August 26, 2011

I have to live with a boy!!

My title today is from one of my favorite episodes of FRIENDS. It's the episode where Monica & Rachel are packing Rachel's things because she is moving out and Chandler is moving in. Towards the end of the episode, Monica breaks down in tears and says "I have to live with a boy!"

It's totally how I've felt from time to time during our engagement. The only boy I have ever lived with has been my dad, and let's be real, he doesn't really count as a boy- he's my dad!

Earlier this week the future Mr. and I were talking about moving his things here this fall and where they're going to fit. Thankfully he still lives at home so we don't have two houses worth of furniture to combine. But my house is very much a girl house. I have a few pretty wreaths that I switch out with the seasons for the dining room table, they sit atop a mirror and they house 3 pillar candles. I have a fake fireplace in my living room that has candles in different shaped glass jars in it. I have pictures of flowers hanging as art on my dining room wall. I have old barn windows hanging as art in the living room. I have a white comforter with navy blue and lime green flower details on my bed. I have a pretty nightstand. I have pillows that look nice and that is their only job- they're not really functional. I have uppercase living words on the wall in my bedroom and a small sparkley metal star between my bedroom windows. I just got two sparkley wooden/twine stars to hang by the living room "fireplace". I live in a girl house.

Well my future Mr. wants to know where his things will go. I told him that some of his things will have to wait until we have a house of our own that isn't a rental (like his mounted deer head. Good job hunny! But it isn't going in my house anytime soon.) And he has a lamp that has deer and nature scenes on it and some paintings of deer and nature scenes. None of these things jive with my girl-y decor.

But I want him to feel like this is his house too. Ya know? Maybe he's feeling the same way about my girly stuff. Maybe he doesn't like it. I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to combine our styles. Help?!?

We were also talking about our clothing situation. The house that I live in is probably 100 years old. There is a closet in my bedroom but it was definately added as an after thought. And my stuff doesn't even all fit in it. There is another room in my house that I don't know what to call. It's right in the middle of the house and I'm pretty sure it's where the stairs were before the house was split into a duplex. Anyway, I use that space a closet/storage. There is a closet in there which is where I've been keeping dresses, jackets, jeans, pants, skirts, & shorts. I also have a shelf in there for sweatshirts & sweaters. Earlier this summer I cleaned off the shelf, got realistic about what I needed & cleared off two of the four shelves for the future Mr.s sweatshirts. Today during my spring cleaning I cleaned my closet in the bedroom then put everything from the 2nd closet into mine to make room for my future Mr. My closet in the bedroom is seriously full. Hopefully everything fits when I'm done doing laundry!

So we'll just have to learn how to mold both of our styles into one and we'll have to figure out storage issues.
Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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