April 24, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
hi friends!
linking up with shannon again.
you know the drill :)
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i miss my mr? srsly- this living in two different towns during the week is getting old! but...
*if i like being able to decide what i want to eat and when i want to eat it? and i like being able to use our bathroom whenever i like?
*if i haven't been super good about blogging the past two weeks? can we still be friends?
*if i don't like coffee?
*if there are still some boxes that we i haven't unpacked yet?

*if i take my shoes off at work?

*if i think about sww things all.the.time and then forget them when i sit down to write my posts?

what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and see what
everyone else is so what-ing this week.

love, mrs. k

April 23, 2013


hi friends!
i'm not going to lie- i've been slipping a little on the 'no buying stuff' thing.
but they've been things like new white tank tops- that i wear under every.thing. and a new swimsuit. because i'm trying to will summer into coming :(
and a peace tee, but who could say no to that??
here's what i wore this week/past two weeks since i didn't post last week:
scarf- wal*mart; cardi- target; chambray- oldnavy; black tank- target; pink skinnies- old navy
found these pink skinnies at old navy in the sale section for $7.45!! whoop whoop!
cardi- target; dress- old navy; watch- premier designs; bracelet- forever 21; boots- payless
my parents came to visit this past weekend and my mom commented on how much she liked my bracelet so i went back to get her one and they were all gone :(
shannon dew posted an IG pic like this and i head to try it. even tho she's preggo & i'm not.
chambray- old navy; dress- wal*mart; earrings- forever 21
yes, that is a dress. i just flipped the top in on itself to make it a high waisted skirt.
and i had to add the fabric on the bottom to make it long enough, it looked like i was always ready for a flood before.
scarf- made by me; jacket- vanity; black t- JCP; skirt- target; headband- target
target has this skirt in blues this spring. taking all of my self control not to buy it.
shirt- target; jeans- old navy; shoes- amazon/made by me; headband- target
these are my disney shoes :) love them.
aparently last week was the week of the maxi skirt in my life.
cardi- walmart; necklace- target; t- vanity; dress/skirt- rummage sale

don't forget to head on over to the pleated poppy to see what everyone else wore this week!
love, mrs. k

April 22, 2013


like i told you on friday- my friend kelly is hosting a giveaway this week!!
you should go enter right now! srsly- there aren't a ton of enteries yet so your chances are super good!
here's what i'm giving away as part of the prize package:
a coffee cup cozie
these are reuseable/green versions of the cardboard thingy you get around your coffee when you go to a coffee shop. they are all reverable, have a button closure, and are made with the same material as hot pads so that your beverage will stay warm (or cold) and your hand won't get warm (or wet).
a color block infinity scarf
these scarves are made out of jersey knit fabric so they feel like your favorite tshirt. they can be wrapped around three times for fashion or four times for warmth.
note- the scarf for the giveaway is gray with white lace not gray with pink as pictured.
ok, now go enter the giveaway if you haven't.
and even if you don't enter you should check out kelly's blog anyway- it's super cute.
love, mrs. k

hey! that's pintastic!

hi friends!!
i'm back with some pintastic projects for you!
up first is my office chair.
when i started at my new church (almost two months ago already!!!) i got a new (to me) chair.
and it wasn't pretty.
not terrible, but it was an eye sore.
first i got out my screwdriver and took off the arms

while doing that i discovered that the back and the bottom were two seperate pieces!
so then i took them apart. it was easier to cover it that way but it was harder to get back together than i thought it would be.
i still don't think i have it on just right.
i recovered the bottom first. i laid it upside down on my fabric of choice.
so i laid the fabric on the floor first- pretty side on the floor, inside/dull side facing the ceiling. then i put the bottom of the chair on the fabric, wheels up in the air. i centered the chair on the fabric.
then i pulled the fabirc taught and stapled it to the bottom of the chair.
i start with the part of the chair that faces 'forward' or the part that is under my thighs when i'm sitting down. i started in the middle and worked my way out.
next i did the back, or the part where the back of the chair attaches.
this is where i went wrong. i should've cut the fabric back and left holes where the back of the chair would reattch so i could find those spots easier. i didn't.
bottom of my chair with it's pretty pink chevron fabric :)
then i did the back of the chair which was trickier.
there is kind of a lip on the top of the back of my chair. you can kind of see it in this picture
see how it's kind of curved?
i cut the fabric so i had about a 3 inch allowance on either side of the chair.
then i started underneath that lip and went up over the top of the chair. i stapled all the way across the bottom of that lip.
then i was able to just wrap the fabric around the bottom and come back up the back to the lip.
i cut the extra fabric off then flipped it under so you couldn't see the exposed edge and stapled it to the bottom of the lip again.
then edges were a little more difficult. i had a hard time finding something to staple into.
so i kept folding and pushing the fabric and stuffing around until i could find a place to staple to.
not a good explanation, i know. and i'm sorry.
but here's the finished product:
so much better!
i haven't put the arms back on yet- and i'm not sure if i will or not. i kind of like it this way.
now, i just need to find a couch or two for my office too!!
Pinned Image
inspired by this pin // this website
also, this pin may be the single most useful one i've ever pinned
Pinned Image
i can't even count how many times i've made this- and it never lasts for more than a few days in our house. so so so good!!
love, mrs. k


