March 30, 2011


Yesterday my baby sister turned 21! AHHHHH! I feel old! ... Moving on.

I went to mom & dad's Monday night (I got to have dinner with my future Mr. :)) then Tuesday morning mom and I went to Fargo. We went to Spencer's to get some 21st b-day stuff for my sister, then to OfficeMax so mom could get some work stuff then to the Hobby Lobby (love love love!!!!). I had to get some black scrapbook paper for my confirmation bulletin board and I found a black ottoman for my living room that has a black and white floral print top for $8!! I had been looking at one at Target that was $20 so that $8 one was a steal!! I'm so excited. After the HL mom and I went to DB to try on my dress that came in already and it isn't the one that I'll wear when I become Mrs. K. It's pretty but it's just not MY dress. I told the sales lady that there was another dress at a different store and I described it to her and she picked some that were similar and a couple that were way different but I kept comparing them to the dress at Alan Evans. Which to me says something. So mom put me back into the think about it category. So I have to think for a few days then I can order one. I'm 98% sure that it will be the one at Alan Evans. We also got to pick up my sister's dress at DB. It's so pretty!!

After we left DB we went to visit my sister at college. We took her out for lunch where she had her first legal drink (a rum and coke) then we picked up her BF Eric and went to a bakery in town to have cupcakes (red velvet with cream cheese frosting- yummie!!) then we ran a couple errands and went back to her dorm. We did make her try on her dress to make sure that it fit- and it does perfectly!! If I have my b-maids wear heels her dress will be the right length but if they wear flats she'll need to have it hemmed up (they'll probably wear flats, I think we all will). And the royal blue dress looks soooo good with the lime green sash! I'm so excited! But only 1 of the sashes came in! What the heck! The 3 b-maid dresses that we ordered and the dress the I ordered came in, but only 1 of the sashes. What the heck?!? But the sales gal that was helping us told us that all of the sashes have been ordered so they're comming.

Back to b-day celebrations- So we hung out in Kt's dorm for a while then we went and picked up one of her girlfriends and the 4 of us went to dinner (her BF wasn't feeling well and he had to work later so he went back to his dorm to nap). We went to dinner at a yummie resturante that is in a beautiful old building. I had a cup of beer cheese soup and a chicken ceaser salad. So good! They make these wonderful pop-over bread things and they make their crutons in house from the day old break. If I lived in my sister's town I would eat there ALL.THE.TIME. But I don't, I live almost 4 hours away. Yes, you read that right. I drove 4 hours, one way, for my sister's b-day. My car has gotten lots of miles already this week, I've already driven 7 hours this week and I'm not done yet, I'll have another 2 tomorrow and 2 back home on Sunday. Good thing the focus gets good gas mileage!!! I just wish gas was cheaper!

This post is titled birthdayS which implies more then one! My friend Kris who I went to Missouri with in January had her b-day Monday and today is Molly's birthday! Yay! I love celebrating b-days!

Hope you're all having a great day!

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