February 3, 2011

Valentine's Day 2010

So here is the story of Valentine's Day 2010 that I hinted at yesterday:

Before I start the story there are some things you should know/remember: Valentine's Day was on a Sunday last year. Mr. Boyfriend comes to my house on Friday's after work and stays the weekend since we live in different towns, 100 miles apart.

Mr. Boyfriend and I decided that we were not going to do gifts for Valentine's last year becuase we had both spent too much on Christmas. So I didn't get him anything. Friday afternoon I got a delivery in my office of Gerber Daisys- my favorite. There were 7 flowers in the bouquet. I couldn't really figure out why there were 7 flowers. I thought maybe it was significant, then I felt bad cuz I had no idea why 7 would be signifcant to us. After work I went home to watch "Say Yes to the Dress" and wait for him. So he finally got to my house (I'm sure it took him the normal amount of time to get to my house, but it felt like forever!). I gave him a hug and kiss and thanked him for the flowers and asked why there were 7 of them. He told me that he wanted to send me a dozen but all that the flower shop had was 7. Haha! I wasn't missing out on anything! Then he asked me if I wanted my present now or later.

What?!? I thought we weren't doing gifts!

Well he had gotten me one anyway. So I told him it didn't matter he could give it to my whenever he wanted to. Then he told me that it was up to me. So I said, "Fine, I'd like it now." Cuz, I mean really, who doesn't like getting gifts? He said ok and started to get down on one knee. I started to cry. His knee got almost all the way to my living room floor and that's when he stood back up and said "Just kidding!" I'm pretty sure that I punched him. He asked why I was crying and I told him that I'm going to cry when it happens for real. Then he gave me a small red gift bag with a jewlery box inside. He had gotten me a diamond journey necklace that looks like this:
I love it. And I love him. Even though he's kind of a jerk sometimes. Any time I tell a boy this story he laughs like it's the funniest thing he's ever heard. Girls usually say "aww...." and then call him a jerk. Where do you stand?

So I don't know what to do for Valentine's Day this year. At first we said no gifts then we decided that we both like gifts so we should do them. But then last night when we were talking on the phone he told me that he didn't really need anything.

Any gift suggestions? Or what are you getting your Mr.s for V-day?

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