June 23, 2011


So last night I hosted Sr. Hi youth group at my house. I grilled mini slider burgers and we had chips and cookies and ice cream. While I was getting ready for the kids to come over I couldn't help but think how sad it is that the only dinner parties I host are for high school kids. I'm not kidding I have not had more then one adult friend over at a time since I moved in almost two years ago. How sad is that?!

Anyway, I had to clean up my house yesterday afternoon. I didn't really think they wanted to see my dirty dishes or the mess that I had in the living room from crafting. So I cleaned up. While I had a case of Mike's hard lemonade in my living room cuz it didn't all fit in my fridge. So I put it in my car. I'll be spending quite a bit of time at my parent's house this summer so I figured I would just take it there with me today and leave it there. Plus it got it out of my dining room so my high school kids didn't see. They know that I'm only enough to drink but they don't really need to see 24 bottles of Mike's in my house, it kinda sends the wrong message.

Well this afternoon, at the end of my lunch break I was loading my car with my suitcase and stuff for the wedding this weekend. I thought to myself, ok, you put the Mike's on the drivers side yesterday so you'll need to put you suitcase on the passengar side. I opened the door and my Mike's was gone. GONE. Someone took it!!!! Apparently I left my car unlocked last night and someone just could not pass up that crime of opportunity. They left the cup full of change in the cup holder and they left the cd's on the front seat, but they took the Mike's. I'm a little upset that they took my Mike's but I'm more uncomfortable that someone took something out of my car while it was parked in my driveway, basically right outside my back door. It's a really weird and vulnerable feeling. Then when I got in my car to drive it beeped at me that a door was open. So I opened mine and slammed it shut but the light stayed on. So I looked over at the passanger side mirror to see if one of those doors was open and the front passanger side door was open.

I was creeped out.

I'm really really hoping that this was just a crime of opportunity and not something more.

I left a note for the boy that rents the apartment above mine (I live in a duplex so it's just the two of us) that I had something stolen out of my car.

I hope you're having a better day then I am...
Love, a future Mrs.

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