and a subwoofer for our TV. Mr. Boyfriend had to get the speakers and the sub because Blaine has them. He's such a boy. I thought the TV sounded fine without them but I should not have told Mr. Boyfriend that!

I gave a children's sermon yesterday about the Beattitues and about happiness being an attitude not just a feeling when something good happens. I started out by talking about a bee in a garden and how he's happy with just the flowers that God has given him. Well there was one little boy that told me that bees sting you. Halfway through my sermon he asked me what happens if a bee stings a cat. Then at the end, while all of the other children were praying with me, this little boy asked me in a very serious tone why God made bees. At least he knows that God creats things. And I got to do all of this with my new microphone so that everyone could finally hear me! Then last night while I was making dinner I also made brownies and cookies for Mr. Boyfriend to take in his lunch this week. Mr. Boyfriend's uncle works with him and his wife never makes goodies for him to take in his lunch so he was pretty jealous.
Then last night I caught the final episode of the show Bridalplasty. Has anyone seen this? This show is rediculous!! The girl that won looked completely different on her wedding day then she did when she started the show. How shallow is that? I understand the "perfect" wedding part. It would be nice to have an amazing wedding planner, all of the flowers, the dress, the ring, the cake, all of it paid for. But the complete body makeover took it a little too far. Seriously- this girl had her boobs, her arms, her nose, her tummy, her legs, and her teeth done. WTF? I can't imagine what Mr. Boyfriend would say if I told him I wanted to go on a show like this. I've told him that when we're done having babies some day I'd like to get a mommy-make over but nothing like that. Don't get me wrong- this girl was beautiful. I just thought it was all a little much.

Today I updated the youth section of our church website, made, ran off, and folded my youth newsletter that I will have help stuffing and addressing tonight, and I made a blog for the church youth. But I intentionally used a different e-mail for the church blog. I have really come to enjoy this space as my own where no one really knows me. I don't have a link from my facebook, and I haven't told a lot of people about because I miss my annonymity. I like being able to do things and not have everyone in my northern town know my business. So I'm excited for this youth blog and hopefully I can get some of my kids to write in it but I'm hoping that I can continue to keep them seperate. And, I know that once I put something out there it really isn't mine anymore and anyone can look at it so sure, someone from my town or my church might see it and that's ok, but I like that it's also my space and a safe space.

I hope you're having a great day.

January 28, 2011


Mr. Boyfriend is coming up tonight and I am SSOOOO excited! It's been 2 weeks since we really got to see each other. Sure we saw each other for a little while at my parent's house last Wednesday but let's be real- when you're used to spending the whole weekend together 2 hours isn't really a whole lot. I'm not sure what we're going to do this weekend. I feel like cooking since I just got home from KC where I ate out the whole time but if I cook then I have to do the dishes and I hate doing the dishes. So we'll see. Maybe Mr. Boyfriend will take me to the mexican resturant that I really like and he really doesn't. There are so cute little cafes in this Northern Town that I call home that I love but they're only open Mon-Fri 7 am to 3 pm so I can't take Mr. Boyfriend there!! I'm excited for him to move here someday. But that (him moving here) won't happen until we're married.

As I told you yesterday, my home town's high school basketball team played my new town's high school basketball team last night. I had to go, I didn't have a choice. I was going to go with Molly but then she decided to stay home because she was tired. I hate when she bails on me. So I sat at this game all by myself! Sure, some of my youth group kids were there but it's not like I can go sit in the student section, I'm an adult, and that would be ackward. But I don't really fit with the parents either cuz I'm not one of them. So I sat alone. Thankfully Heidi, a mom from chuch, came in late and sat right in front of me. And Jenn, one of the girls that I went out with for Laura's going away party a few weeks ago sat just down the row from me. So I was all alone. Heidi asked where my husband was. I think it's funny that everyone just assumes that Mr. Boyfriend and I are married already, he might as well live here (It's another post all together but we made the decision together that we aren't comfortable living together before we are married). Anyway- back to the game. My new town's JV team beat my home town's team 73-55. It was close until the half and then they just ran away with it. The varsity game was a little more intense. At the end of regulation play they were tied at 56! So it went into over time. My home town team was playing kind of dirty! They were jabbing elbows, tripping, slapping, and running into the other players. And the ref's weren't really calling everything. I feel like I'm jumping on the band wagon and being one of those fan's that I don't really like who blames the ref's when things aren't being called in favor of their favorite team. So for me to say that about the ref's- you know they were bad. So in overtime my home town team started playing even dirty and the ref's started calling everything on them. My new town's team ended up winning 63-59 and all of their overtime points came from free throws because they had been fouled!!!

