August 1, 2011

What a weekend!

This past weekend was high school weekend at the cabin. No, I did not spend the weekend at the cabin with a bunch of high school kids (that happens next week) I spent this past weekend at the cabin with my friends from high school!

Well actually 2 girl friends from high school, 1 of husband of a friend, and a friend from Bible camp/college. And my future Mr. we can't forget about him, or my daddy.

The future Mr, my dad and I went to the cabin on Thursday evening. Cabin weekends always start with dinner from McDonalds on the way out of town. Once we got there we unpacked and relaxed at the cabin for a while then we went to Zorbaz on Gull lake for a drink since Thursdays are skirt nights there (if you wear a skirt you get a drink for a $1). Dad wore his kilt so that he could get $1 drinks too. And he wasn't the only  guy there in a skirt. The other man had on a woman's skirt tho. And he was weird. But dad was a hit. He makes me laugh.

On Friday morning we went into town to run errands. The habitat for humanity re-store, lunch, fleet farm, the grocery store, and the gas station to get propane to be exact. But then we got to play in the lake. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day! Friends started arriving around 3 in the afternoon so they played in the lake with us.

Saturday morning we had storm come through that knocked out the power. This would have bothered me much less if I hadn't put my eggbake in the oven 10 minutes before the power went out. It took the power company almost 2 hours to get the power back up. So we grilled for lunch instead of having eggbake for brunch. Oh well. The eggbake still got baked and eaten later in the weekend. After lunch it cleared up and we spent the afternoon in the sun again.

Sunday was nice from the get go. We spent the morning and afternoon in the lake. And I am sunburnt to prove it. Ouch. It hurts to shower. It hurt to put lotion on this morning. I couldn't find a comfy position to sleep in last night. Hopefully it will turn to tan soon.

This weekend also brought some time to craft. My b-maid Lacey is the friend from Bible camp/college that was there this weekend. She and I worked on the favors for the wedding. Hopefully I can finish them this week or next, I'm so close to being done with them! My other craft project included white t shirts and rit dye. I should have pictures to share later this week. Hopefully my new love of pinterest will keep fanning the fire under my craft-y behind!! I have more motivation to do things now that I have inspiration :)

I hope you're having a great day!
It's still hot and humid here in northern MN, I sure hope this humidity breaks soon.

Love, a future Mrs

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