March 25, 2011


I'm sooooooo glad that Friday is here! It has been a long week! But that always seems to happen after a vacation- you get so behind when you're gone that the whole first week back you're just trying to play catch up!

But I'm not just exctied that I don't have to work tomorrow, I'm excited because my fiancee is coming to visit tonight!! A woo hoo! I feel like I haven't seen him in forever! I saw him for 1 day right before we left for vaca and like an hour the day that we got home cuz I had to come back to my northern town. So I am very excited for a whole weekend with him! Yay!

I realized yesterday that I never shared the rest of my vacation pictures with you! So without further ado, here they are:
This is what we got to look at everyday :)
Well almost, this is a picture coming into Breckenridge and we got to look at Pike's Peak everday
but they're both pretty mountains
We were out there for St. Patty's day and my sister and I had matching shirts
They say "Lucky Luth-r n"
We got them from

Also on St. Patty's day we took this train up Pike's Peak!
We couldn't go all the way to the top because it was too windy-
there were 125 mph winds at the peak!!
But we did get to go to 12,000 feet (the peak is 14,110) and take pictures

This house is called Wind Point and it's at about 11,000 feet.
An explorer and his wife lived here. I could not imagin living here! You're above the tree line, so trees don't grow up there, it's windy, it's cold, and there aren't any other people! God Bless her!!
The doors and window aren't real- they boarded up but they're painted to look real so the windows have curtains and the door has a handle painted on it. It was pretty cool!

There are these huge rocks all the way up and down the canyon that the train goes up. They're called Pike's Peak granite and it has zero commercial value because water can get into the crevases then freeze and expand which causes cracks in the rock. Well over time those cracks can break the rocks and make them smaller and into different shapes.
The top rock on this one looks like Santa's sleigh for those of you who still believe ;)

This is my uncle's beautiful house that we got to stay in.
I want a house that is this beautiful some day

While I was outside taking that picture of my uncle's house these two deer came running around the side of the house.
I froze!
Deer never get that close to you in MN. They just stared at me for a minute then took off across the street.
I know they're kind of hard to see but they're inbetween the road and the trees,
they kind of blend in so you have to look close.
I wish I had a better camera because this could have been an awesome picture,
but my cheap-o digital camera will just have to do for now!

Well, there are the rest of my pictures from vacation. Sorry I didn't take as many during the second half of the week! The one thing that I wish I would've taken a picture of was BeirWorkz. It's a brewery that we went to by my uncle's house. The brew like 6 different kinds of beer, rootbeer, and orange soda. The rootbeer was really good! (I'm not a beer girl so I stuck to the root beer but Dad was impressed so it must have been good!) Next time we make it out there I'll take a picture for you!

Other random things that I have rolling around in my head:

-I want to re-do the lay out of my blog but I'm not sure what I want. As I have gotten more into blogging and checking out other blogs mine just feels kind of boring.

-I really want to go get a pedi and a message. I don't know if I've just been sleeping funny or what but my back hurts sooooo bad!

-I think I'm going to start tanning again. There is a place in my nothern town where you can get a month of unlimited tanning for $30!! That's only a dollar a day!!

-I hope my future Mr. wants to go out for dinner tonight because I don't really want to cook.

-I started checking out save the date magnets and they are way more affordable then I thought! If we get 200 of them they're like 75 cents a piece! I'm really thinking that we'll be sending those out (even if my future in-laws think it's a waste of money)

Alright, enough rambling, I should get back to work...
Hope you're having a great day!

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