September 15, 2011


Yesterday was our first day of youth group for this school year.

Every Wednesday I pick the middle school kids up after school & bring them back to church for jr hi youth group. We hang out, play games, play wii, have snacks, do hi's & low's (the best thing & the worst thing from last week), do a Bible study, basically just have fun.

Only 3 kids came out to meet me & come to church. I was so sad.

2 more met us at church, so there were 5 kids.

I felt very defeated, not a good way to start a new school year.

But then from 7-9 on Wednesday nights we have sr hi youth group. Normally there are more kids at jr hi so I was really not feeling good about sr hi. But then 3 boys came to church at like 5:45. Another at 6:15 then some girls at 6:30, and some more kids at 7. All in all there were 15 kids at sr hi youth group last night! It was awesome! Everyone was nice to each other and we caught up on summer and everyone's lives. I went home with a huge smile on my face. Now hopefully we can keep attendance up like that, and find a way to boost jr hi attendance.

How was your Wednesday?
Love, a future Mrs.

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