March 9, 2011

So What Wednesday

Here's what I'm saying "So What" to this week:

*if I'm totally on top of wedding stuff but I can't seem to get work stuff done more then a day or two ahead of time (if that!!)

*if the church ladies cooking downstairs are making me hungry... the smell of good food is wafting up the stairs and down the hallway to my office

*if I picked packing for vacation this morning instead of doing my dirty dishes

*if I did a load of laundry this morning that had whites, colors, and darks in it? I only had enough clothes for one load and they're all old enough that they shouldn't bleed

*if I haven't picked a dentist in my new northern town- it's kind of a big decision

*if I had my b-maids picked long before we were engaged and my future Mr. can NOT decide who he wants to pick. I told him he has to pick by June 1st.

*if I'm ready for winter to be over. I want to wear skirts, t-shirts, sandals, shorts, tank tops, my swimsuit. I just want summer...

*if I can't decide how to make the flowers for my ring bearer pillow? Option #1 (tulle flowers) and Option #2 (fabric flowers) both flopped. I still have time to decide what to do

What are you saying "So What" to this week?
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