March 6, 2011

Wedding Dress Update!

Yesterday I had two appointments at wedding dress salons. The first was at Alan Evans in Moorhead. I only tried on 3 dresses and I fell in LOVE with the second dress. (Sorry, I'm not putting pictures of the dress up because my future Mr. reads the blog sometimes. And they wouldn't let me take a picture in the bridal salon.) I'm wearing my mother's veil and it's like the dress and the veil were made for each other. My mom, sister, and best friend from high school came with to that appointment. And they all loved the dress too.

The second appointment was a Daivd's Bridal in Fargo. It was very overwhelming. The salon was full of girls and dresses were flying all over the place. I tried on 5 or 6 dresses there. I fell in LOVE with another dress. Then we found bridesmaid dresses. Thankfully we found a dress that looks good on the 4 bridesmaids that were there and they all like it. The dress is royal blue with a lime green sash and you can see it here. My mom, sister, best friend from high school, another good friend, my mother in law to be, and my sister in law to be all came to this appointment. And they all loved this dress too.

I don't know if I was just overwhelmed, if I felt like I had to pick a dress, or what it was, but I picked the David's Bridal dress. Then my mom, best friend from high school and I went to Applebee's for celebration drinks. Then I had to drive the 2 hours back to my northern town. The whole drive back all I could think about was the dress from my first appointment. I called my mom in tears. I cried on the phone to my future Mr. I was a hot mess.

This morning while I was at work (well, in church, but it's work because I'm the youth director) my mom txt me and asked me to call her right away. So I did and she suggested that I call David's Bridal and ask them to hold my order. Since we ordered so late yesterday and it was a Saturday maybe the order hasn't been placed yet. Then just my mom and I will go back to both places on Friday morning before we leave for vacation. That way I won't be overwhelmed with so many of my friends there, and I won't be overwhelmed with a busy salon, and I'll be able to look at both dresses again and make a decision that I feel better about. Hopefully.

David's Briday doesn't open til noon on Sunday so I have to wait 15 minutes and then I can call to see if this plan will all work out. Hopefully it will.

I hope you're having a great Sunday that is less stressful then mine!

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