August 15, 2011

I Made It!!

I did it!

I made it through my first mission trip that I planned with sr. hi kids from church!

A woo-hoo!!!

I did some nervous cleaning last Tuesday night. I cried on the phone with my mom. I packed my bag. I tossed and turned for the better part of the night. I woke up before my alarm on Wednesday. I got my errands done (I hate when I forget things that I need at Wal*Mart). I got a bagle from McDonalds for breakfast (I know that it's bad for me, but I was stressed). I got to church, got the things I needed out of my office. Put my stuff in the church van. Brought my car home, walked back to church. And braced for the madness.

But it never came.

Everyone was on time. Even the pastor who is late for almost everything had his son there on time. We left the church at 10 after 8. All 8 high school kids rode in the church van with me and our other chaperone drove her own van. We made it to the cabin shortly before noon. The kids all put their suits on and bee-lined for the lake. They didn't even want lunch. The other chaperone and I made a quick grocery list and I headed for town while she supervized.

Our little secret- while I was in town to make sure I knew how to get to Habitat for Humanity and to buy groceries I also stopped at Kohl's to get new Nike sandals cuz mine are falling apart after 4 summers of being worn ALL.THE.TIME. :) I love Kohl's.

On Wednesday evening we just hung out at the cabin. Had a bonfire. Bonded as a group. It was awesome.

Thursday morning we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast- yummie! Then we headed into town for our Habitat day! First we got a tour of the ReStore that they opperate and we got a history lesson on HFH. I think myself and the other chaperone are the only ones that paid attention to the HFH lady. But that's ok, the kids were quiet. Then we followed the HFH lady to the work site. We got to work on a house for a single mom with two boys in jr. hi. Our kids worked so hard and they were so well behaved and well mannered. I am so proud of them. They got to build a shed in the back yard and they got to build a small deck on the front of the house. I was so glad that they got to do tangeble things, that they got to do things they could see. After we were done there we went to Dairy Queen because last Thursday was miracle treat day and $1 from each blizzard went to Children's Miracle Network. So in one day we got to help 2 great causes!

Friday we went to Nisswa, a little touristy town, to do some shopping (they have a great candy store!), we did some swimming, and we went mini golfing.

They had fun (or so I've heard). Yesterday morning in church the Grandma of one of the boys that went with told me that he had such a great time. And that when he's retired, after his "real" career he's going to volunteer with HFH. I thought my heart was going to explode I was so proud of him.

My dad was at the cabin with us for a while on Friday afternoon. He asked me if I was more confident in my ability to lead a trip now. I told him he'd have to ask me again when I'm getting ready to do another trip. So we'll have to wait and see if the nerves come back.

But I did it! I successfully led a trip with 8 high school kids, a trip that I planned.

Love, a future Mrs.

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