Then I went home and watched the newest episode of the Jersey Shore. I love that show because it's just a break for me- I don't really have to think about anything. Then I talked to Mr. Boyfriend on the phone and went to bed. I didn't unpack anything, I didn't sort any dirty clothes, I didn't put away and clean clothes, I didn't sort my growing pile of mail (don't worry I took out the bills so I won't get late fees), I didn't really do anything. My house is a mess and I'm sure that it's mad at me. So when I leave work in a little while I'll probably run to the store to get some necessitites (hair dye) and then go home to clean :(

Hope you have a great day!

January 27, 2011


Oh my gosh! It feels like I haven't blogged in forever (not counting SWW yesterday)!! So here are some updates on the past week of my life:

1. My Car :( so the heating coil went out in my car. Fixes for a heating coil START at $500 and go up from there. Kelly Blue Book says my car is only worth $500 so it isn't really worth the fix. And I don't have $500 to fix. So last Wed. I went to my parents house before I left for KC, MO and my dad told me that he would trade me even-up. So he gave me his 2002 gold Ford Focus station wagon and he took my 1995 black Chevy Monte Carlo as an even exchange, he didn't make me pay him anything. He did tell me that the Focus has a small oil leak that needs to be fixed and all I have to do is send him the bill for it. I didn't even have to cry to him, he just offered all of this. I love my dad. But I do miss my car. The Monte was the first big purchase that I made and I drove it for 6 years, that's a long time when you're only 24! While I was driving to mom and dad's, I did say goodbye to the Monte, and I cried a little. But I'm thankful that I have a car to drive that is more dependable then the one I had. Thanks dad!

2. Confirmation! I taught all by myself and it went really well. I talked to our Sr. Pastor last Wed. morning and told him that I was really nervous. He told me that it wouldn't work for me to teach confirmation like he does or like our Associate Pastor does. He told me that the only way it would work is if I taught my way. And I was said, yeah that would be great, if I knew what my way was! Well the theme of the night was the Lord's Prayer. But I couldn't think of enough stuff to teach for an hour on the Lord's Prayer so I taught about prayer in general then talked about the Lord's prayer. And thankfully, I already had a lesson planned about prayer for Sr. Hi Youth Group the week before but no one showed up. I though "Gee, God that was cute but a little too stressful!" So it really was a God thing that no one showed up for Sr. Hi Youth Group so that I could use the same lesson for confirmation that I was already comfortable with.

3. The Habitat for Humanity House blessing in St. Joe, MO! So awesome! I had never been to one before so I really didn't know what to expect. The woman who was getting the house is a single mom with 7 year old twin daughters that were so adorable! It was a quick service and the mom shared some really sweet words. I wish I could remember what she said because it was so heartfelt and so sweet. Then the HFH board gave the little girls new bed sets with sheets and comforters since they were getting their own rooms for the first time.

4. The Extravaganza!!!!! What a whirl-wind weekend that was so much fun, exhausting, great, awesome, filled with fun converstaions, made my heart happy, so many smiles and laughter, a freezing cold "hot" tub, 2 diners, drive-ins and dives resturants, and so much more! We got to the hotel around 3 on Friday afternoon and got all settled in. The weekend started with worship on Friday evening followed by a reception where we all got to hang out. Saturday was filled with workshops (where we learned things), worship, hosted receptions with free food and drinks :), great conversations, dinner at a resturant where you get your burgers (and other food) via a train!! Sunday was more of the same, minus dinner from a train. Kristina and I tried to go to a triple D resturant for dinner on Sunday but it was closed, we had walked like 8 blocks for a resturant to be closed in a city that doesn't shovel their sidewalks! Then we walked back towards the hotel but nothing else was open! Everything closes early on Sundays around the Crown Center in KC apparently! So we ended up having dinner at Panera. Which was still good. Monday night I did get to eat at a triple D resturant called Grinders with some other e2011 people. Then Tuesday for lunch Kris and I found a 2nd triple resturant after like a 1/2 hour driving around looking for it.  (KC,MO did not have very good city planners!) The 2nd resturant was called Woodyard BBQ and it was really good. After lunch we headed home. We left KC around 1 on Tues., we got to Fargo at like 10 then we had to pick up my car, drop off stuff at Kris' house, get gas, and return the rental car so it was well after 11 by the time I left Fargo and I finally got to my house at 1:45 am. Then I had to be to work by 10 for a staff meeting and I was here til 9:30 last night.

