March 8, 2011

The Bachelor

So last night was "The Women Tell All" episode of the bachelor. It was a let down. I was really expecting fireworks between Michelle and the other girls and Michelle just cried the whole time. And I'm sorry Chris Harrison, normally I like you, but I really don't think that Michelle's snide comments were a defense mechanism. I think she's just a mean person who thinks highly of herself. Sure the other girls didn't need to make comments about Michelle's parenting, we didn't see her parent at all on the show so we don't know anything about that. Michelle said her comments came out of boredom and that you only get to talk to the same people all day long and you have no contact with the outside world, and so on. Well, everyone was in the same boat as you and they didn't make comments like you did. So I don't buy it.

While I was watching the bachelor last night I worked on some wedding crafts. I'm going to make earrings for all of my girls, my mom, my future mom in law, and me to wear on the wedding day. Well I made one pair last night and they look fine but I don't have all of the tools that I need to make them. I still need a small needle nose plyers, and I was not about to go to Wal*Mart just for that. So while I was on the phone with my future Mr. last night I asked if he had a plyers that I could barrow and guess what? He does!! Yay!! So the rest of the earrings will wait until next week or the week after. I can't decide if I want to take everything with to work on the while we're on vaca or not. After I realized how much easier that project would be with the right tools, I decided to work on something else for the wedding. I started on our center pieces. I'm wrapping wine bottles, sauce bottles, basically any clear glass bottle with yarn and then we'll but one flower in each on the tables. I'm thinking we'll have 2 or 3 bottles on each table. And the yarn that I am wrapping them with is the same blue color and the same green color as the b-maid dresses. Each bottle is either blue or green, so they're solid colors not mixed.

Hopefully I can start on the ring bearer pillow tonight. I don't have any more bottles (I have to ask mom to collect some for me since she manages a bar) otherwise I'd keep truckin' on those center pieces. But for the RB pillow I bought tulle in white and royal blue then I bought small green beads and small pearls. So I'm going to cut the tulle into circles and then sew a few circles together with beads in the middle. Hopefully it works out and looks cool. I'll keep you posted.

Off to lunch!
Hope you're having a great day!

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