September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

Only 80 days to go!
Oh my gosh! Where did the last 8 months go?!?

Today I'm going to introduce you to the wonderful ladies in my bridal party!
My maid of honor (MOH) is my baby sister Katie. Well she isn't really a baby but she is my younger sister :)
Here we are modeling our sweet new shades on our way vacation in March

Here we are, still on vacation, modeling our matching "Lucky Luth'rn" shirts for St. Patrick's day.
This is an old picture of us, it's from her confirmation but I love it! I love it because we both look good and because of the lady in the backround :)

I'm pretty sure that this picture is from WE*Fest. That's all I know about it, but I love this picture of us.
My MOH choice was easy. She's my only sister and I love her. There isn't anyone else that I would want to do this job or be involved the way that she's been.
Now my b-maids, in no particular order:
One of my high school besties: Tasha
Our friendship has really evolved over the years that I've known her. I believe that we met in 6th grade, we took dance classes together, we've had countless sleep overs at each other's houses, we watched every episode of the 1st season of Desperate Housewives in her parents basements. I love her.

This is us at her college graduation last May. I'm so proud of her :)

Next is Lacey. Where do I even start with Lacey?
We met at Bible camp the summer after I finished 6th grade and she finished 7th grade, and we've been friends ever since. She was the one that went with me to register when the future Mr. and I had problems at Target. I love her.
This is an old picture. It's from my freshman year of college when Lacey & my sister were both visiting me. Apparently we don't have a lot of pictures together on facebook....

Lindsay. Lindsay is the future Mr's sister. But she was my friend before he was my boyfriend.
We graduated high school together. It's pretty neat that she gets to be my sister-in-law now in addition to being my friend. It has also made family gatherings less stressful. It was nice to have a friend there the first time I met everyone. I love her.
This is Lindsay and I with her cousin Brianna who is going to be our flower girl.
This is from Christmas 2009 the future Mr's grandparents house.
This is the only picture of Brianna that I have on my computer so I'll introduce you to her now too!
She is the future Mr's cousin adn she's 8 years old. She's going to be such a cute flower girl!

We were clubbies in college which meant we were in the same orientation club. Then we were roomies, twice. Now we live on opposite ends of Minnesota and I never get to see her.
Except when I randomly run into her at the Renassiance Festival!
I love her.
This is us at a college football game. Pretty sure we went to all of the games. Together.

And last but not least: Julie.
Julie and I met my second year of college her third. We were the same major- religion for youth ministry and we met in a class called intro to church professions. We instantly bonded over our love of diet coke and the TV show friends as well as a shared annoyance for a girl in our class who we lovingly called squeaker.
Now we both have jobs in youth ministry, so we get to hang out together at conferences! And we're both getting married so we get to go through this together!
We are sitting on a shelf at Wal*Mart in this picture. We had made a frame out of old diet coke caps for one of our professors and we needed a quick picture of the two of us to go in it. Haha! I love her.

And last but certainly not least:
BA my PA. Haha! Her initals are BA and she's my personal attendant. Meet Brianne.
This is from her b-day 3 summers ago. Her b-day is in mid-July so please excuse the sunburnt face.
I picked her to be my personal attendant becuase she is probs the most fashionable person I know and she pays attention to detail. And she's awesome. I love her too :)

So there you have it. The ladies in the wedding party. Stay tuned- next week you'll get to meet the boys!

Wedding things I got done this week:
I ordered our invitations! So excited!
And I got lots of wine bottles from mom (she manages a bar and resturante) for center pieces. Now I just have to make them beautiful...

Love, a future Mrs.

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