I. Am. Exhausted.
And I love it!

I had lunch today with Molly which is always great. I love her. And I missed her while I was gone. They took family pictures yesterday and I gave her a hard time for not thinking about my schedule when they made the appointment with the studio so that I could be there too. She knows that I'm super busy on Wed. afternoons! And she ordered new furniture while I was gone! I'm such a grown up now- I can't wait to see it!

Now tonight the boys varsity basketball team is playing my alma matter so I'll go to that game and cheer on the boys from my new town.

Sorry- that was a lot to catch you up on!
Hope you're having a great day!
Peace :)

January 26, 2011

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Here's what I'm saying "So What" to this week:

-So what if I have to pick kids up for youth group in an hour and I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet
-So what if I never want to drive again- I spent 14 hours in the car yesterday!
-So what if I just got back to work from a week "off" for continuing education and I'm already looking forward to our family vacation in March.
-So what if I prefer my own bed to a hotel bed. I just sleep better at home.
-So what if I didn't get home until 1:45 this morning, I was driving- it's not like I was out partying on a work night
-So what if I HAD to check my mail when I got home late last night/early this morning.
-So what if I can't decide if I'm upset or not that I missed the Bachelor on Monday night. I was having dinner with friends that I only get to see once a year and I can watch the Bachelor online anytime. But I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on something.
-So what if I'm a little jealous of my friend Stacey who is prego and having a baby in June.

What are you saying "So What" to this week?
to see what everyone else is saying "So What" to this week!


January 21, 2011

500 miles, lots of laughs, great friendship, and diet coke

So yesterday my friend Kristian and I left northern MN and headed for Missouri. We are going to the Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza in Kansas City, MO! A WOO HOO!!! It's probably the greatest gathering of cool people on the earth! But last night we didn't go all the way to KC we only went as far as St. Joe, MO to my aunt and uncle's house to stay the night and visit with them since I never get to see them. So we got her at like 8:30 and ended up catching up on life and drinking wine with my aunt until 1 in the morning. It was so great and so relaxing.

Our drive down was good. It included lots of laughs, the same song every time we got back in the car, my first Sonic experience, and diet coke. I love that I can just be myself and enjoy some quality time with a great friend that is in the same stage of life that I am. And it was great to catch up on life with her. Even though we only life 2 hours apart we never get to see each other. That's what happens when you both work in ministry.

I kind of feel like a bad girlfriend. Monday night Mr. Boyfriend called and I just didn't feel like talking on the phone so we only talked for like 15 mins, then Tuesday night I had a stressful church council meeting and I went to have wine with Molly afterwards so Mr. Boyfriend and I didn't really get to talk very much. Well Wed. we got to see each other since I was at my mom and dad's- but we only got to see each other for like 2 hours. Then last night we didn't talk very much since I was hanging out with my extended fam. Hopefully Mr. Boyfriend understands and he'll still love me.

Time to get ready for the day! My aunt is on the Habitat for Humanity board here in St. Joe and she's taking us with her to a house blessing this morning then we're having lunch with my aunt and uncle before we head off to KC. I'll keep you posted on all the fun later this weekend!


January 19, 2011

So What Wednesdays

Here's what I'm saying "So What" to this week:

-So what if I hate painting my finger nails. It never looks as good as I wish it did and I just end up picking it all off anyway.
-So what if I had goldfish crackers, beef jerky, and a diet coke for dinner on Monday night.
-So what if I waited until mid-night last night to pack for my trip that I'm leaving for today.
-So what if I've been thinking of what to write here since Monday.
-So what if I got home from my meeting last night and really wanted a glass of wine. Church council is stessful.
-So what if I'm scared out of my mind to teach confirmation tonight ALL BY MYSELF even though I've wanted to do it since I started my job.
-So what if I'm a little nervous that no one looks at my blog.
-I'm having car troubles. So what if I'm 24 and I still want to go crying to my mom and dad and have them take care of it for me.

