August 3, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's that time of week again!
Time to link up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew"
for So What Wednesday.

Here's what I'm saying So What to this week:

*if I couldn't figure out how to get a registry printed off at Wal Mart? Maybe the future Mr's cousin won't get a shower gift from me after all...

*if last week (the last 2 weeks actually) I haven't been able to think about things to write on here? I had to force it to find things. And this week? I have post ideas coming out of my ears.

*if I hate wearing sunscreen? I'm paying for it after this past weekend at the lake.

*if all I really want to do is be a stay at home mom and run an etsy store? That would be perfect! I would love to craft all day long and hang out with my babies (when I have them).

*if I ate tacos for the last 3 meals? I had a big taco craving and when you live by yourself a pound of taco meat goes a long way- there is still some in my fridge.

*if I still havn't packed for the weekend? I'm going home either tonight after youth group or tomorrow morning... it'll get done.

*if I've been questioning my career choice lately? How do you know what you're suppose to be doing?

*if we got "permanent" name plates on our office doors and I'm going to make them change mine in 4 months? The one they put up had my maiden name on it, which is fine for now but it's not going to be fine in 4 months (& 7 days).

What are you saying So What to this week?
Head on over to Life After I "Dew"
to see what everyone else is saying
So What to and to link up!

Love, a future Mrs.

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  1. i love tacos & totally understand why you would eat them three meals in a row!