March 28, 2011

9th graders

I spent all of yesterday afternoon (yes all- noon to 4:30) with 13 9th graders. We were at our confirmation retreat to help prepare them for May 1st when they will stand in front of the congregation and affirm their faith. This was not my ideal activity for a Sunday afternoon. I understand that it is my job but it is not my favorite part of my job.

9th graders are rude, snotty, they think they know everything, and they think they are too good to do anything that we might be doing at church. I shouldn't generalize like that, there were a few of the 13 that were willing to do things and that paid attention like good children. But there were only a few. There was one girl that was being so snotty and rude that I finally looked at her and said, "If you would just stop your whining this whole day would go a lot quicker and easier for both of us." I really don't know how their parents deal with them!! I don't ever want to have a 9th grader! I know that I will have one eventually because I really want to have kids and they have to grow up but ugh.... I am so NOT looking forward to that.

Yesterday afternoon was even worse because it meant that I didn't get to hang out with my future Mr. :( I feel like I haven't got to spend very much time with him lately and it isn't going to get better any time soon. This coming weekend he's going snowmobiling out west and I'm going to a synod gathering because I'm on the Lutheran Youth Organization board. Then the next weekend he has to leave early because they're working in Grand Maris and the weekend after that is Prom and Psalm Sunday so I have to work the WHOLE weekend. Then it's Easter and I have to work again, then confirmation, then synod assembly, then we'll finally get to spend the weekend together but we'll drive to St. Joe MO for my cousin's high school graduation, then it's graduation here so we'll have parties to go to. I'm so excited for summer so my life can slow down a little bit. And I know that someday I will charish the weekends where one of us has something else going on because it will mean that I will get "me" time again but right now I want more "us" time!!

I'll get some more "us" time tonight because I'm going to my mom and dad's :) Then tomorrow it's off to Fargo to try on the dress from DB since it came in already then I'll have to make the decision about which dress I really want. Then it's on to my sister's college town to celebrate her 21st b-day! Yay!!!!

It's a week filled with birthday's for me (well just 2 days filled with them but still) tomorrow is my sister's b-day and Wednesday is Molly's! But I'm taking Molly out for lunch today since Wednesdays are so busy in both of our lives- thats what you get when you're both youth directors!!

I better get going on my to-do list since I'm only going to be in my office for 2 1/2 days this week!!

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