August 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

115 days to go!!

Things we've gotten done since last time:

*I met with the florist. Such a great meeting! I felt a little unprepared because I don't know the names of flowers. All I know is what I like when I see it. So we got the book out and she showed me all kids of pictures & silk flower samples.
Everyone will have real flowers except for the flower girl. I wanted her to carry a pomeander (a ball of flowers that she'll carry with a ribbon). It would cost twice as much to do it with real flowers. So she's carring silk flowers.
I picked a bouquet that is made entirely of white flowers. It is a combination of lots of flowers including roses, hydrengas, mumms, and something else. Like I said, I'm not good with flower names.
I picked bouquets for my b-maids. They will carry smaller versions of my bouquet.
I picked corsages and boutineers for everyone that needs them.
We talked about the reception and the florist told me that they are a "weird" floral shop. They will let me bring my own flowers in & then they will clean & prep them. So she told me to buy in bulk from Sam's club because it'll be way cheaper. She also told me that you don't have to have a Sam's club membership to order flowers online. I sure hope she's right. Otherwise I'll be calling my Aunt Mary and sweet talking her into letting me use her Sam's membership :)

*the future Mr. and I met with the tux guy. We picked tux's & colors for all of the guys. Again, I felt a little unprepared. I'ver been to my fair share of wedding this summer but it didn't dawn on me that the guys had different things one. So the future Mr. will be the only one with an ivory vest & tie. The groomsmen will have royal blue vests & lime green ties. The ushes will have lime green vests & ties. And the dads will have black vests & ivory ties. But they will all have white shirts & black tuxs. I'm trying to talk the future Mr. into a black shirt. But we'll see.

*I finished the bouncy ball favors!! I have picutre for you but if you'll please refer to yesterdays post, you'll see that I'm having camera issues right now so I can't share them with you! Grr...
But just to give you an idea...
Bouncy Ball Valentines
This is kind of what they look like except they say "Hope you had a 'ball' at our wedding" and the paper at the top is royal blue with a lime green strip that houses the wording.
As soon as I get my camera issues figured out, I'll share the real thing you. I promise.

*I decided on shoes for my b-maids. I found plain white flats at Wal*Mart and I saw a sweet craft on Pinterest for making them sparkely.
Wedding shoes?
You can check out all of my Pinterest wedding ideas here.
So my bmaids will wear flat shoes that have been covered in lime green glitter to match the sashes that they will be wearing.
I have a $200 credit at the store that I got my dress at. The intent is that the credit is used for a veil or the puffy skirt you wear under the dress but I already have both of those things.
So I'm thinking I'll use the credit to get a dress for the rehearsal dinner & plain white heels that I will into sparkely blue heels. But I have been keeping my eyes open for a cheapo pair of heels that I could use for this project also.

*my future in-laws decided on where to have the grooms dinner. It will be at the Holiday Inn as well. My future MIL was so worried & stressed about this. I'm glad that she finally made a decision.

*the future Mr. and I picked invites. I orderd some samples from 2 different online companies and we picked one that we like but they don't offer it in the color combo that we want. So I'm going to take the one we like to the printing place on our hometown and see if they can duplicate it but in the colors that we want.

*my mom found a dress! Yay mom!

*we have a full wedding party. The future Mr. finally picked his usher & last g-man. I'll introduce you to all of them soon.

*I asked my aunt Mary to be one of our hostess. And we're going to ask his aunt Linda to be the other. Neither of us have uncles that would be good at being host's or that would even like being host's. So we opted just to have our aunt's do it. I think they'll be great at it.

Wow- I (we) got a lot done in past two weeks! Go us!

Love, a future Mrs.

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