September 29, 2011

From inspiration to creation

Dear Pinterest,
Thank you for giving me so many great ideas. I really like you. Now will you please keep working on my iPhone?
Love, your friend, a future Mrs.

So here is the post that I've been dying to share with you! I talked about it this summer and I have never gotten around to it.

Pinterest has inspired me to make and create lots of great things, things that I would like to share with you this afternoon. Note: I almost always forget to take pictures of the food that I make, so you'll just have to take me word that I made it :)

Up first: Food
Oven-Fried Onion Rings
These were labled as oven fried onion rings on Pinterest.
I made these for the future Mr. and I to have with lunch on Saturday.
Mine looked nothing like this :(
I don't have a food processor which is what you were suppose to crumble up the chips & cracker with so I just put them in a ziplock bag and went to down with a hard plastic cup on them.
But the batter wasn't thick enough to hold onto the onion & the crunchy outside.
And there wasn't enough batter for how many onions they told you to cut up.
I made them again to have with my lunch on Monday.
On Monday I made the batter thicker (more flour) and I crushed the crumbs smaller.
And I made them in oil on the stove instead of the oven.
It worked much better- they stayed together nicely. I also made some without the crunchies, ones that just had batter on them and they were good too.

Wisconsin cheddar cheese soup/
I made this for lunch on Saturday, we had it with our onion rings.
It was ok. But soup and I have a love/hate relationship. I love eating soup but I hate making it! Actually I don't hate making it, but I'm no good at making it.
This was the 4th beer cheese soup recipe I've tried and I haven't liked any of them.
They're all too grainy for me. This one was grainy & runny at the same time.
I did like the bacon & the fact that you don't need a ton of cheese to make it.
If I try this one again I will definately be grating the onion in, instead of cutting it up. The pieces were still too big.

Bacon, Cream Cheese, Jalapeno and Crescent rolls...great game day appetizer...
These were awesome! Probably the best jalpeno poppers I've ever had!
I loved that they weren't breaded. Normally popper have too much breading & cream cheese in them for me.
These had no breading- just cresent rolls & I could control how much cheese was in them.
I did take the ribs & seeds out of the peppers before I made these, then the future Mr. said that they weren't spicy enough. So next time I guess I'll have to leave so seeds for him.

Chili's Chili Queso knock-off
I made this dip when we had our friend Amber and her kids over for dinner 2 1/2 weeks ago.
I loved it. The future Mr. asked me what was different about this one versus just chili & velveeta.
Maybe I'll just stick with chili & velveeta. It's easier that way & he can't taste the difference.

How to make cake balls.
I made these cake balls for my mom's b-day & the first day of youth group (you can get a lot of cake balls out of one 9x13 cake!).
If I make these again I will use less frosting! The insturctions weren't really clear on how much frosting to use & I used too much! They were like eating sugar. I made two cakes worth of cake balls and I seriously ate one ball. But everyone else liked them.
Also, if I make these again I need to figure out a better way to dip them. I had chocolate everywhere!

There isn't a link for this but Pinterest inspired me to be creative which meant that the future Mr and I had taco burgers for lunch on Sunday. I wanted tacos and he wanted to grill so I made taco burgers.
All I did was mix the taco seasoning into the groud beef (1 pound) then made 4 burger patties which he grilled. We topped the burgers with the mexican/taco shredded cheese that you can buy, crushed up chips & salsa. They were really good!

There are a ton more recipes on Pinterest that I would love to try so there will probably be more installations of this post :)
I've asked the future Mr. what he wants to eat before and he'll hem & haw for a while. One day I was reading him things from Pinterest that I'd like to try and he was like why can't you give me these ideas and let me pick from them when you want to know what I'm hungry for?
So now I'm making a Pinterest "cookbook" for him to look through for things he wants to eat.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, onto crafts :)
Back to school wreath
I made a smaller version of this for my friend Molly since she works at school. It's super cute. I covered the wreath form with an off white faric, and the flowers that I made were out of old jeans & the same off white fabric.

 a great tip for making a wreath: go to the plumbing department at Home Depot and grab a six foot long piece of foam tubing for $.97!! snip the length you want and duct tape the ends together.@Bethan Flynn  Foam ones are SO expe
I tried this but I couldn't get the tubing to stay in a circle. I'll have to look for less bendy foam.

So great.

How to
I tried this and I can NOT get it to work! I stood in my kitchen for the longest time one night trying over and over. For the life of me I could not get that bottle to break.
I'll have to find another way to get them cut so that I can use them for wedding center pieces.

Wedding shoes?
I've made lots of pairs of these since I found this link.
6 pairs in fact. And I have 2 more to make.
And this is the only craft that I have pictures of to show you!
These are the shoes before
And these are the shoes after :)
These are the shoes that my b-maids will be wearing for the wedding. Then I got them blue flip flops from Old Navy for the dance.
My flower girl and I will be wearing similar shoes but ours will be blue.
They're so pretty and I'm in love with them.
Now I will have my something blue & it will be sparkely.
Even if they aren't the blue Louboutins that Big proposes to Carrie with...

Necklace onesie.
I made a onesie similar to this for the future Mr's cousin who is having a baby in 2 weeks. But the one I made is white with a pink & silver necklace instead.
I have a picture of that but the only way I know how to get pictures on here from my iPhone is through facebook & I don't want her to see her gifts yet. So I'll show you a picture once I know she got her gifts.

Sushi baby gift
I also made this for the future Mr's cousin. Mine looks almost the same but it's on a bamboo cutting board istead of a plate cuz it was the most "sushi-ish" thing I could find.
I love this! I think it is so funny and I can't wait to hear her response to it.

Shower/Hospital/Delivery Gift
I also made this for the future Mr's cousin.
But I put mine in a box instead of a bag since it has to be mailed to Florida.
It has hotel size shampoo, conditioner, lotion & soap, M&M's, healthy granola bars, lifesaver mints, good chap stick (Burt's Bees), head bands, and face wipes in it.
Again- I love this. I can't wait to show you mine but like I said, I want her to be suprized.

So perfect!
This was the inspiration for my children's sermon last Sunday since it was Mission Sunday.

What have you made from Pinterest?
Love, a future Mrs.

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