June 8, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

185 days to go!
Also known as 6 months and 2 days! Yay!

Wedding dress shopping rounds 2 and 3:
A week after I ordered my first dress we were leaving for Colorado on our family vacation. But the day before we left my mom and I went to Alan Evans to try on the first dress again. And I loved loved loved it. It's MY dress, it was made for ME. But my mom wouldn't let me order it that day. She wanted me to think about it. Now remember, at this point I have not tried on my dress from David's Bridal. I had ordered it but it had not come in yet.

So mom basically put me in time out and made me think about what I really wanted.Which is understandable, I mean a wedding dress is a huge expense. The one from David's Bridal was $500 and one from Alan Evan's was $850 (but no sales tax cuz it's in MN).

We went to Colorado and we had been home for probably 5 days when I got the email from David's Bridal that my dress was in already. Holy crap! It came in so quick. It was suppose to take 2 months and it came in 2 1/2 weeks.

So mom and I went to try it on. I still didn't like it. It wasn't my dress. So they kept it at the store and said that I just needed to know what size b-maid dresses we would need and they could exchange it. Huge sigh of relief. But first they tried to sell me a different dress from there. They wanted to know everything about the dress at Alan Evnas and they brought me 5 dresses that were similar, but none of them were MY dress. They were all nice but not what I wanted. I felt relived that I could exchange my dress for b-maid dress. But I still didn't have a dress.

Until the day after Easter. Mom, Katie, and my Dad went to Moorhead with me to go to Alan Evans. I tried on my dress again. It was perfect. I love it. My Dad likes it too. I didn't think it would matter what my Dad thought about my dress until he told me that I looked beautiful in it. My heart melted. Oh Daddy, you're so sweet :) Then we ordered it. And now we have to wait until Oct for it to come in. Boo.

Alan Evans doesn't let you take pictures until you purchase the dress. So I don't have pictures from the 1st or 2nd time of trying it on, but I do from the third. But you won't see those until after Dec. 10th when the future Mr. sees me in it :)

Other wedding news:
We took our engagement pictures with my bestie/b-maid Tasha on Saturday. It was so much fun. I don't have them yet, but when I do I'll share them.
The rest of my bouncy balls came in for our favors!! Yes, I'm using bouncy balls in our favors. They're each going in a little plastic bag and getting a tag on the top that says "Hope you had a 'ball' at our wedding! Love, Kris and Sarah". Isn't that cute? I'm excited about them, but I'm not excited to make 300 of them.

Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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