May 17, 2011


This weekend I put no less then 600 miles on my car. I'm sick of driving!! Granted all of the things that I drove to were fun and I'm happy that I got to go to everything. But that's a lot of miles, and with gas pushing $4 a gallon it was a hit on my checkbook!

But, because I did all of that driving these are all of the great things that I got to do:
*see my family
*see my friend Brianne from high school
*see my baby sister graduate from college
*see my grandparents
*see my bestie from high school, Tasha
*go to the Mexican Village
*go to Target (twice!!)
*go to Starbucks
*see a bunch of my LYO kiddos
*see Bishop Hanson, the presiding Bishop of the ELCA give a sermon
*spend time at my Alma Matter, Concordia
*see the future Mr's family
*have lunch with my friend Lacey
*get graduation gifts for the grad parties we've been invited to
*order the other 3 b-maid dresses we need
*catch up with Mariah, an old family friend

That's a lot!!

I made it through all of the big events that we had at church this spring. We are done with the big stuff. We made it through prom, holy week, Easter, confirmation, mother's day, and graduation. Now I feel like I'm missing things because I don't have 800 things on my "to do" list. Now I just have to figure out what to do for our last youth group of the school year then get ready for VBS and camp this summer. Whoop!!

I joined weight watchers online this afternoon. I'm a little nervous but after seeing pictures of myself from confirmation parties, and knowing how I feel in some of clothes, I knew I had to do something. And I saw how great some of my girlfriends from college are doing with WW online. So here goes nothing. (Well hopefully here go the pounds!)

I have a killer headache this afternoon. I know it's bad when all of the music on my iPod in my office is bothering me. I don't want to listen to any of it. But I know if I turn it off I'll have to listen to my clock go "tic-toc" and that is more annoying.

I have so much house work to do! That's what happens when you leave for a few days, come home for one night and leave again. Not to mention that I'm leaving on Thursday for my cousins graduation. My house will never be clean, my clothes will never all be washed, said clothes will never all be put away. At least I made my bed this morning so it kind of looks put together.

Sorry this was really random. Blame it on not blogging for a few days and having a headache. Sorry. Tomorrow's will be better.

Love, a future Mrs.

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