June 26, 2013

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
it's that time again.
linking up with shannon for so what wednesday!!
here's what i'm saying so what to this week:
*if i'm 26 & acting like a bit of a baby over what i think is an ear infection?
*if i LOVE thunderstorms?
*if i spent monday afternoon at the local pool and tuesday afternoon at the swimming pond of a family from church? i love working with kids :)
*if i chose not to put sunscreen on when i went to the pool with my friend last monday, got super burnt, and now i'm peeling? so far it's just two circles on my right shoulder that have peeled, hopefully that's all. and btw, i went to the store and bought sunscreen the next day.
*if i get annoyed when the weather channel interrupts tv shows to give us weather updates? yes, i know it's raining a lot, thank you weather channel.
and yes, i understand that these updates and be helpful and save lives for big weather issues. but really, it's raining here and they are giving us flash flood updates.
*if i don't know what i want to do with my life?
i'm questioning our move and my job. i don't know if this is what i should be doing. i don't know what i should be doing. all i really want to do is have babies and stay home with them. but that's not a reality because a) we don't have babies and b) even if we did have babies, i don't think it's a financial possibility for us right now.
*if this got real deep real fast??
what are you saying so what to?
head on over to life after i dew to see what everyone
else is so what-ing and to link up!
love, mrs. k

June 25, 2013

what i wore...

linking up with lindsay from the pleated poppy again for what i wore.
just three outfits to share this week, now that we're into summer it's mostly swimsuits or shorts with solid color v-neck tees. kinda boring to look at over and over ;)
i LOVE these shorts!! i wish i could wear them everyday without getting funny looks.
this outfit was for a day in the office.
necklace- target; white linen shirt- old navy; shorts- old navy
this was last friday, a quick meeting for a team i'm on where i met some new people. then the mr and i headed to the lake :)
peace tee- life after i dew; shorts- target
thanks to my instagram friends for confirming that these shorts are in fact NOT to short for a 26 year old who is not a size 2
another day at the office. well, just the morning. i spent the afternoon at the pool :) oh the joys of working with kids.
tee- gap; shorts- target
i feel like i'm kind of in a clothing rut this summer. it's easier to come up with outfit ideas in the winter/cooler months because i can layer things and i have more long sleeve shirts. and i have more 'warm' clothes. that's what you get for living in northern mn i guess.
love, mrs. k

June 24, 2013

summer lovin'

it FINALLY feels like summer in northern mn :)
and we are taking full advantage of it!
work is kind of getting in the way but we've made our way to lake country the past two weekend and we will the next three weekends for sure.
i love summer!!!
i wish i could just be outside all day everyday.
this afternoon i'm hold 'office hours' at the pool.
so i can be outside & call it work.
be jealous.
have a great afternoon!!
love, mrs. k

June 20, 2013

4th of july wreath!

as promised yesterday, here is my 4th of july wreath and instructions on how to make your own!
i did get the inspirations for this at wal*mart. they had a similar wreath for display and instructions on how to make it.

this is the finished project hanging outside our door :)
first you'll need to assemble your supplies
i had the wreath laying around for last fall- i found it in the dollar aisle at target for $0.25!! but any styrofoam or green foam wreath will work. you'll need to figure out quarters of your wreath and mark them off so you can make 1/4 of it blue.
you'll need floral craft pins- i used almost 300. so get more than you think you'll need.
red, white, and blue tulle. i found sparkley blue tulle :) i used less than (1) 12.5 yard roll of blue, (1) 25 yard roll of red (the whole thing), and a similar amount of white tulle.
cut your tulle to 6.5 inch lengths
i used 50 blue pieces and probably about 100 red and 100 white
then roll each piece, one at a time & put a floral craft pin in the middle of the roll
the push the pin into your wreath form
repeat. lots of times.
once you fill the first quarter with blue, start making red & white stripes. i just eyeballed this, my stripes are not equal but that's ok.
my floral pins were longer than my wreath was deep so i needed to bend each pin on the back so it didn't stick out any & wouldn't scratch the wall.
then once i was all done, i added a piece of flannel to the back to make double sure that it wouldn't scratch the wall.
i hot glued a ribbon to hang it from. make sure that you put your ribbon in the right spot so that the flag looks right when you hang it up.
i might have had to redo my ribbon. oops.
then removed your last wreath from the doorway.
don't judge me for still having the st. pattie's day wreath up.
i never claimed to be on top of it all.
hang your new wreath,
and enjoy!!
love, mrs. k

June 19, 2013

so what wednesday

quick note before we get started today- this is my 400th post!! whoop whoop!!

So What Wednesday
linking up with shannon for another go round.
i love this link up :)
here's what i'm saying so what to this week...
*if i didn't really make the bed (i just put the sheets and blankets back in about the right spot) on monday and i didn't do it until almost 10 pm?
*if i spent monday afternoon at the pool instead of work & i didn't wear sunscreen? i'm a rose-y red color & i'm paying for it now.

*if since monday I've tried to figure out a way to spend afternoons at the pool and call it work?

