September 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

94 days to go!

I have the cutest Daddy ever. A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from him telling me that he had heard a song on the radio that he thought would be good for a father daughter dance. He told me that it was called "Cinderella". I immediately thought "Stealing Cinderella" and I was like no Dad we are not dancing to that. So he went out to buy the CD to make me listen to the song. Well the music shop didn't have it so he had them order it for him. I finally got to listen to it this weekend.

It's called "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman and it's very cute. See?

Did you go check it out? Cuz you should. If the link doesn't work, go to youtube and type in Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.

My sister cried while we were listening to it. She's cute like that.

I think Dad and I will dance to it.

In other wedding news-

I got a proof of our invites today from the prinitng shop. Yay! They're so cute. I can't wait to get them printed and mail them out to everyone!

I got shoes for my flower girl, my MOH, and a bridesmaid. Now all I have to do is make them light lime green and sparkely. It's not to hard or time consuming, it's just finding the few minutes to do it now that things are picking back up at church. And I think I might make blue ones for myself. If I do, I'll make the flower girls blue too.

My sister and I picked my dress up! It is so pretty and I never want to take it off! I love it!!!!! I can't wait until after the wedding so I can show you pictures :)

Last Wed. while I was in Fargo (to help my sister move) my b-maid Lacey and I went to Target to register since the future Mr. and I couldn't do it the weekend before. Then on Sunday since it was so icky at the lake the future Mr. and I went and registered at JCPenny's.

I've been busy lately! I don't really think about how much work it is until I sit down on Wed.s to share it with y'all. Hopefully I'll look back on this someday and be happy that I kept track of when everything happend.

Oh- in not so happy news- I had two, TWO wedding nightmares this week! That makes three total. The first one was a few weeks ago and it was about my dress. I dreamt that it came in but it was not the dress I ordered. I dreamt that it was bright blue and puffy on the bottom and a light blue halter top for the top with rainbow colored rhinestones. I did not wake up happy after that.

This week the first one was that we were running late for everything so we didn't have enough time for anything. It happened because someone over slept. I can almost guarentee that won't happen on my wedding day. I probably won't sleep the night before cuz I'll be so nervous about something going wrong. Which means that I'll already be up and I'll be able to make sure that everyone else gets up too.

The second one this week was that everything with communion went wrong. No one followed instructions, everyone just went wherever and whenever they wanted. Which meant that it wasn't as special as I wanted it to be. Then the church was really messy and we  had to clean it all up. Then some of my 8th grade girls were there and they wouldn't pick up their crayons and they were giving me serious attitude and all I kept doing was apologizing to the pastor.

I hope these don't keep up. Ugh.

Love, a future Mrs.

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