What are you saying "So What" to this week?
to see what everyone else is saying "So What" to today.


Ps- thank you to whoever my first viewer was! I love you! And you made me so excited yesterday- actually you made my whole day!

January 17, 2011


It's still snowing here. I love winter, I was born during a blizzard and I think that snow is beautiful from early Nov. until early Jan. Then I am ready for it to go away and I am especially ready to be done moving it. I had to shovel my way out of my house today so that I could get to work. Not my idea of a good time.

I'm leaving for Kansas City, MO on Thursday for the Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza for my continuing education and I can't wait!!! I'm road-tripping there with my friend Kristina, and then I'm rooming with Kristina and Julie :) It should be a good time. But before we leave for that I need to drive to my parents house- where I'll be leaving my car. Let's just hope that my car makes it there. My heator core went out so the smell was anti-freeze NOT a dead mouse. Fixing the heator core is waayyy more expensive then removing a dead mouse. And the fog on my windows wasn't fog- it's the anti-freeze condensing on my windows. Yum. (Note the sarcasm.) Mr. Boyfriend did some calling around for me on Saturday to see how much it would cost to fix it and we're looking at anywhere from 500 to 700 bucks or more. Kelly Blue Book says my car is only worth $500. What's a girl to do?

My orignal plan was to work until 5 on Wednesday then leave for my parents house and have dinner with them and Mr. Boyfriend but with all the funerals that we're having at my church that plan has been changed for me. We had one funeral this morning at 10:30, we have another tomorrow morning, a prayer serivce on Wednesday night, and a 3rd funeral on Thursday morning. Since one of our Pastors is in Africa with a group  of people from church doing some learning, some volunteer work, some visiting the girls our church sponsors, ect. our other Pastor is left to do all of these services by himself. BUT it's also a confirmation week (we only have confirmation every other week- yes I know it's a dumb schedule but I didn't make it). So now I will have to teach confirmation by myself for the 1st time EVER!!! Then I will be able to leave for my continuing ed after that. I'm excited about teaching confirmation but terrified at the same time.

One of the blogs that I follow is The Anderson Crew ( http://andersonfamilycrew.blogspot.com/ ) and last week she wrote while she was at starbucks having "me" time about how she felt kind of iscolated and lonely after moving across the country with her busby and kids. They are totally the same feelings that I have here in my Nothern Town. I feel like I don't have friends here and I miss that girl-bond. Like on Saturday night Mr. Boyfriend and I were watching the Miss America Pagent and he made some "boy" comment about the contestant that sang an Italian Opera for her talent. And all I could think (and say for that matter) is "I wish I had a girl to watch this with!" And it's so true, I want friends here. I want this to feel like home and a place where I want to be. But it doesn't. I have a job, which is great in this economy and I have a roof over my head but something is missing. I come to work and I go home where I sit by myself, and then some nights I come back for meetings or youth group or whatever. I'm not looking to go out every night and get wild and crazy but it would be nice to have girlfriends to watch The Bachelor with tonight or girls just to talk to. All of the girls here that I talk to are either in high school and in my youth group, or 5 years older then me and they're moms already so they're at a different place in their lives. Which is fine, I'm happy for them and I love their kids but there comes a point where I don't want to hear about their games, or their drama, or their doctor appointments anymore. I want to talk about current events (even if they are only reality show current events), I want to talk about shoes and clothes, I want someone who is in the same life stage as I am to be my friend here. And I don't know how to find her. So far in my life, I have been forced to spend time with a concentrated group of people close to my age. All the way through elementary, middle, and high school it was the same kids. My bestie from high school and I have been really great friends since 6th grade. Then it was off to college and everyone there was in the same boat that I was. We were all living away from home for the first time and we were all experiencing college for the first time. We bonded over a common experience and it was wonderful, what I wouldn't give to go back to college. Now, here I am learning how to be a grown up all on my own and there isn't anyone to go through this with. It's lonely. I know that I'm here for a reason, I just wish it was easier to be here.

