March 23, 2011

So What Wednesday
Here's what I'm saying So What to this week

*if I made a spread sheet of our guest list for the wedding. You laugh now but it'll be super helpful when I have to write thank yous! My spread sheet has names, addresses, room for RSVP #'s, room for what they gave us and room to check off weather or not a sent them a thank you.

*if all of this wedding planning kind of makes me want to switch jobs. I think I'd be a damn good wedding planner

*if I LOVE 100 calorie packs of cheese nips. They fulfill my craving for something salty and I don't sit here and eat the whole box!

*if I love Wednesdays in Lent becuase it means that I get something real for dinner.
Thank you church ladies!

*if I still haven't made a decision about my wedding dress. I got an e-mail from DB yesterday telling me that my dress is in. I'm going to go try it on next Tues with my momma and then make a decision about what I'm going to wear on Dec. 10th when I become a Mrs.!!!!

*if I don't want to go on vacation again for a while. I like being back at my house, I like having my whole closet, I like having my own bathroom, I like just about everything in my house.

*if I center my SWW post every week. I like the way it looks!

*if I get a little jealous when I read other blogs because I want cuter/more creative things in my house, or I want a cute baby, or I wish I could take beautiful pictures, or ... you get the jist

What are you saying So What to this week?
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