*if i haven't really cooked anything since thurs? we spent the weekend in hometown, mn which included lots of eating out with my parents. i guess i did make potato salad on sun afternoon for father's day dinner. i'm sure the mr thinks i'm an awesome wife.

*if i haven't cooked but i did bake cookies yesterday for the mr's lunch? he requested white choco macadamia nut because another guy at work loves them but he doesn't have a lady in his life so he has to buy them at the store. for a split second i thought the mr was going to be a nice guy & share with him. nope, he just wants to rub it in the other guys face. nice guy, huh?

*if we're going to the lake (either hometown, or the cabin) every weekend this summer?

*if when i buy things online i sometimes put them on my credit card so the mr doesn't know right away? not healthy, i know...

*if i made two 4th of july wreaths because the first one was to big? come back tomorrow to learn how to make the smaller one!!

what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to see what everyone else
is so whating and to link up!!

love, mrs. k 

June 17, 2013

tv tuesday

as i sat by the pool with my friend ashley yesterday, we chatted about how each cycle of the bachelorette/bachelor is basically the same.
hot tub dates, over the top shenanigans, around the world trips, contestants falling in 'love' on the third date, the weird wedding episode, and on and on.
last night didn't disappoint, it was right on track.
and i'm not really into it. like so not into it, that i don't even know who the guy was that left last night.
mr. america? really? for dumb. but i did love that she and james gave up their fancy date in atlantic city to the couple that lost so much in hurricane/super storm sandy and they went for pizza and beer instead. they acted like it was spur of the moment but i'm sure it was planned. either way- i really love when they go on 'real' dates.
but mistresses- now that show has got me hooked.
i cried at the end of last night's episode and every monday i find myself saying 'is it 10 o'clock already?'
even though the ladies on this show do some questionable things and things that i don't agree with or wouldn't do myself, i still find myself feeling for them.
when there is adultery in a relationship we rarely think about the 'other' woman, or what a person goes through after they cheat on their spouse.
i cried when alyssa milano's character, savi cried because she cheated on her husband one time and doesn't know how to deal with it now. she wants to make things right and she doesn't want a relationship with the man she slept with, but she doesn't know how to handle any of those things.
the one character that i can't understand is karen the therapist.
she just needs to distance herself from her ex-lovers family and she won't.
she seems to have feelings for the son and i think it has bad news written all over it. move on with your life already.
i can't imagine how april feels. after her hubby died she found out that he had cheated and a love child had come from the relationship. and now the mistress wants part of the life insurance payment from april. oh my gosh. i would fall apart. i would not be able to go on with my day to day life.
joss, the party girl relator is in a class by herself. and not that i want to be like her but i wish i had some of her confidence. she knows what she wants and she's good at what she does. she's balls-y.
hopefully this show won't be like GCB and only last for 6 episodes. i'd really love more than that.

what i wore

oh my gosh! it has been so long since i shared my outfits with you!!
if you follow along on IG you'll get to see them more regularly (mrs_knopf).
but here we go- linking up with Lindsey from the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday
wiww banner
doesn't she just have the cutest art work on her blog??
i love this outfit! i feel like a big girl, all professional when i wear it :)
necklace- target; shirt- old navy; jeans- old navy; shoes- Burlington coat factory
polka dot chambray and mint skinnies- what a happy outfit!
chambray- old navy; mint skinnies- JCPenny
i love baseball!
cardi- target; twins tshirt- JCPenny, skinnies- JCPenny; earrings- botny (they were a custom order but keep your eye on her shop- i hear she might be adding them to her collection!), watch- premier designs, cross bracelet- forever 21; baseball bracelet- made by me
new peace tee! woo-hoo!!
cardi- target; peace tee- shannon from life after i dew; skinnies- JCPenny

mixing some colors- pink & mint
pink chambray- old navy; mint cardi- target; shorts- target; flip flops- target

what i wore to the mr's 10 year reunion
right- friday night
scarf- wal*mart; jacket- american eagle; white tee- wal*mart; shorts- target
left- saturday night
necklace- target; top- old navy; shorts- old navy
love the saturday night outfit!! can't wait to wear it again!

don't forget to head over to the pleated poppy to check out everyone else's outfits this week!

love, mrs. k

10 years later

this weekend we went to the mr's 10 year high school reunion.
10 years!!
i keep calling him an old man ;)
friday night we met at local bar and restaurant for a meet and greet. the mr and i just live 45 miles from hometown, mn so we make it home fairly often. but it was nice to see some people that moved away and don't come home often.
the mr and i graduated from the same high school but he's two years older than me.
i recognized some people, but not very many. i was happy to see some of my friends at the same bar, not with the reunion, so i had someone to talk to.
saturday we had dinner and a dj. it was kind of weird.
the mr was not a social butterfly in high school (his words). so there weren't really a lot of people that he wanted to talk to. which i was not prepared for. when we go out for dinner or drinks he can talk to almost anyone in the place. but he kind of clammed up at this reunion. maybe it was a overwhelming for him. maybe he wasn't comfortable. i don't know.
but his reunion did do two things for me:
-made me excited for my 10 year reunion.
-made me so thankful that my mr is the way he is. i'm thankful that he wasn't one of the theater kids, or the nerdy computer boys, or the jocks, or whatever. i'm thankful he is who he is. very thankful.
and just for your enjoyment
the mr and from his senior year book.
isn't he cute?
he's got a super straight hair cut and round glasses and i've got blond hair that i tried so hard to get those scrunchy, gel-y curls/waves and a tan face (thank goodness for school pictures in sept!). don't forget my puca shell necklace and adidas t shirt :)
love, mrs. k