April 19, 2013


hi friends!!
on monday i'll be hanging out with my girl kelly for a giveaway.
oh, if only we could hang out in real life...
i'm giving away an inifity scarf and a coffee cup cozie- check out the tab on top that says craft shop if you want to see examples. lots of other bloggers are playing along- i hear there is lots of ad space up for grabs. you'll have to come check it out!!
love, mrs. k

April 18, 2013

winter blahs

i don't know if it's the weather, the fact that we moved, or the fact that the mr and i are spending weekdays (and nights) in seperate towns but i am just feeling out of it this week! i'm just kind of bummed out all the time, i had a good cry session with my mom on the phone on tuesday night, i haven't talked much when i've been hanging out with people, and i'm tired even though i've been getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Photo: Looks like spring?
i'm going to go out on a limb and say this is part of my problem.
then my instagram is filled up with y'all and your happy outside, flip flop toes, smiley pictures and i just can't deal! i want to wear flip flops- my toes want to see the sun, i want to sit outside and drink a margarita!!!
instead i'll be digging out, yet again. uff-da.
hope it's warmer there than here.
love, mrs. k

April 10, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
linking up with shannon for another go-round :)
so what...
*if i'm a sucker for a good love story?
*if i didn't stop the kids that were passing notes in confirmation last week? i was just happy that they were passing real, on paper notes instead of using their phones.
*it i can not remember my toothbush when i go out of town?
*if i had to remind the mr that yesterday was his brother's b-day? as long as the mr remembers mine, we're ok :)
*if i have to look at my #ootd pictures to remember what i did certain days?
*if i'm tired all the time? seriously, i could always sleep more. no, we're not preggo. we'd have to actually be in the same town for that to happen.
*if i went to dinner with a friend last night and we chatted for almost 2 hours? have i told you how much i love living in the same town as frinds my age again?
*if i paid for my $0.95 fountain diet coke in nickels yesterday? when you get a nickel back each day they add up!
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i dew to link up and
see what everyone else is so what-ing this week!
love, mrs. k

April 9, 2013


still going strong with the closet challenge- no repeats yet!! and no new purchases! whoop whoop!!
here's what i wore this week:
oh my gosh i loved this outfit!! lindsay from the pleated poppy has worn something similar to this a few times, a black dress with leggings and boots and i've always thought she looks so good. so i decided to try it with things i already had at home- and i got lots of compliments :)
jacket- vanity, scarf- gap, dress- maurices, tights- target, boots- payless
first outfit on friday for the synod gathering- my wonder woman shirt and socks. don't you wish we were friends in real life so you could be seen in public with me like this??
yes, the shirt has a cape :)
cardi- target, shirt & socks- amazon, yoga pants- old navy, shoes- kmart
second outfit on friday- tutu and theme shirt
the theme shirt looks like it's the incredibles logo but it's a cross in the middle because jesus is the ulitmate super hero and we try to imitate him. how cool is that??
cardi- taget, shirt- gathering, tutu- made by me, leggins- target
on saturday the whole board wore spray paint tye dye and plaid flannel.
i got so much crap on instagram for taking a picture in the prop room at camp! everyone was concerened about the walker in the back round. oops!!
flannel- jcp (from the mr's 1/2 of the closet!), tye dye- made by me, yoga pants- old navy, tennis- kohl's
the last day of the gathering is always the day we wear our board shirts.
but it's still cold here in northern mn so i had to wear a cardi over it. and leggings under my yoga pants because i'm a big baby. and my old gross tennis shoes because things are kind of halfway melting and there was spitting rain, it just made for a muddy gross mess.
cardi- target, shirt- board, yoga pants- old navy, leggings- target, tennis- kohl's

love this dress. hate that it's still cold enough out to wear it, with a long sleeve shirt underneath mind you... and don't worry- i did wear shoes today, but i ditched them in favor of my slippers at work and they're not so cute with the dress :)
white t- vanity, dress- target, leggings- target

head on over to the pleated poppy to check out everyone else's outfits!
love, mrs. k