Sorry this was kind of a bummer of a post.

January 14, 2011


People have got to stop dying! Seriously! At the church that I work at we have had 2 large (1 had 550 people at it and the other had 250 people!) funerals already this year and we'll have two more next week! 3 of those 4 people were young (less then 60)! It's so sad and it's dominating every conversation that I have had lately. And it's not just at my church, it's all over this northern town. The local funeral home had 14 funerals last week! It's rediculous!

In happier news- I got to go to my first "girls night" dinner last night with Laura, Jen, and friends like I told you about earlier this week. I have lived in this northern town for a year and half and I feel like I don't really have friends here yet so it was so nice to be able to go out with them. We had dinner then sat and talked for hours. Really- we were at the resturant for 3 hours. We laughed and joked and had a really great time. Then on the way out I saw my hairdresser and she commented how my hair was getting long again (I cut off 8 inches last June) and how it looked really nice. I love getting compliments like that.

Now I'm at Molly's waiting for her to get ready so we can go volunteer at the middle school becuase there is a dance today since it's the end of the quater. I love seeing my kiddos from church at school, it makes me feel like I'm doing a good job at work since they want to say hi to me at school. They are the reason that I do youth ministry.

Mr. Boyfriend is coming up tonight and I'm going to make him look at my car. It smells funny and today the windows started fogging up even tho I had my defroster on! My secretary thinks it's my heater coil, I really hope that that's not what's wrong with it because it would be a really expensive fix that I can't afford. Fingers crossed that it's something else... something small.


January 12, 2011

So What Wednesdays

Two of the blogs that I follow (http://butterfliesandheaveneyes.blogspot.com/ and http://emilyandjareth.blogspot.com/) do this thing called "So What Wednesday" and I'm going to give it a go too!

Here's what I'm saying "So What" to this week:
  • So what if I look forward to not setting my alarm on Wednesdays- the down side is that I have to work until 10 at night :(
  • So what if I still have Christmas decorations up in my office- Mr. Boyfriend made me take them down at home so I left the up here
  • So what if I keep my toenails painted pretty pink all year
  • So what if I went to get my car fixed today and didn't ask them to fix everything that I know needs to be done- it's hard just starting out in life and you can't always afford everything. So I had them take care of the most important problems first.
  • So what if I wish everyone was as organized as me
  • So what if I know all of the lines to the show FRIENDS and I started watching it from the begining again last night

What are you saying "So What?" to this week?

January 11, 2011

Vaccums, Flat Tires, and Love

Last night after work I went to take Molly's vaccum back, on the way to her house I thought my car was riding a little funny. I just chalked it up to the cold weather and cursed myself for not letting my car warm up more (that's what you get for being an impatient person!). But then I got to Molly's house, wrangled the vaccum out of the backseat of my two door car, shut the door and looked down at my tire- completely flat!! Good thing the only lives like a mile away from me and I didn't drive more then 30 mph on the way there! But then when I walked around the front of my car to go into her garage, I noticed that the only side was flat too! So I went inside to give her the vaccum and told her about my tires and she said I should wait for her hubby to get home so he could use the air compresser to fill my tires up. And you know me- who am I to pass up free help and a glass of wine. He got home a little while later and just aired them back up- he didn't even tell me he was doing it so I could go out and help! What a nice guy :)

Then I rushed home to watch this man on TV:

Can we just talk about this for a minute? First off- I'm not really sure why ABC invited him back to be the bachelor AGAIN!?! I think that there were lots of great guys from Ali's season that would have been a better choice for this year. But we can't dwell on that- ABC made their choice so all we can do is talk about it! And there is lots to talk about! There are some major crazies on this season!

Madison a.k.a "Vampire Girl", and Michelle who freaked out cuz she had to go on a group date on her 30th b-day and the pulled Brad away during the rose ceremony even though she already had a rose- What is that? I see another Jake and Vienna situation here!

