March 18, 2011

Last day in Colorado

Well friends it is our lasst day in Colorado :( And I'm having mixed feelings about it. I'm excited to go home. I'm excited to sleep in my own bed, I'm excited to not live out of my suitcase, I'm excited to have quiet time by myself. But I'm also sad. I love Colorado- it's so beautiful here, it's nice to see family that we don't get to see very often, it's fun to do touristy things. So I'm very mixed.

Overall it's been a really great trip! My sister and I got along for the most part, I got to see and try new things (Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse, and I ate Corned beef and cabbage for dinner last night!), I got to spend a day shopping with my mom, I got to drive all the way across Nebraska (yes, I drove the whole time- but it was the shortest way across NE!!), I got 2 gifts for my future Mr., I got to have lunch at Sonic, I got to ride the train up to 12,000 feet on Pike's Peak, and I got to gamble in Cripple Creek!!! Sorry I know that was a major run on but I did lots of cool things this week!

But now we have to drive ALL THE WAY BACK TO MINNESOTA. Boo. It's such a long drive. I hate driving. That's not true. I like driving, I hate riding, and I really hate riding in the back seat, which is where I seem to end up. It sucks.

So now you won't hear from me until I'm back in my northen town, back at work (not really excited for that). But I'll let you know how the drive went, and how long it takes us to go back the other way. And how much better it feels to be back down at a normal elevation where I can breathe normal again!!


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