"Meet Cute"

In the movie "The Holiday" Arthur Abbot calls the moment a couple meets in a movie the "meet cute" well, here is our meet cute:
It was my 21st birthday party*, my friends and I (a.k.a "the girls") had gone to dinner at the bar and resturant that my mom is the manager of, and Kris and his friends (a.k.a "the boys") were there because I has invited them out for my birthday. It should be known that at the time I worked for my mom and her bar is where Kris and the boys like to hang out. Back to my party, we had dinner and the boys bought me a few drinks, Kris did not. When the girls were getting ready to go onto the next bar we tried to talk the boys into coming with us but they wouldn't becuase the next morning was deer hunting opener which is a big deal in Northern MN and so they were all going out early the next morning which meant they had to go home and go to bed. I gave Kris a high five on the way out the door and he kind of held my hand for an extra second. That was our meet cute and our story evolves from there.
The next day I got his number from one of my mom's bartenders and text him to come hang out again then we started texting or calling on a daily basis. Three weeks later he came to the Concordia Christmas concert with my family and said goodbye to me in the parking lot of my dorm then he gave me a hug and a small kiss (very cute, very PG). I went back up to my room and gushed to my roommate for probably an hour about how perfect the moment was (it was snowing the pretty kind of snow), and how I was so impressed that he didn't try to make out with me or touch my butt.
Then I went home for Christmas break and we were out with some of the boys and we ran into a woman the Kris is some how related to, Cindy (not a close relation) and she complimented me about being pretty or the outfit I had on or something then she asked Kris if I was his girlfriend, we ackwardly looked at each other because we haden't established that yet and Cindy said "OoooHhhhh, you havn't had that converstation yet, huh?", laughed, and then walked away. That night when Kris dropped me off at my parents house he asked me, "So, when people ask if you're my girlfriend, is it ok if I say yes?" and I said "Yes" with a big smile.
We broke up for a while a few months later because I wasn't really sure what I wanted/I wasn't as ready to be committed as he was. Then we got back together and here were are 3 years later, very much in love.

*It should also be known that this was not the first time I met Kris, we had actually known each other for years. We went to the same high school and I graduated with his sister, who I was and still am friends with.