August 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I need to do some spring cleaning.

You're probably thinking "Sarah, spring was a long time ago. Why would you say you need to do spring cleaning now?"

Well, if you've been reading this blog for a while then you know that I work in a church. This spring, Easter was late. All of April I was prepping for Easter which was the end of April and then all of the events I had in May. Which included confirmation, graduation Sunday, driving to MO for my cousin's graduation, graduation parties in my northern town, and the on-set of summer which included 3 1/2 weeks at Bible camp.

I didn't have time for spring cleaning.

My house and my office have suffered from this. Tonight and tomorrow (I don't work on Fridays) are spring cleaning days at my house. Next week, Mon-Wed will be spring cleaning at work. My desk, my shelves, my drawers, the youth room (all of the shelves & storage in there needs to be gone through). I seriously have check list for what needs to be done in my house room by room. This afternoon I'll be making a list of what needs to be done for spring cleaning in the office.

It's not going to be fun. But I'll feel better when it's all done.

Love, a future Mrs.

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