May 31, 2011

Weekend recap and Bachelorette update!

I love long weekends. I wish every weekend was a long weekend.

I spent Friday doing grown-up things. Well mostly grown up things, I slept in then I cleaned my house then I went grocery shopping (and last night I paid bills- what I wouldn't give to move back into my mother's house somedays!). Then Friday night was the graduation ceremony for the high school here in town so I went to support my kiddos. They were so cute. And they made me want to go back to high school. I miss choir, I miss seeing my friends everyday, I miss living at my parent's house, I miss cheap(er) gas, I miss just about everything about high school.

After that the future Mr. and I went out for dinner then home to cuddle on the couch.

On Saturday we got up and the future Mr. put shelves into the closet in my guest room- it's slowly becoming my craft room :) And my dad has a table at the cabin that we're not using that he'll let me have. Now I just have to clean the room and try to start organizing things. Yay!!

Then we started the rounds of grad parties. We had 4 of them to go to on Saturday!! Off-da. But it meant that I didn't have to cook anything for lunch OR for dinnner!! At the first one they had roast beef, buns and salads. The 2nd had taco in a bag, the 3rd had 3 different kinds of soup, chips, and salad (and cheesecake!), and the 4th had pulled pork, but not just any pulled pork, they roasted the whole pig!! What?! Crazy, I know.

But then when we were coming back from the last party we hit a big pot hole on a gravel road. And my car started to shake. So we took it to the car wash and tried to pressure wash mud out of the tires. It still shook. Crap. I thought that it was the alignment and the future Mr. thought that it was just mud stuck in my tires. So I took it to the shop today on my lunch break and the washed about 3 pounds of gravel out of my rear drivers side tire along with 2 good sized rocks. It doesn't shake any more and it only cost me $3. Crazy that dirt can make your car shake like that.

Then on Sunday night we went on a party bus to see The Johnny Holms band for my friend Jen's birthday. I drank to much and I spent yesterday on the couch paying for it. I really need to learn when to say when. You would think I would know that by now! I suppose it doesn't really help that I haven't really been drinking any more.

Last night we had some pretty intense storms in this part of the country. Lots of lightening, some strong wind, and rain. Oh man did it rain! We didn't get pummled like Fargo/Moorhead did, but it was still intense.

But, because of the bad weather, I missed the end of the Bachelorette so I didn't get to see who Ashley sent home (it's ok, I looked it up today!). Incase you don't know she sent home Matt, Ryan M, and Stephen.

I loved her date with William in Vegas! A little weird that they did all wedding things on the first date though. I could not believe that they tested cake, looked at rings, and almsot got married!! And a little weird that people treated her like she's famous. Seriously- so many people stopped them to take pictures and get autographs! What?!

I'm jealous that they got to dance with the Jabawokeez from America's Best Dance Crew. How awesome is that? But Bentley makes my skin crawl. I could NOT believe that he told her he felt insecure about getting the last rose on the first show and then basically made her beg him to stay. He's so gross. I wish she would send him home. But I said that about Vienna the whole way through Jake's season and he ended up picking her (which worked out really well for him, huh?). And Ashley ended up giving him the rose at the end of the group date.

Mickey's date was a little weird. They left everything up to chance and made every decision by flipping a coin. (Side note: I felt so bad for JP that he didn't get the date) Ashley even left the rose at the end of the date up to the flip of the coin. Scary!

That was about all of the show that I got to see. Oh- except for when she was talking to Jeff (the mask) during the cocktail hour and he was going to show her who he was until someone (Matt?) interrupted them!! I so want to see that guy's face! She gave him a rose so hopefully we'll see his face next week!

Hope you're having a happy last day of May!!
Love, a future Mrs.

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