March 25, 2011

Can't Focus!

I know I already posted today and it wasn't that long ago but I can't focus on anything work related!!

This is why I normally take Friday's off.

I have spend way to much time today looking at wedding stuff online (save the date magnets, and invites), monkey-ing around with our website on, looking at wedding favors for our guests (i'm thiking of going with a sweet bouncy ball idea), playing around on facebook, eating lunch and chatting with the ladies that were at the church to cook (we had another funeral today). Basically I have done everything but the things on my to do list.

I have a few things that I really HAVE to get done today (April newsletter, info sheet for my parent meeting on Sunday morning, info sheet for our confirmation retreat on Sun., Easter info for parents) but I can't make myself do it! I don't know what's wrong with me!


Ok- here we go, I'm going to try and do some work now.

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  1. hi Sarah! the cleanse is called Advocare. They sell it at a local salon here where I live. You can also purchase it online. I can give you the distributers name if you are interested. If you do it, you'll have to let me know how you do :)