March 15, 2011

Vacation Pictures!!!

I finally had some time to put vacation pictures on my computer so I thought I'd share them with you! So here they are with a little commentary :)
Mom, Me, and Katie getting ready to leave Minnesota

This is what the back of a Ford Expedition looks like when we go on vacation!

Our first tourist stop: Mt. Rushmore
I had never been there!

There it is!

The sign says "Warning: Climbing prohibited beyond this point"
My sister can't really read...

Or walk! Haha!

Our next tourist stop:
Crazy Horse
I'd never been there either it was cool but I thought Mt. Rushmore was more interesting
The white statue in the foreground is 1/34 the size of the real thing that you can kind of see behing it

We're in a tee-pee at the Native American Museum at Crazy Horse

Our third and final tourist stop on Sunday: Carhenge!
Located in Allience, NE

Yes, those are cars painted a flat gray, welded together, and positioned to look like Stonehenge

And they have benches made out of old tail gates from pick up trucks!

We finally  made it to Colorado! We went to Old Colorado City for lunch and we got to go to The Rocky Mt. Chocolate factory!

The ORIGINAL Rocky Mt. Choco Factory!
Hey future Mr- I got you a present here :)

While we were walking around Manitou Springs we found a street called Lovers Lane.
We made Mom and Dad take a picture there.
Aren't they cute?

Today we went to Garden of the Gods
I had to take the obligatory picture of the balancing rock

Beautiful view of Pikes Peak while we were hiking

Katie had a little captain in her :)
We were actually taking pictures showing that we had conqured the mountain and hers came out looking a little like an ad for Captian Morgan

Sisters while hiking

We saw this building while we were driving back. You can really read the signs but there is a Village Inn on the right and the yellow sign says "Breakfast served all day". The white sign over on the right says TATTOO. I thought it was a funny combination, ya know- someone went to get breakfast and loved the pancakes so much that they got them tattooed on their leg. Katie said they should get the tattoo on their butt because that's where the pancakes would end up.
I'm from such a witty family :)

Well, that's our vacation so far!
Hope you enjoyed!

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