August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

101 days to go!

The future Mr. and I decided on what we want to serve at our reception. Our guests will get a choice of roasted pork loin with a apricot chiptole sauce, chicken marsala, or veggie pasta. We will also have a kid option (probably chicken strips but we havn't decided yet). I'm so glad that we made the decision and I'm happy that we are going with a plated dinner. It's so much classier and easier (I think).
I got prices back from the printing place on our invites so now I just need to go in and approve colors.
Our guest list is growing by the day. We keep thinking of people that we forgot, so do my parents.
Mom got the proof back for our can coozies. They look nice but the blue in the proof is to bright. So I have to call them and see if they can do it in a darker blue.
On Saturday my future MIL and I took our flower girl shopping and we picked a dress for her. She's so cute. Love her.
Right before I went shopping with those ladies the future Mr and I met with the pastor. I was nervous but it went well. He answered all of my questions about planning the ceremony and he got to know the future Mr a little better. I feel much better about the ceremony now.
On Saturday the future Mr. and I tried to go register at Target. We got there and the computers were down. Target was doing a nation wide update of their regitry things. Crap. So we went around the store and took pictures of everything that we watned and tonight I'm going to register with one of my b-maids. Hopefully all goes well.
Last Wednesday (8/24) I got a phone call that my dress is in!!! A woo hoo!! Tomorrow my sister and I are going to try it on and pick it up. I'm so excited! It's really real!!
Things are coming together.

Wedding #5:
Kody & Megan Galbrecht
August 27th 2011

Overall experience: 8. It was fun and it was nice to see the future Mr's family (the bride is his cousin)

Dress: 7. Her dress fit her well & it was pretty but it didn't really have a wow factor and I didn't like the way that it bustled.
Food: 6. It was served buffet style and the choices were all over the place. There was corn, pasta salad, meatballs in red sauce, chicken, and buns. The buns were great, they were my favorite buns- the kind that you like but you never buy for yourself because you know you'll eat the whole package by yourself. The corn and meatballs were good but the chiken was dry. And there was no lettus salad!! Instead of cake they did cupcakes, which was cute. I like cupcakes. But they had flavors that were very taste specific. I really think that at weddings you should have flavors of things that appeal to the masses.
Venue: 8. They got married at the same church that the future Mr. and I will be getting married at so it was nice to see how a wedding works there. It was nice to see where the guest book and gifts went as. It was also helpful to see how much room the family needed.
They had pew bows with flowers which to me just seems like extra work that isn't really worth while. We will not be having pew bows.
Their reception was at an event center in the next town over. The event center alway has white twinkle lights up and trees with lights behind the head table. Not like Christmas trees but trees with only branches, no leaves. It looks nice. But they didn't do any other decorating really. They put cupcake trees on some table and plates for cupcakes on other tables. I know that decorating is not everyone's thing, but I was excpeting a little more.

Overall it was fun and they bride and groom were happy which is what matters most.

Love, a future Mrs

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