I love Emily and Jackie. I really hope that Brad is open and understanding when Emily tells him about her past and the fact that she has a daughter. I didn't really understand Brad's problem/concern with Jackie only have 2 serious relationships in her life. She is only 27 after all. I think it shows that she isn't going to waste someone's time if she isn't interested in seriously being with them. I'm 24 and I've only had one serious relationship and as you saw in the previous post- it's pretty serious (Hello beautiful ring!). I really don't think that Brad has anything to be worried about with Jackie.
But I'm so glad that he sent these two home:

Melissa and Rachel. I thought I liked them both at the begining but they went crazy last night! All the screaming and the tears. I could kind of see Rachel's point when she asked Melissa about being totally transparent in her alone time with Brad and if she had told him about going home if she didn't get alone time. But then it got out of hand, Melissa just would not let it go. I think it's sad that Rachel had to go home because of how she came off in this situation but it's probably for the better- there was a lot of D.R.A.M.A with these two.

Last night the boyfriend and I talked about marriage. He had made a comment during the day about the ring that I like maybe being a little to much. Now, I don't want to pressure him into something that he doesn't want or isn't comfortable with. But this weekend he told me that he was comfortable with the price tag on that ring. So when he made the comment yesterday I was a little taken aback. So I wanted to talk about it, he told me that he was just messing with me. What a jerk. But that opened up a real conversation about marriage and what it means to us. He tried to act like he wasn't scared about that fact that it is forever and it's a huge commitment. I told him that I was scared shitless. Don't get me wrong, I love him A LOT and I can't wait to be a Mrs. more specifically to be his Mrs. But the fact of how huge marriage is scares me. And we have already talked about how we do take it very seriously and divorce is not an option. But it was nice to put it out there that we are scared but we're also really excited about the next step in our relationship. I love him. And while I was watching the Bachelor there was a commerical for some online dating service and it just made me even more happy that I have the boyfriend in my life.


January 10, 2011

What a weekend!

This weekend was jam-packed with things but as you will learn- I am not a weekend computer girl. I try my hardest to not be on the computer at all on Saturdays and Sundays. So each Monday you'll get a weekend update.

My weekends usually start on Thursday nights since I don't work on Fridays. But last Friday I had to come in for a little while so my weekend didn't start until Friday afternoon. I went over to my friend Laura's to help her pack since she and her family are moving soon. Well her sister in law Jen was there and Jen told me that a bunch of girls are going out with Laura on Thursday (like 4 days from now) and that I should go along. I'm a little nervous about going out to have a few drinks here in my new northern town. You see, when you are a youth director you basically give up your anninmity, everyone knows who I am. And I am terrified of running into kids or parents from church after having a few too many adult beverages. But I told Jen and Laura that I would go along with them, Jen volunteered to bring a wig and call my Lola all night long- I passed on that offer. I'm not sure why I am so worried about going out. Jen is a mom from church and she's the one that invited me, but it's just weird. More on that later this week. Anyway- I helped Laura pack some things but then she had to go pick up her kids so I went home. Well about an hour and a half later she text me asking if I wanted to come over for a glass of wine so I walked back over to Laura's for wine and more packing. Then the boyfriend came and met me there and the 3 of us chatted for a while then the boyfriend and I went home to make the Papa Murphy's pizza he had brought with him.

Saturday it was back over to Laura's house to help load the semi-truck that her husband Dan barrowed from a friend. I slipped and fell down 4 of their beautiful hardwood floors and now I have a big bruise on my butt. Then the boyfriend and I went to Grand Forks for the Sioux game. First we went to the mall to look at rings :) :) :) so excited!! Here is the one that I fell in love with
1-3/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Framed Bridal Set in 14K White Gold - Zales
Isn't it beautiful? The band of diamonds on the bottom would be the wedding band and the ring with the big stone would be the engagement ring. I am seriously in love with this ring! It's perfect. The only way it could have been better is if it would have actually fit me in the store. But since most rings in the store are a size 7 and my finger is a size 8 that was a no-go.