June 12, 2013


no secret, the mr and moved in march for me to take a new job.
i'm starting to find my groove. but it's hard in youth ministry. my job is so relational, that i just have to get to know to know kids. and kids are hard to get to know. they're are busy people. super busy. and you have to earn their trust.
it's hard.
and it's hard to learn the in's and out's of a new congregation. learning who's good side you really want to be on, who is connected to who, and what your job really is. i have a job description, but in ministry positions the description is usually just a starting point.
and in our northern town prior to this i got to go to camp with my kids as part of my job.
i don't here.
and i'm very sad about that.
i love going to camp with kids. it is so cool to watch them 'get' it and to not have to do the heavy lifting. i know it sounds as though i'm giving away part of my job, or passing the buck but it is so amazing to watch kids form relationships with other people who are helping to guide their path and write their faith stories. it's so cool to see them look up to the college age counselors that are devoting their summers to god's work.
can you tell i used to be a camp counselor and i miss it?
i miss tan lines, sunscreen, early mornings, late nights, little pay checks, good food, silly songs, silly skits, singing dinner prayers, the waterslide & pool, bible study every after noon, staff devotions, i miss it all.
and right now i'm feeling the pull to go to camp.
the first group of kids from my northern town is at camp this week.
how could you not want to spend multiple weeks a summer here?
i'm a little jealous of my northern town kids, but i'm super happy for them.
my kids in our new town go to camp too but they don't go til mid july, and it isn't really part of my job to go with with. i'll go visit them but i won't stay for the whole week.
maybe someday i'll get to  build camp into my job more.
love, mrs. k

so what wednesday

So What Wednesday
after a loooooong break i'm linking up with Shannon for so what Wednesday!
so what...
*if i took a break from blogging?
*if i was super jealous of the 'nannies' that picked kids up from vacation bible school at church last week? i would love to spend my summer days hanging out with two or three little kids! going to the park, the pool, the walk up dq, sunscreen, bikes, sweaty toddlers, naps, picnics, ugh... what i wouldn't give to spend my summer days doing that.
*if i count my drinks when we go out to the bar? not sure why, it's just always something i've done.
*if i'm pretty sure i have adult add?
*if i sort out the utensils when putting them in the dishwasher? in addition to add i may also have ocd...
*if i hate hate hate putting away clean laundry? i would much rather let it sit on the floor for a week and just pick out what i need then put it away.
*if we're going to the mr's 10 year high school reunion this weekend? 10 YEARS!!
*if i'm basically counting down the days until we can go to the lake for the weekend?
what are you saying so what to this week?
head on over to life after i 'dew' to see what
everyone else is 'so what-ing' this week and to link up!
love, mrs. k

June 11, 2013

tv tuesday!

hi friends!!
i'm so sorry i've been gone for so long. life has just gotten in the way and my little slice of the internet has taken a backseat.
but i'm blogging at you today from a BRAND NEW computer!! the mr and i bit the bullet and bought a new laptop this weekend. finally!! the desktop that we have is the one that my parents bought for me when i moved to college, eight years ago. yea, it's seen better days. and now that we moved and we're actually paying for our internet instead of just sharing with the people upstairs we decided it was time for a new computer to actually make use of the high speed internet we're paying for.
anyway- long story short.
we've got a new computer. hopefully i can blog more now.
so, tv tuesday!
i've been watching the bahelorette again this season. and i can't say that i'm all that into it. i don't know if it's because it's nice out now, or if it's des, or if it's the guys. but the winter cycles are easier to watch.
loved the girlfriend drama last night.
at one point i almost felt bad for the guy- that girl would not let him get a word in and she was like a broken record.
i wasn't such a fan of the way des reacted when the weather wasn't so great for her roof top one on one date tho. who cares that it's chilly and windy? that date was more 'real life' than anything else we've seen this season.
however, i did like that she chose to have a pool party instead of a cocktail party. liked the laid back vibe it gave the episode, and it's summer now so who wouldn't want to go to a pool party?
i would!!
after the bachelorette i stayed on abc for mistresses.
two episodes in and i am hooked to this one.
it's very similar to desperate housewives. and contrary to the title, i wouldn't say that this is a show upholding and glorifying mistresses. one of the women is a widow who's husband cheated, one is single and sleeps around, one is the typical 'other woman', and one is married but cheats on her hubby and has to deal with the emotional aftermath of trying to decide if she should tell him.
it's a modern soap opera.
and i hope abc keeps it.
what are you watching this summer?
come back next week to see how i feel about next week's episodes.
love, mrs. k