June 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday (on a Thursday!)

*Still on the MacBook and still can't figure out how to copy images... grr...* And I kind of forgot to do this yesterday! That's what happens when you get interrupted mid-blog*

177 days to go!
This week: Bridesmaid dresses!!

I know I talked a little bit about b-maid dresses last week but heres the whole run down.
When we went dress shopping the first time I was hoping to get b-maid dresses as well. I had an idea of what I wanted. I wanted them in strapless knee length gowns in royal blue. I wanted the stain/shiny material. But I also wanted them to have something that they liked, something that they would be comfortable in.

Katie was on board with me. She was all about the short dress. But Tasha, Lacey, and Lindsey all wanted long dresses. I could see their point, our wedding will be in December after all. So I let them loose on the store. I had them each pick out dresses that they liked then I picked from those dresses. 

We ended up with a royal blue stain-y strapless floor length gown. It is kind of rouched over the bust then flows from there like an A line. And it has pockets which the girls love. Then we picked a lime green sash that will go under the bust line. My mom was hesitant on the royal blue/lime green combo until she saw it. 

I love that the 4 of them that were shopping with me were happy, and comfortable.

The dresses with the sashes ended up costing $170 each. Which is kind of expensive but the girls seemed ok with it. But they don't have shoes yet. I would kind of like to get them lime green converse tennis shoes but the future Mr. thinks that's dumb. So we'll see what we end up with.


Since I'm at camp this week I haven't gotten anything wedding related done. I might take the bouncy ball favors with to the cabin this weekend cuz it's suppose to rain. Then my mom and I could work on them. Hopefully it doesn't rain but I'll take them just incase.

Well I'm still at camp so I should go find my kiddos and head to camp fire with them.

Hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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