After the ring store we went to pick up our tickets from our friend Brian's parents who have season tickets but don't go to every game. They just gave us the tickets! We didn't have to pay for them! Then we went to dinner at Applebee's and then it was off the the Ralph for the game. The boyfriend kind of had to pee when we left Applebee's but he was like "Whatever, I can hold it til we get there." But then parking was a mess- did you know that you can only park in parking lots at the Ralph if you buy a season parking pass?! Stupid. So we parked on some side street and walked to the Ralph. But they don't open the gates until an hour before the puck drops so then we had to wait to get in! Poor boyfriend! He was dancing and whining like you wouldn't believe! We finally got in and he finally got to pee then we walked around for about 1/2 an hour looking at the photos that they have on the walls and then found our seats to enjoy the game. The Sioux beat Robert Morris University from Philly 2-1 and all 3 of those goals came in the last 6 minutes of the game.

Yesterday I had to give a Children's Sermon and during the first service my mic wasn't on but it wasn't my fault- it wasn't turned on in the sound room. After church the boyfriend wanted to take down all of our Christmas decorations. Well actually he just wanted to take down the tree and I don't think the rest of the decorations around the house look right without the tree. So our live tree came down and shed needles everywhere! In the process of cleaning them up my vaccum died to I had to go barrow Molly's! I got most of the decorations down but I have a few left that will come down and get packed up tonight during the Bachelor. Hopefully Brad keeps Emilee (or Emme? I can't remember her name but she's the cute single mom from NC who's finace died 6 years ago).

That's basically a wrap up of my weekend! Once you write it down it seems like you got a lot done!

January 7, 2011


So last night after work I ran to Wal*Mart to pick up a few things then I went to Molly's house to drop off her thank you and a candle that I got for her. I really was planning on just stopping quick and going home again. But that never happens at Molly's house. We ended up chatting for a while then I stayed for dinner. Her kids are so great- they always make me laugh. Cam (10) talks about farting and buring and the scolds Molly for burping at the table. And Nat (13) laughs so annoyingly and for way longer then necessary. I really needed their laughs yesterday. You see yesterday morning there was a funeral at the church that I work at for a man that died on New Year's Day at only 45 years old (of health promblems- not a freak accident). He and his wife have 4 children ranging in age from 12 to 23. The younger 2 still live at home and are involved in church youth group stuff with me. It was so hard to watch them yesterday and try to imagine what they're going through. I cried a lot for them. I also didn't get much done yesterday, after the funeral I found it hard to focus on things. So I did what any good Lutheran woman would do and went to help the other ladies (and men) working in the kitchen. I filled coffee pots and cleared dirty dishes. It's amazing how such meanial tasks really take your attention off of what's going on and make you feel like you're doing something good for the family at the same time.

So after a rough day at church it was nice to go to Molly's and enjoy some laughter with my new northern town "family". Then they were talking about getting family pictures taken and when would work for all of them, I let them know when I'm avaliable, just incase they want me to come be in the picture too :) haha!

I was suppose to go to my friend Laura's house last night too to help her pack since her family is moving to the Twin Cities next week. But she cancelled on my cuz her little girl is sick. We resechduled for this afternoon, so hopefully little miss Grace is feeling better so I can help Laura get some things packed. Then Mr. Boyfriend and I are going over to their house tomorrow morning to help load the moving truck.

He (Mr. Boyfriend) also talked about wanting to go to the jewlery store tomorrow too to look at rings! EEK! We looked at them for the first time just before Christmas (on our 3 year anniverary acctually) and again while we were in the TC between Christmas and New Year's. But he's gotten really serious about it now. I'll keep you posted on what happens! When we visited my Grandparents over Christmas my G-ma told me that G-pa was disappointed that I didn't have a ring yet. He corrected her and said he wasn't disappoint, he just wouldn't be suprised if I got one. It makes me happy that my family likes Kris and that he likes them back! We fit in really well with each others families which is very comforting and it kind of affirms our decision to be together.

I'll let you know about rings later and how the Sioux hockey game goes- boyfriend and I are going to our first Sioux hockey game on tomorrow night!

January 6, 2011

Here we Go!

So I have been following a few bogs for a while and I keep finding new ones to read, and they make me want to blog too- so here goes nothing!
Right now my plan is to give you a little glimpse into the adventures of my life in a northern town (really- I only live 70 miles south of Canada!). These adventures include working in a church, being a girlfriend to a great guy, being a daughter, a sister, and a friend, scrappbooking, the bachelor/bachelorette, and other random events I may encounter.