May 11, 2011

So What Wednesday

Here's what I'm saying "So What" to this week:

*if I prefer pita chips to Doritos and hummus to cheese dip

*if I bought a tanning package at the place farther from my house and made myself promise to walk there whenever I want to tan

*if I get sucked into Law & Order: SVU marathons

*if the best part about the new TV in my office is that I get to watch Twins baseball in HD

*if I prefer having a ton to do at work. It beats having nothing to do

*if I'm not looking forward to all of the driving that I have to do this weekend but I'm excited for all of the events that I'm going to

What are you saying "So What" to this week?
Head on over to Life After I "Dew" to see what
everyone else is saying "So What" to!

Love, a future Mrs.

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