March 16, 2011


Today was our Breckenridge day. We got up super early (well for me 6:15 is super early) and left my uncle's house at 7. We got to breck, got parked, Dad and Katie got ready, got lift tickets and then we rode the gondola up the the base of Peak 8. It was so cold and windy up at the base. So Mom and I decided to head back down to Main St to do some shopping. We walked the length of Main St, and looked in some stores but we weren't really in the mood to shop. So we went into a little resturante to have a pop and an appetizer (chips and salsa). We got to watch skiers come down the mountain from the resturante. Then we headed back down Main St, stopped in the store where I had found a sweatshirt that I liked and then met Dad and Katie at the truck for lunch. Dad and Katie decided that they were ready to be done skiing. Then all 4 of us walked back down Main St so Dad and Katie could look for helmets. I really think that if he's (Dads) willing to spend the money for a lift ticket that they only used for the morning, and they're talking about getting her a helmet when she only skis a couple times a year that he should get me the Emu boots (like Uggs) that I found at the ski shop where we rented Katie's skis yesterday. The boots cost less then their 2 lift tickets combined and I would definatly get more then 6 hours of use out of them!! Don't you think that sounds fair? I thought so. He didn't. He told me that since my Sorels (winter boots) are still in good condition I don't really need new boots. Boo!!

Then we drove back to my uncles, went out for a drink, and now we're hanging out waiting for dinner. We got Papa Murphy's... too bad I gave up pizza for Lent. I guess it looks like a sandwich for me tonight.

Hope you're having a great day!

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