Cast of Characters

There is a pretty diverse cast of characters that play a part in my adventure. Here I will introduce you to some of them who show up often:

Kris- the boyfriend

Mom- pretty self explanitory. But she's awesome.

Dad- also pretty self explanitory. Also awesome.

Katie- the little sister. She'll be 21 in a few short months. As we're growing up, we're growing closer. I think after she graduates college this year our friendship will really bloom. Eric- Katie's boyfriend.

Molly- the best friend in my new town. She is also a youth director. Biologically she is old enough to be my mother but I see her as a nurturing friend that I'm not sure how I would survive without.

Tasha- the best friend from high school. She lives in Fargo and I wish I got to see her more often. Bryan- Tasha's boyfriend.

Julie- one of the best friends from college. She too, is a youth director but she lives in the twin cities. We see each other twice a year, if we're lucky. But we talk on the phone almost once a day.

Dilene- the church secretary that I could NOT do my job without. She's awesome. Plus she's fun to talk to.

Brian- a.k.a the boy who lives upstairs. He is actually a 30 year old man who rents the apartement above mine but I still call him the boy who lives upstairs.

Sue- mom's best friend. Jen- Sue's daughter. Gail- Jen's best friend.

College girls- Megan, Liz, Kali, Darcie, Kjersti, Amanda, Riley, Julie, Becky, Rachel... basically all of my college friends

High School girls- Ashely, Tasha, Brianne, Katie, Lindsay, Ali, Margaret, Jenna... basically all of my high school friends

Tick- one of Kris' best friends