March 7, 2011

I'm ready for vacation!

There I said it! I'm ready for vacation!! Good thing we're leaving on Saturday!! I just have to make it through 3 1/2 days of work (Fri is my day off) and then I'm free for a whole week! A woo-hoo! Colorado here were come! Sorry for all of the exclaimation points but I'm really excited.

I'm excited for a break from my everyday life. I'm excited for a break from my job. I'm excited for a break from hanging out at home by myself. I get to go to Colorado! I don't have to do anything work related! I get to hang out with my mom, my dad, and my little sister (not to mention my aunt an uncle who we're staying with!!)!!

So, here is the update I promised yesterday about David's Bridal. They have already ordered my dress. I was on the verge of tears while I was on the phone with the poor customer service woman. But then she told me that if I do decide to go with the other dress they will keep the dress I ordered and give me store credit instead. So my mom could get her dress there, or we could order the other bridesmaid dresses, or the flower girl dress, or the guest book, or whatever. So now on Friday my mom and I (and JUST my mom and I) are going back to Fargo to go try both dresses on again. Hopefully with less chaos and fewer people I'll be able to make a more sound decision.

Last night both my sister and my bestie from high school txt me and asked me how I was feeing about my dress decision. I told them both how I felt and what my plan was with mom on Friday and it was like neither of them were listening to me! They both tried to tell me how beautiful I looked in the DB dress and how they don't think that I made the wrong choice. Whatever. I know that they are entitled to their own opinon but at least pretend like you hear me!! Thank you for telling me that you thought I looked beautiful in the DB dress but hear me out about the other dress. And while we were at the first appointment at Alan Evans they both loved the dress! But now they're talking about it like they never even liked it! Wtf?!?

I'll let you know what I pick on Friday.

In an unrelated note. Molly is prom dress shopping with both of her daughters today. Only one is old enough to go to prom but apparently they both needed to go along on this shopping trip. On a school day! And they don't have school this Friday. Don't you think that would have been a good time to go? I asked Molly why they didn't wait for Friday and she told me that Friday didn't fit into their schedules. Well, I'm sorry but I'm not ok with taking an 8th grader and a senior out of school to go prom dress shopping. What are you teaching your kids about committment? What are you teaching them about what you have to do in life (even if you don't want to or it isn't fun)?

Molly and I have different opinons on how to parent. And I know that since I don't have kids I'm not really qualified to have an opinon but I know how I was raised and what my parents did and I took teaching and youth psychology classes in college so I have an opinon. And she knows that we have different opinons.

I hope you're having a great day!

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