April 8, 2013

this weekend i...

for months i have been following laura from the luckiest in love and almost every monday she links up for 'this weekend i...' i read her post but never followed the link to check out the others. until today! i found out that it's a link up hosted by a super fun girl from minnesota!! love love love when i 'run into' other mn bloggers! so i decided to play along with syndal for:

my weekend started on thursday at lunch. i left work and headed home to pack:

this is what i packed: more than one shirt with an attached cape, a tutu, my lutheran 2 shirt, and my lyo staff shirt. (come back tomorrow from my #ootd post to see each of these in action!)
off to the synod senior high gathering for me :)

thursday evening the senior high lyo kids arrived at camp (lyo stands for lutheran youth organization. it's a great group of people in our synod that put on yearly youth gatherings for the jr and sr high youth in our synod). these lyo kids are such a joy to be around!! there is lots of laughter, it's good for the soul to be with them :)

friday the partcipants came to camp. after that the whole weekend seems to fly by.

we got to hear great speakers! our main speaker for the weekend was pastor mike from st. andrew's lutheran in mahtomedi, mn. if you live by there you should totally go check him out- he's awesome. i could listen to him everyday. our other speaker was our bishop, larry wohlrabe. it's always a joy to see him and to hear him speak. he's friends with my dad and i've come to be friends with him as well. he gave me a bit of a hard time for moving because it means i'm no longer in 'his' synod.

we played fun games- minute to win it style.

we had an amazing musician, nate houge. he's also from the twin cities. if you have a chance to see him, you should.
he taught us a fun new table grace to the tune of thrift shop.
link to video on my facebook page

we ate delish food. and snacked a lot. i'm feeling to today, i should probs join a gym...

sunday a noon to participants left. the lyo board cleaned up after them then we headed into town (just happened to be my hometown!!) to eat at zorbaz. yum-o.

after that i went and got our tax info from my mother-in-law.

then to dinner with my family. we watched the start of the acm's at the bar my mom manages (where we ate dinner). then i headed back to our apartment.

it was a fun, fast, exhausting weekend.

thanks for hosting such a fun link up syndal!
everyone should go play along!

love, mrs. k


April 3, 2013

so what wednesday

joining the lovely miss shannon again today to went with so what wednesday. So What Wednesday
so what...
*if i can't stick with photo a day challenges?
*if i'm amazed by my mr? he notices things like the fact that the deadbolts in our apartment were put on the wrong way and he was able to fix them. and our patio door didn't shut all the way because the lock was in the wrong place so he just chiseled out a new hole for the lock. srsly- how does he know how to do that?
*if i think i know more than my friends do? and i think i'm right?
*if i make my grocery list more than once? i keep a running list of what i want to make and what i'll need, then before i go to the store i break the list up by section of the store.
*if i started re-reading 50 shades this weekend? and i'm 1/2 way thro the second book already? i just can't put it down! i get all caught up in it even tho i know what's going to happen.
*if i sleep better when it's cooler in our room?
*if i didn't play any april fool's pranks on people this year and had none played on me?
*if i don't think all babies and toddlers are cute? #sorrynotsorry
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to link up and see what everyone
else is so what-ing this week!
love, mrs. k

#ootd/what i wore/my closet in numbers

back again with my weekly fashion post :)
linking up with the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday.
i just have a few outfits to share with you this week as well as a look into my closet so you can see why i've put myself up to this closet challenge.
on that note- it's been a month since the mr and i moved. aside from pjs & yoga pants while lounging at home- i have not re-worn an outfit since the move!! that's amazing to me- i mean, i know my closet is full but i'm the kind of girl that tends to get comfy with her outfits, and i always think i have nothing to wear.
my outfits from this week:
out for my sister's birthday dinner.
finally went out on a limb and bought a statement necklace (i know, i know closet challenge, no new stuff...). still not 100% sure what to wear it with.
yesterday- tried something new with my mint skinnies after seeing anaosb's easter outfit on instagram.
can't get enough of my new coach shoes. best purchase in a long time :)
now, my closet. i'm not going to lie- this is embarassing.
on monday night i put away my clean laundry from the weekend and counted everything in my closet. so here you have it- my closet, in numbers.
on the left- dress pants/short, 6 pair
on the right- skirts, 12
tops on hangers, 111
no joke, that's a lot of shirts.
my version of a dresser, rubbermaid drawers.
in them you will find: bras, undies, socks, leggins, dress socks, tank tops (35), white t shirts (8), swimsuits (4), nail polish, and extra feminie products.
also, there are my sandals. 17 pair to be exact.
pj tops, 14
pj bottoms/yoga pants/sweatpants, 21
jeans, 16 pair
scarves, 28
dresses, 26
sweaters (left), 6
sweatshirts (right), 27
shoes (included the tennis shoes & 3 pair of boots by the front door), 31 pair
high heels, 11 pair
jackets (including the 2 everyday jackets by the front door), 18
please keep in mind that we live in fargo/norhtern mn, we need a jacket more often than not all year long.
and just to show you that this problem is not mine alone- the mr's side of things.
shirts, jeans, and shorts
jackets and sweatshirts
he also has a shoe rack by the front door and a dresser in our bedroom. but you get the idea.
so this cloest challenge has definately been needed in our house.
please tell me we aren't alone in this consumer driven, over stuff closet problem...
love, mrs. k

