June 13, 2011


Yesterday I took 3 kids to camp. 2 from my church and 1 from another church. The drive down was brutal. It takes a little over 2 hours to get to camp from church. But yesterday it felt like forever. There were 2 girls and 1 boy, the girls would not stop pestering the boy. Then they started drawing on each others faces with make up. And they were so loud. It was such a relief to get them checked in at camp and into their cabins with their counselors so that they were no longer my responsibility.

Then I got to chat with my friends Erin and Laura who are the camp director and program director. It's always nice to catch up with them. But they didn't know that I was planning on staying at camp as an adult guest this week. So they weren't ready for me. Thankfully my mom and dad's is less then an hour from camp and I had to come here for a meeting today anyway for LYO. So I just came to mom and dad's last night. My dad and I went out to the bar the my mom manages to have a drink and our friends from AZ who summer here were out there! It was so fun to see them. They are the kind of people that just have too much money, seriously. But the mom looked at my ring and said that it was beautiful and she loved it!! I was so floored that she was impressed by my ring. This woman who has tons of money, and more beautiful and huge rings was impressed by mine! A woo hoo!!!!

And bonus! Last night the future Mr's family was having a b-day party for his Grandpa who turns 89 today! So I got to go to that since I was home :) I love his family. I'm so happy that I fit in with them and that they like me. And I'm happy that my family likes him. I can only imagine how much harder our relationship would be if we didn't fit in with each others families.

Since I'm not at camp this morning and my meeting isn't until 2:30, I finally got to watch last weeks episode of The Bachelorette this morning!! Yay! I know I'm almost a week late but I'm going to share my thoughts anyway...

How cute was Ben C in the 1st 1-on-1 date? I love that he learned the dance and didn't get freaked out by the flash mob. Then at dinner when he said that he wants to live in a bubble and pretend that the love that he and his wife have is way better then everyone elses- my heart melted! He is such a cute hopeless romantic (but the previews for tonights show make him look bad! I hope it isn't true!!). Then Ashley gave him a rose.

Group date? Terrible idea to do a roast! What did Ashley expect the boys to say?? Most of them played it safe and just made jokes about the other guys. Except for William. He tried to make a joke about Ashley being the bachelorette instead of Emily or Chantel from the last Bachelor. Didn't go over so well and he felt really really bad. But Bentley agreed with him in his interview!! Bentley went to comfort her after the comedy show to "mess with her head" what a crappy move! Then then went to some rooftop to have drink and William stole her first to apoligize to her. My heart was hurting for him. You could just see in his face how sorry he was. But Ashley was so insecure and so whiny that I could hardly stand her. I seriously wrote in my notes (yes, I took notes, I know I'm nerdy) that as the show goes on I like her less and less. (But that probably won't stop my from watching tonight) During their 1-on-1 time Ryan P told her that he for one was very pleased that she was the bachelorette and that he had hoped she would be the one. Then they kissed, a lot. At that point I was thinking "What do the mothers and grandmothers think of their little boys being on this show? Are they embarassed that their boy is making out with a girl on national tv?" I think my mother and my grandmother would be upset/embarassed if I was doing that.

Then she took Bently aside and talked to him about the texts that she had gotten before the show that were warning her about him. He knew that they were from Michelle and basically told Ashley that Michelle wasn't a reliable source of info and that he is on the same page as Ashley as far as their realtionship goes. Yeah, right. Big jerk. The next morning he packed his bags and went over to Ashley's house where he told her that he had to go home because he missed his daughter too much. In his interview he said that he was going to make her cry, and he hoped his hair looked ok. What is that?? Ashley broke down, cried a lot, and told him that she pictured him being there at the end and that he would be taking part of her heart back to Salt Lake City with him. She isn't sure any more if this whole process is even going to work. How will she have time to heal from Bentley and fall in love with someone else. Give me a break. How can you fall in love with someone in 3 weeks? As Bentley was leaving he said, "Things would have worked out differently if the bachelorette was Emily." He didn't say that to Ashley but he did say it to the camera. I really wonder how Ashley feels as she's watching this along with the rest of the nation. I wonder if her feelings for him changed. If she's hurt. Mad. Sad. What does she feel. My mom's latest People magazine says that Ashley feels betrayed. Well I would hope so! The jerk tricked you and everyone else on the show. I wonder what his life is like these days.

Then JP got the 3rd date. His date card said "There's no place like home." And they hung out at Ashley's house all night. I love when they have real dates on the show. Like dates that you would actually have in real life. They had a picnic on the living room floor. He asked if she was ok after everything that happened but he didn't push the subject. And then the cuddled in their pj's. And she gave him a rose. I like JP.

During their date I was thinking about how much I miss the begining of the relationship. I really love my future Mr and I love where we are but I miss the begining, I miss learning all about the other person. I miss those first few kisses where you're scared to go for more then just a peck. I loved my first kiss with my future Mr. We had just gone to the Christmas concert that the choir at my college puts on every year and we were saying good bye in the parking lot by my dorm. It was snowing just a little bit and he leaned down to give me just a little peck on the lips. He didn't try to stick his tounge down my throat or grab me any where inappropiatley. I went upstairs and I gushed to my roomie Megan about how I thought he was such a great guy and it was the best first kiss ever! And I know that we'll still have firsts and we'll still get to do new things but there is something so magical about the beining of a relationship and it's something that you never really get back.

In the end, Ashley opted out of the cocktail party and went straight to the rose ceremony. She sent Jeff home even though he took off his mask and revealed who he really is and she sent Chris D home. She kept William and gave him a second chance which I am really excited about.

Maybe I'll get my act together enough tonight to actually watch while it's on tv and then you'll get my thought on the Bachelorette 2 days in a row! Or maybe you won't get it til later in the week when there's a rainy day at camp and I have nothing else to do :)

I hope you're having a great day!
Love, a future Mrs.

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