March 4, 2011

Wedding Budget

Since my future Mr. and I have been engaged I've been pestering my mother for a budget. I just really wanted to know what we were working with to help with planning. Well last night she gave me the low down (kind of...) she told me that she had talked to my dad about a budget. He told her that they would pay for the reception. He also said that the future Mr. and I didn't need to go with the cheepest option for dinner but we also didn't need to go with the most expensive (sorry, no steak and shrimp for you wedding guests!). Then mom and I talked about the cake which a friend of the family will be making. So far, this budget thing isn't sounding so bad. Well then today I had lunch with a girlfriend from high school and my parents. We were talking about wedding dresses because we have 2 appointments to go dress shopping tomorrow and my girlfriend wanted to hear about them. Then dad wanted to know prices. All he knows about wedding dress prices in this day and age is the little snippets he sees of "Say Yes to the Dress" when my sister and I watch it. So he was expecting me to say something like $5,000. Well I had picked 10 different dress on to prep for our appointment tomorrow. The cheapest is $350 and the most expensive is $1,000. He was blown away by how cheap they were, so I think I'm in good shape for him to be buying me a dress :) I'm not going to post any of the pictures of the dresses that I picked because I don't know which one will be mine yet and I don't want to take any chances of my future Mr. seeing it before our wedding day. We still havn't talked about who will pay for the photographer or the DJ yet but I think mom and dad will end up paying for those too. I mean, so far this really isn't turning out to be too terribly expensive (famous last words... I know!)

Today I went to Ben Franklin and bougth the supplies to make earrings for all of my bridesmaids and the supplies to make a pillow for my ring bearer. Hopefully they'll all turn out. I'll post pictures once I start and of the finished project. It's killing me not to start right now but I'm at mom and dads and we're going out to dinner tonight and then we're going dress shopping in the morning so I really don't have time to do it now. Which is fine. But I'm so proud of myself- I got everything I need to make earrings and almost everything I need to make the pillow (I already have the rest at home) at Ben Franklin for $29.10!! That's less then I would pay for a ring bearer pillow! Or it's like 2 pairs of earrings! And I have the supplies to make the pillow and 12 pairs of earrings!!! I love being thrifty!

Hope you're all having a great day!!
Have a great weekend!

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