April 2, 2013

hey! that's pin-tastic!

since i forgot to post this yesterday- here is my pinterest post for the week :)


back with more pinterest projects for you!
this week i made resurrection rolls and resurrection eggs for the littles at church.
we had an easter egg hunt here at church for our toddlers-3rd graders here at church last saturday, march 23rd. it was so much fun! but also a big system shock. in my northern town i was planning events for k-5 kids and 8 kids would come. here at my fm church we had 115 people (kids and parents rsvp- who knows how many actually showed up!!).
we started with music time- the kids got to learn one of the songs that we'll be singing this summer at vbs. then we had the first half of snack time where we made the resurrection rolls.
then we had six stations for the kids to 'hunt' for eggs in. they all got one egg in each room and each room had a different story, craft, or activity for them.
we finished with their resurrection rolls fresh out of the oven.
these rolls were a pain in my hind end.
no where near as easy as pinterest made them seem.
the pin that served as inspiration:
Pinned Image
prepare for picture overload- fair warning.
jamie, the ed director and i, tried making these on friday before our event on saturday. good thing we did. they did not work like the pin's directions said they would.
we got our cresent rolls, rolled our marshmellows in butter, then cin/sugar, then wrapped them in the cresent, baked, and we had marshamallows explosions.
so not as easy as she made it sound.
so i tried wrapping the cresents a different way.
no luck.
then i thought maybe we were having blowouts for the same reason that pies have blowouts. so i tried adding a vent on top.
same outcome.
after a few quick texts to a youth director friend it was revealed that we should be using buscuits not cresents.
so off to wal*mart i went to exchange them.
and back to church with 18 cans of buscuits later, i returned.
so, here are updated instructions on how to make resurrection rolls with biscuits.
1. open your buscuits. preheat oven as directed on package.
2. flatten your biscuit out by smoosh-ing it (technical term) between your hands
3. roll your marshmallow in melted butter. make sure you completely cover you marshmallow- this helps it to melt instead of expand
4. roll your butter covered marshmallow in cinnamon sugar- we used a 4 to 1, sugar to cinnamon ratio (ie- 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup cinnamon)
5. place you marshmallow on your flattend biscuit then fold your biscuit up around your marshmallow. make sure you pinch the biscuit together all the way around- you want it to be sealed. we even rolled ours in our hands a little.

6. place you roll on your baking sheet lined with parchment paper (makes for easier clean up in the event of a blow out) with its friend
7. the put your rolls in the oven and bake for 12 minutes (or however long the package tells you to bake them)

8. take your rolls out and let them sit for a bit
9. cut in and see that the roll is empty
ok, so we never got the marshmallow to melt all the way. and all of my IG friends told me that theirs worked fine and they aren't sure what's wrong with mine. poop.
but the kids at church liked them and they were a hit. even if jesus/the marshmallow was still in the roll when we took it out of the tomb/oven.
as for the resurrection eggs, we made our own stories/egg fillers by pieceing together different ideas from pinterest and the resurrection eggs you can buy at HL.
ours were:
yellow egg- fish & loaves story time, goldfish in the egg
green egg- jesus rode on the donkey, made palm branches by tracing our hands on green paper then cutting them out and glueing them to popsicle sticks, 'donkey fur' in the egg (furry silky fabric)
purple egg- crucifiction story, made a foam cross craft, cross sticker in egg
blue egg- forgiveness/reason for crucifiction, science experiment with kool-aid as sins in water then pouring bleach in as jesus to forgive our sins and make us clean again, eraser in egg
pink egg- tomb, game station, rock in egg
orange egg- jesus rising to heaven, bubbles & balloon games, bubble in egg
lots of work for an easter egg hunt but totally worth it.
love, mrs. k