September 19, 2011


This weekend was great! It was a little colder then I would like mid-September but it was still awesome.

Friday night I went to a high school football game with my future Mr., mom & dad. It was the high school I graduated from vs. the high school that my church kids go to now and it was in my hometown. It was such a good game. It came down to the last minute & my alma matter won by just one point. It was intense! Not the outcome my kiddos were hoping for but it was such a fun game to watch. It's really weird to sit on the visiter side and cheer for the "wrong" team after cheering for the red  & white team for so many years. When someone on the visitor side made a comment about "my" high school's mascot I got a little defensive, and I thought "Who does that lady think she is?!? There is nothing wrong with our mascot!" I didn't say anything to her but I was a little hurt.

After the game my sister and her boyfriend E got to our house. It's always nice to see them.

Then on Saturday morning we got up early. Well early for everyone but Dad, he wakes up early all the time. Anyway, we got up and headed for the Twin Cities. We stopped by one of my b-maids houses to drop off her dress for the wedding then we were off to the Renaissance Festival. We didn't decide til Friday night if we would go to Valley Fair or to the Renaissance.

It just really wasn't my thing. It's really dirty & dusty. There are people in weird costumes. There are people everywhere. There is no order. There is no real schedule of things. It is just kind of a do whatever you want thing. I don't work that way.

So we got our tickets and wandered around for a bit, then we went to see Puke & Snot. They're the longest running act at a Renaissance Festival. They're a comedy act & they're funny. Then we watched a guy forge a knife out of a bar of steel. Then we didn't really have a plan. So we looked for food cuz it was around 2 in the afternoon by this time. So we found onion rings & cheese curds (healthy, I know). While we were in line I had a total panic attack. Actually I don't know if I should call it panic or anxiety. But I lost it. I started to cry, my neck got all itchy, I couldn't breath, my chest felt tight, I felt like I needed to throw up (my eyes are tearing up now- that's how bad it was). I looked at the future Mr. and I said "I can't do this. I need to go sit down by myself some where." My mom asked what was wrong and I couldn't bring myself to ruin her birthday so I just said I had dust in my eye and put my sunglasses on.

It was the weirdest thing and I don't know how to deal with it. This has never happened to me before.

There was nothing going on that the rest of my family couldn't handle. I was not in danger. I was not hurt.

I basically had to hold the future Mr.s hand the rest of the afternoon to get myself through the day.

After our "lunch" of onion rings & cheese curds we walked to the other end of the festival for the chocolate, wine & romance weekend. We got to sample wine & chocolate from around the region. Dad joked that he wasn't really sure where the romance came into the picture, it wasn't like there was someone there giving you marriage & romance tips. So it was really just a chocolate & wine weekend :)

We also got a charicature. When we went to the Renaissance as a family of 4 in 1999 we got one done of my sister & I. We had both gotten these headband that had flowers around the top & ribbons down the back so the artist drew us as Renaissance girls. We both had long flowy dresses with big sleeves and there was a castle in the back. This time, when we were there as a family of 6 we got one done of us girls and our boys. The artist drew the boys in shining armor & the girls in long flowy dresses with big sleeves. And as crazy as this sounds- it was the same guy both times! It's been 12 years, but it's the same signature on both drawings! How cool is that?

After we got our picture back we were getting ready to leave and we ran into my college roommate! How cool is that? I miss her and she's awesome. So is her boyfriend and he was with her so that was a bonus.

We went and checked into our hotel by the Mall of America, had dinner there & relaxed in the hot tub.

Sunday morning we all got up & ready then took the light rail into downtown to go to Target Field to watch the Twins take on the Indians. The light rail was packed like sardines because there was a Twins game & a Vikings game. If you had any sense of personal space before you got on the train, it was gone quick!

We got to the field, checked it all out (none of us had ever been there before!), and I ran into a girl that I worked at Bible camp with in 2006 & 2007! So crazy to see her. Then we went and found our seats. We got to sit in the Delta Sky 360 Legends Club. It was so nice. There is an inside part that is climate controlled (Target Field is an open air stadium) with a wall that is all glass so you can watch the game and be protected from the elements. The future Mr. and I took full advantage of that yesterday since it was cool & rainy. But the actual seats are outside. They have wooden backs & padded bottoms that you sit on. Our seats were right behind home plate! We were 2 rows in front of the announcers! It was awesome! And since we were in the Legend's club there are people that wait on you. Our server was a guy named Nick. He brought us anything we wanted to drink or eat. It was so cool! It was expensive (like it would be at any major league sporting event), but cool.

Then we had the long drive home. We were all tired when we got home. But it was good weekend.

We're already talking about planning another weekend this winter to take in a Vikings game. I can't wait.

Sorry that was really long- I had a lot to tell you! How was your weekend?

Love, a future Mrs.

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