August 2, 2011

Life Lessons

Last Wednesday I took my last camper to camp for the summer of 2011. Yes, I only had one camper. She is a sweet little girl who is going into 3rd grade, and she likes to talk. I basically listened for 2 hours :)

As we were getting close to camp I made a comment about how it's kind of a boring drive and there really isn't a lot to look at between church and camp. (Seriously- check out a map and look north of Grand Forks, ND and west of Bemidji, MN- there is nothing.)

Well Eryn said to me. It's ok. At least there are trees to look at. I like looking at trees because they're all different, kind of like snowflakes, unless you cut the snowflakes out of paper, then they can be the same.

I was blown away. I have driven to camp plenty of times this summer (and last) and it had never dawned on me to really enjoy what was around me, to really enjoy creation. I'm usually busy making sure kids aren't hitting each other, or making sure that I don't miss a turn and get lost, or I'm worried that we're running late, or I'm worried that the kids won't have fun, or I'm thinking about the work things that I need to get done while we're at camp. I never just enjoy it. Then I got to thinking about all of the other driving that I have been doing this summer. I haven't really enjoyed any of it. The driving has just been a means to an end. Like when my sister and I went on the Zorbaz tour I didn't really enjoy what was around me, I was focused on completing the challenge.

All it took was a sweet little talkitive girl who is going in to the 3rd grade to teach me a life lesson about slowing down and enjoying what is around me instead of focusing on what is to come.

So, thank you Eryn for opening my eyes to the creation around me and helping me to enjoy it. I owe you.

Love, a future Mrs.

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